Cabinet asked Met office to explain why it was not able to forecast the torrential rainfall

Flooding on FHR
Press Statement:

The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda met this morning, beginning at 10:15 am and ending at 11:45 am, or for 90 minutes.

Two Government officials were invited to address the executive body: 1. Mr. Dale Destin, Head of the Meteorological Department; and, 2. Mr. Philmore Mullin, Head of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS).




Mr. Destin provided the Cabinet with an explanation regarding the Department’s inabilities to forecast the torrential rainfall which poured down on Monday and Tuesday past. There was no way to predict what happened, he explained, and certainly not the uneven manner in which the rain fell.


Those communities on the western edge of Antigua received more than 15 inches of rain, while communities on the eastern end received less than 5 inches. Barbuda was blessed with 3.5 inches of rain, well within the ability of the island to manage. The systems were impossible to predict.


Mr. Destin did indicate that certain administrative changes could result in a more efficient Department. The Cabinet asked him to submit a comprehensive paper that would allow for the improvement in the human resources available to a staff of 23 persons.


Mr. Mullin gave a preliminary assessment of the damage done to homes in the neighborhoods and villages. He presented a list of each constituency and the number of homes damaged therein.

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  1. So the clouds just crept up on us and dumped well over twelve inches of rain – pounding, relentless rain which left a trail of destruction estimated to be in the region of twenty million dollars. Bizarre, to say the very least.

    • @Anon the 1st…unfortunately, #Weather Forecasting is NOT, a perfect science, and even those that have the most advanced equipment(s), technologies such as NOAA, miss their mark.
      I’m quite sure, that the Met Office, is no where close, to having such equipments.
      This issue is being, #Politicized.

    • I have lived in snowy States for over 40 plus years.During those years,I have seen where weather personnel predicted snow flurries.Then we would get a Blizzard.For most part they are spot on.However,that one time their predictions are off.All hell would break loose.

  2. did you come in Golden Grove New Ext/ Cooks new Ext. if no you need to take a drive and ask question of people who need help.

  3. The met office has again failed the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Twice this year. First they caused the country to be shut down for an impending storm that never came and now we have rain that they never say coming.

    • Seriously? When will we be thankful for anything? If they predicted it and we shut down half a day then nothing happened you’d say the same thing right? 🤔🤔🤔 all I can say is thank God for the showers of blessings and no loss of lives. When they tell us we getting weather and we don’t antigua people cuss dem so guess what teck weather!

  4. Mr Destin let the man dem know that what you all report is third party information about the weather and if the third party never said that Antigua go get plenty rain, you all wouldn’t be any wiser.

    • @Wedda Man. What third party information? Antigua Met Office is one of the best trained in the region.
      What the public dont understand is that you have to FOLLOW the information given in the forecasts. These forecasts are updated as an ever dynamic atmosphere changes. It is not ok to see a forecast on Monday and not follow up on Tuesday and Wednesday.
      Also, what would have changed if Met Office had informed of this amount of rain?
      The way I see it, the Antigua public is a highly cynical public and will criticize one way or the other.
      Big Up! To our Met Office! They fraid politician so they will always find others to beat up on.

      • My sentiments exactly. Warned or not antigua people would have still been on the streets. We needed that rain just be thankful that no lives were lost.

  5. Wait wait a minute will some body please research the record and tell us how much rain fell the very first time pot works dam full up? I recall that they were still working on the dam but over night rain fall could they have predicted that when it happened?

  6. No one can ever correctly predict the weather. The weather is extremely dynamic and there’s nothing you can do about that.

    It is up to the individuals to constantly monitor the weather. Blaming the Met office is fruitless.

  7. So why don’t they ask doctors to come to cabinet and explain why people die from diabetes. Because its stupid! The govt need to put in infrastructure to mitigate against these things, just like people need to eat healthy and exercise. Predicting the rainfall would not have stopped the flooding.

  8. Their, PPP – Piss Poor Planning in regards to #Infrastructure, and #Housing Development without proper swailing, drainage, curbs, sidewalks, roads is a part of the problen.
    They’re using the Met Office, as a #ScapeGoat for this Natural disaster!

  9. LOL so what would the Cabinet have done if they had 14 days warning?

    They tell us hurricanes coming weeks before but the hurricane still come and mash up the place.

    Then the government go out and beg money, and help from whosoever will.

    Yet to see them stop a hurricane in its tracks or do anything to prevent it from being destructive.

    Well lawd this one sweet

    • Melchesidec once again I have to totally agree with your sentiment. Why the hell would Cabinet call in the Met Office for an explanation? You know what Cabinet fire all of them!

  10. We going to put back the whole cabinet and more next election to look into some of you’ll noted concern but for now time is limited they have to take of Covid 19 etc

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