CABINET: Aspiring politicians and commentators deliberately misleading the public



Several aspiring politicians and commentators have been deliberately misleading the Antigua and Barbuda public.

They pointed to another Caribbean country that measures the cost of gasoline in liters, deliberately forgetting that it takes 5 liters to make one gallon.

This misleading and untenable debate leaves many radio listeners confused.

The cost of gasoline in Antigua and Barbuda is now EC$15.70 per gallon; and, the cost of a gallon of fuel in Barbados is EC$24.90.

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  1. Thats is how they are….anyway lest we forget as they are quick to pick one side of the story to make their point, be reminded:

    Barbadians earning more than $6,250 per month and businesses that emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic largely unscathed will have to contribute to the $1 billion bill for Government’s COVID-19 fight.

    Prime Minister Mia Mottley said the “one-off” payments, which are expected to raise a total of $120 million, would be taken as a pandemic contribution levy of one per cent of an individual’s income every month for a year; while businesses in the telecommunications, commercial banking and general and life insurance sectors, and the retail of petroleum products, will pay 15 per cent of their net income over an eight-month period.

    The tax for workers with earnings over the threshold will take effect from April 1.

    Guess the grass for many in Antigua is always greener on the other side. Not one new tax was in the budget presented by MP Browne yet me lamenting and cussing the government for not reducing petrol price when Barbados has increased taxes in the 2022 budget on the heels of them reducing petrol prices. And by the way this is just 1. Goes to show that the comedy proposal UPP makes can’t fly. At the end of the day revenue must come from some place to compensate.

    To top it off read this article in the Barbados Nation

    • @ Saying : Are you just as Dunce as the entire Antigua Cabinet .
      1 Gallon = 3.78541 Liters.
      You’re always on here to spread the foolish .
      Twisted facts and revised history
      With you there’s no right or wrong only Redism.
      Most of the time I don’t even take the time to read any comment you make I wish Charles Tabor an esteemed mind would the do same.

      • can you say CA-CA-CAPA-SI-TA or “MASKses”? Jamal pringle would represent YOU well at the UN General Assembly!

      • Tabor respects authority. It is obvious you are rude and need to be brought in line. Will work you. Such a recalcitrant child.

    • Remember their mantra is to get power by any means necessary….. Fooling the people with a pack of LIES is definitely a part of their ammunition……

  2. 5 liters make a gallon? Thought it was 3.78. If you going to try and create doubt get your facts straight

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