Cabinet calls in APUA Water Manager over several communities being deprived of water


CABINET NOTES: The Cabinet invited the APUA Water Manager to the Cabinet in order to learn of the reasons why several communities are being deprived of potable water for a few consecutive days.

The Water Manager explained that a challenge of moisture accumulating in electrical boxes that power the individual plants, malfunctioned.

The Hurricane Fiona, with its lateral winds carrying water droplets, penetrated the barriers and made the electrical boxes malfunction. Their repair required the plants to be turned off while the technicians fixed the boxes.

All the boxes are now fixed, and the Crabbes plant is working at full capacity once more. Production of potable water has returned to 7 million gallons daily, allowing every community to receive a supply almost daily. The storage tanks at every reverse osmosis plant are being filled again.

The APUA Water Manager advises that the replacement of broken water mains in several streets in the Point Area will commence in November. The streets will become impassable during the time when the old pipes are being replaced.

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    • I agree with you. I wish thew government was in the business of firing these people who time and time again make them look as if they do not know what they are doing. Cabinet can only provide the means for them to do the job, yet every time they have another excuse. Sad thing is public servants and those working for SOC have job security not seen in the private sector. I remember working on a project at Jumby Bay many years ago in the late eighties and the project manager got fired because he didn’t meet the deadline date for completion. Someone else was flown in to complete the job.

  1. You had 8 years to fix the water problem and a few months before the election you rush, rush, rush to fix it and you expect to get it right.

    Osmosis plant here, Osmosis plant there, Osmosis plant everywhere and you still can’t it right

    • Are you once again showing your stupidity? Anyone knows that to receive an RO plant today it means you had order it at least a year ago. And given the problems with Covid it means you surely had to have ordered it before Covid. So, for you to say that they are trying to fix things in one year is pure nonsense. But I guess it’s a good soundbite for your UPP operatives. This government is fixing a decades old problem that Antigua has been dealing with and fixing it we will. You guys in ten years have not done anything to fix that. Only a grant of US$4 Million from Venezuela ALBA Fund was used to build some tanks and the RO Plant at Friars Beach. And you can see some of the trucks still running with the markings of the ALBA fund on them.

      • @ From The Sideline

        No we guys ‘have not done anything to fix that’.

        ABLP has been in power 37 years of the last 47, who had more time to ‘fix that’.

        UPP should have done in 10 what ABLP failed to do in nearly 40. Useful Unfair Idiot

        • The ABLP under the leadership of Gaston Browne is a totally different party than the ALP under Papa Bird or Lester Bird. Yes, Government is continuous, and Gaston doesn’t shy away from that responsibility, but look at what he did and is doing to problems that have been plaguing the country for many years. So, it may have been the same party but a different leader. And he has proven that there isn’t a mountain high enough and no river wide enough that he wouldn’t climb or swim to get the job done. He stops at nothing.

  2. “Water will be flowing through the pipes in 14 days”. Nearly 3,000 days later, still no water

    • You may have a point. Corruption in this country is on ALL levels. That is why we can never have things run efficiently.

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