Cabinet confirms amnesty for non-nationals


The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda confirmed today that it will grant an amnesty to to illegal immigrants.

“The Cabinet will also shortly approach the parliament to grant amnesty to deserving residents whose immigration status is doubtful,” the Cabinet said in a statement

The idea was proposed by Prime Minister Gaston Browne last year.

Critics are likely to label the measure and election ploy.


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  1. My friend working for 12yrs and paying her fair share of contribution and this initiative is really great. She had gaps because of the ups and down in life and was told she had to wait on amnesty..

  2. I am a non-nationals with that amnesty to illegal immigrants. We are in campaign mode now are all non-nationals to vote ABLP and after that, we go catch hell again.

  3. A great move by the government…… It has been long overdue……. Amnesties have been offered to our very own in the USA and our friends & relatives have taken advantage so why cant we here do the same…. What is good for me should be good for you….

  4. I’m here since 14 years now,so I hope at the new immigration department they have my documents up to date…

  5. … and in the meantime, the TAX PAYING diaspora around the world are still exiled from the country.

    Again, as I’ve said before Gassy and his cabal putting non-nationals before ANTIGUANS.

    • And your point exactly? Non-nationals pay regular taxes plus thousands in work permit fees, additional taxes on land and other things that you take for granted. It’s not a Gaston thing. It is regular occurrence around the world.

      • My point is, if you hadn’t already realised, is that the non-nationals are allowed to live, earn and be housed in ANTIGUA, whilst the diaspora are not allowed to conduct their own businesses or live in their homes, due to being exiled for not taking any GENE THERAPY drugs that are still on trial.


        • You, Madame Brix, must be living in exile in some white man country. You are out of touch my friend, and your brian influenced by TRUMPers or TRUMP-like ideologues. Come on madame, get real.

  6. I thought a lot of the illegal non-nationals had returned to their country because a lot of the them were suffering with no jobs. A lot of security guards left the country because they weren’t being paid. Now me hear someone on radio asking to bring in more security guards.

  7. “Antigua for Antiguans!”

    This is a national disgrace! The country is already overrun with foreign criminals. The UPP needs to condemn this national affront and make placidly clear that they will not honor this pathetic ALP vote buying scam. Where the hell is Harold Lovell?

    • Hope people like you never travel to a next mans country. Antiguan’s go to other country and commit criminal offense just like how other people come here and do the same so don’t be bias. Secondly non national come here and do the work we don’t want to do and if you don’t know the more non national living her is the better the economy……….

      • Do you have a brain in your head? The DR, Jamaica, and Guyana et al are failed states because of the people not the water. How can importing these criminals make Antigua better?

        • Criminals? So Antigua don’t have local criminals? 🤣🤣🤣 No one imports criminals, people come as regular people and then become whatever they become just as Antiguan go to other countries and do the same.

    • Mr. Byam, Didn’t you know that Lovell has been kicked to the curb by the voters over and over again. They need somebody to step up and be a leader. Jamal just might be the man.

    • If Antigua is for Antiguans then why are Antiguans making children in other countries just to pass off and also living there…some illegally? What you don’t want for yourself you must not do to others. There is nothing wrong with showing a little compassion, we are all humans and just trying to survive in a very separated world. We are scattered all over the world, don’t you think Antiguans are in other countries doing the same that some do here??? If you say no then you’re truly lying to yourself sir. Y’all need to stop this mentality.

  8. Can’t this be challenged in court by the opposition? Why is it that every time an election is imminent, the labour government offers amnesty in a bid to rig the elections?

    • @Are you insinuating that people do not have a mind of their own? Wasn’t it Baldwin “Sharpen-You-Cutliss-Back-And-Belly” Spencer who famously advised “it dem out, jink dem out and vote dem out”?

      • A lot of low minded and desperate people can always be bought for their votes. Antigua is perceived to the promised land with all the bribes and bending over and catering to non-nationals.

    • Nobody can’t rig the election by giving amnesty because it’s up to the voters to decide whether or not they want to vote. Every campaign has their own tactics to win votes and that’s not illegal because a lot of them make promises.

  9. The endless amnesty continues, with another election ploy. Is anyone surprised anyone with anything this cabol does?

  10. How it is that a person born in another country could run for Public Office without any stumbling blocks in Antigua.However,a National living abroad and is a citizen of another country has to renounced that Citizenship in order to run for same Public Office,in Antigua and Barbuda.Does that makes sense to anyone? Are they just envious and do not like Nationals who left to better themselves in other Countries.

    • Stay right where you are. Focus on dodging bullets and escaping police brutality because of your skin colour. Your insularity is pitiful in 2022. No one, NO ONE is envious of you!

    • Why you guys always kept on saying that.because its not the truth. U all like to much drama.did they ever tell you that.chupz.i am tired of you people saying that.Antigua labour party using you all cant you see that.

      • It is a FACT!!! The UPP has a hatred for “foreigners”
        Their former Ambassador Bruce Goodwin is on public record stating that Jamaicans and Guyanese are paupers in their country. The UPP blames “foreigners” everytime they lose an election (instead of examining themselves). They hate “foreigners” so much that their own Richard Lewis is catching hell from the UPP because he married a Jamaican.

        • UPP May believe that the labour government is using non-nationals to deny Antiguans the right to choose a government. Antiguans have always embraced non-nationals. Look at the number of Antiguans with non-national heritage. There was a time when Antiguans had difficulties getting a job in Dominica and Dominicans were getting big jobs in Antigua.
          Let Antiguans go to Guyana, Jamaica, or DR and try to determine the outcome of their elections and see what the people do to them.

          • While the last part u said may be true…you forgot to say visa versa cause there are many Antiguans all over the world and especially America, that’s where they go to make their babies so that their children can have citizenship over there and I’ve seen and heard it out of the mouths of many Antiguans. There are also a lot of Antiguans in Guyana studying at UG. I’m sure you realized by now that Antiguans rarely choose to stay and study I’m their own country when given another option, they either go to Cuba, Canada or elsewhere. They are face with the same obsticles as foreigner over here and then they cry wolf when they are mistreated in another country. What you don’t want for your own people, don’t do to others…that’s how I see it. Then Antiguans love to act as if they don’t go to other countries and do illegal stuff there thinking no one will know.

        • Errol cort is a stupid fool, started that gap shit under UPP,mess up a lot of foreigners livelihood and labour party follow suit,they both hate foreigners..only election time they talk about caricom brothers and sisters…hypocrites and predators.

  11. ALP wants to use non nationals it is not going to work . Election time all kind of giveaway so they could try to enrich themselves than empowering the people

  12. Message to New-Nationals is welcome to your new island home! Do not allow yourself to be pulled into the political space. Antigua & Barbuda has given you a new home, respect it and the people here. Live and vote for good governance for your children, yourself and the country at large. Vote for the best person who can fulfill obligations to all and not just your personal self. Become a National and vote best person for the country – forget the politics and their policy statements – all lies and promises!
    Behave as if you are in your home and do the right thing! Vote Good Person!

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