Cabinet Decides Not To Test Every Arriving Passenger

VC Bird International airport
The Cabinet examined the conditions under which visitors and nationals returning home can enter into Antigua and Barbuda. The situation continues to be fluid, requiring nimble and responsive changes in policy after weighing all the circumstances.
The new policy does not require that everyone be tested upon arrival at the V.C. Bird International Airport. Instead, everyone who boards a flight heading to Antigua is required to have undertaken a Covid-19 antigen test, administered within seven days of their departure.
Consultations with all the pertinent partners have been undertaken, and the new policy reverses somewhat the announced policy of a week ago.
1.i. Despite the requirement of the presentation of the certificate upon disembarking, those whose temperatures show that they have a fever, will nevertheless be subjected to testing.
Either a Sofia2 Rapid Test or a PCR Test will be administered to those showing abnormal temperatures. Arrangements are underway at the V.C. Bird International Airport Arrivals Area to construct more health kiosks so that the process of examination can be quicker and more efficient. Antigua and Barbuda opened its borders exactly one month ago, on June 1, 2020; and, received its first international flight on June 4, 2020.



  1. I certainly hope that they are required to present this certificate in a tamper proof, sealed envelope. Any signs of tampering with this envelope should mean either immediate repartition for visitors or mandatory quarantine for residents.

  2. I am dizzy. We will test all incoming passengers when the airport opens. We will only test tourist. We will test every coming in to Antigua. No we won’t test everyone coming in to Antigua. SMH!!!

  3. But differently we need to make a policy decision on the best interest of the well-being of our country and STICK TO IT. Regardless of which irresponsible, entitled visitor who thinks it’s an inconvenience for them. What will a government stand for if not the safety of its citizens.

  4. Which antigen test certificate is acceptable to A&B authorities from arriving passengers? NAMED test(s) must be communicated to potential travelers.
    ‘Not all antigen tests are created equal’ as per Dr. Simon & Minister of Health comments in past 48-hours.

  5. Smdh. Policy on a whim. Nothing is properly thought out. This is a freaking circus being run by a bunch of clowns.

  6. Hope the government put things in place, to make sure these Covid certificates are genuine.

  7. Every day, these people make it “abundantly clear” that they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. So the PM and Dr Molwyn just ragged on Joey for using an antigen test to determine the status of workers at the Hodges Bay Club. Said they, the PCR test is the gold standart, the only one recommended by PAHO/WHO, and it’s the only test we recognise. Now today, we will recognise the antigen test for tourists coming from Miami? Bear in mind that Miami is not only the hot spot in the USA, it’s currently one of the hottest spots in the world.

    We feel much safer now that you’ve moved the goal posts yet another time

  8. So these trifflin people really… Look out for the biggest wave…we live in a cartoon country.

  9. Government needs to stop changing its mind on this. People are losing confidence is this play play business.

  10. Government need to stop succumbing to stupid threats. A government have every right to protect its citizens and if testing is a form of protection then so be it. If they don’t want to be tested let them stay in their infested countries. Bet you life you going get some fake certificates.

  11. Cabinet is like a pile of leaves changing directions with the winds. What a laughing stock.

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