Cabinet declares September 19 a holiday in observance of Queen’s funeral; Pringle says business sector already struggling


The Cabinet has taken the decision that next Monday, September 19, will be declared a National Holiday to observe the funeral service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Since the Queen was this country’s Head of State, the Cabinet reportedly believes that her death requires homage in the form of a National Holiday.

Last weekend, in response to inquiries about a public holiday, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said he would consult with his regional counterparts. If other countries were declaring a holiday, then Antigua and Barbuda would contemplate similar action, he said.

REAL News is aware of at least one other Caribbean country where the holiday has already been declared by the government.

During an interview on State media earlier this week, Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle said he was not in favour of a holiday since the local business sector is already struggling.

He said he believes there are other ways to honour the legacy and memory of the Queen.

Meanwhile, a public release claims the Cabinet has directed that Prime Minister Gaston Browne attend the Queen’s funeral service.

Governor-General Sir Rodney Williams and his wife, Lady Williams, left the country on Tuesday, September 13, for the United Kingdom, where they are expected to join other dignitaries at the State Funeral to be held at Westminster Abbey.

Since it will take place at 6 a.m. our time, the Cabinet notes that all residents will have the opportunity to attend the funeral virtually.

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  1. Wtf I don’t attend funeral for people I know virtually nevermind people I don’t know !!
    Holidaypay for the bakershop workers means bread garn up by 20cents!!

      • @Dave Ray: Unplanned National Holidays are very costly. That is why all Countries have planned Holidays. Antigua and Barbuda,as it stands now. They cannot and could not afford this Holiday. You are living in an Apartment in Bronx and only care about yourself. How is that hair frying business doing? So called Dr.Frying Women’s Hair Ray.In your world Gaston Stache Browne could do no wrong. What are you going to do when the wells run dry? Is this an Election Gimmick? Are there any other Independent Nations in the Caribbean given a National Holiday today? Elections a come soon,mek are we sweeten the people up foo buy them votes.

  2. Chupzzzzzz aryu sick f#$### dwarg tommack now wid this whole oppose for opposing sake now and the f##$ sad thing is if aryu min inna government ayru would gee the f##### holiday too

  3. Whenever Harold Lovell decides to step down from the UPP leadership role, for me Jamale Pringle would be the ideal candidate to replace him.

    The business community and economy continues to suffer in my beloved Antigua, and the last thing we need is SUPERFLUOUS and totally unnecessary royal break (the well educated will have noted that I have not capitalised royal once more) that we can not afford to do.

  4. Her/His majesty LO is really a LO by default. He really need some schooling. Some folks just oppose things to try and stay relevant.

  5. The top dawg said he will make it a public holiday by see what other Caribbean countries is doing first.
    Lead by example not by following. A wait and see leader

    Pringle state he don’t see it necessary for a holiday the business are already suffering he give a reason, that’s his opinion.

    The world is in need of leaders with good reasoning than wait and see leaders that follows

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