Cabinet approves hiring of substitutes to replace unvaccinated employees




Temporary Replacement for Unvaccinated Employees to deliver Critical Services to the Public

Having considered the to new COVID-19 policy and measures for the management of the pandemic.


Cabinet agreed that, where persons employed by the government fail to comply with the Public Health Act Regulations to get vaccinated and are not permitted to return to work after the date of 1st October, 2021, temporary/substitute employment will be permitted on approval by Cabinet to ensure that critical services to the public continue to be provided.

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  1. You clown government knows that if there is no one to work then the system crashes but yet you you try to call a bluff with a pair of Aces against the ppl who has a full house and expected to win.
    Here you are trying to bluff your way out of it again.

    all these lies and plans will back fire in your faces soon and very soon, the people will not only win the game but it will be with a ROYAL FLUSH

    • And vote in who not yall UPP ppl stop act like not almost all the countries in the world doing similar things because of the covid or basically the same chupzzz

    • Please!!! Put UPP in and they will do EXACTLY the same thing. Perhaps all the teachers Jackie Quinn let go are still available.

    • The question we as unvaccinated Antiguans should ask is if we will be allowed to vote or will it be demand unsafe based on some amendment of the public health act……

  2. From where does this incompetent, untrustworthy government intend to find fully vaccinated replacements for all those positions? Who are they trying to fool ? Not me sure.

  3. Disappointment fills my heart to see how my lovely, sweet, Antigua is being divided. Vaccinated vs the Unvaccinated. Although, I understand the desperate need of the Cabinet to help stop the spread of COVID-19 do you really feel this is the way? Cussing people out, because they don’t agree with you, demeaning them professionally and personally. Do you think by threatening people’s basic needs while Coercing citizens to fall in line is the way? I am disappointed with the Head of State because I remember when you first began. You were so humble. I remember when you would listen to your people. What is happening now? What is happening to that grassroots man who would cry with the children and would eat from those persons people would normally scorn. That is what made me vote for you. That was what made you the world boss! But it seems that somehow you are losing your love for your people. Do you not realize that you are hurting those that thought you were our saviour from eating “Blue Chicken” Do you realize this is what the European did to colonize us? They came in, pretending that they were our saviour and instead they killed us. Up to today, we can’t stand each other. We still pull each other down. We still have no respect for women, and place no real value on them. Even after so many years, we are still afraid to stand up for ourselves for fear of victamization. Another example that has come to mind is Hitler. Hitler was seen as a dictator, powerful, charismatic and smart. Through lies and propaganda he hurt and killed so many. Lets call a spade a spade. This pandemic is not easy and it would be difficult to lead in this situation. But we the citizens of Antiguan are affected. Persons jobs, livelihood, relationships have all been touched by Covid. Not because you are the head presently, means you wont fall and become the tail. So I beg you please. Don’t bullying us, don’t threaten us, don’t take away our human rights. That is not the way for the cabinet to force us to take the vaccine. Why don’t you continue to educate us. Threatening us by telling us we will be replaced only shows that you really don’t care about us or our well being. MENTAL health is real and don’t you think you are adding to our anguish
    Not because Antiguans are not violent individuals mean that the government should strip us of our human rights. Dont you realize that it is our human rights to decided whether we wish to engage in becoming vaccinated. Just like it is our right to have sex, get married, drink or vote. HOwever, when you take that right away from me then it becomes bothersome. Dont get me wrong I am not a Antivaxxer. I am actually vaccinated but I am a citizen that doesn’t liked to be bullied, or bamboozle to follow the masses. If you are allowed us to treat us like this today. What will be next? Where does the envelope stop being pushed? I am disappointed with the lawyers out there who sit it their office and are staying mum. I am disappointed with the ministers who toe the line. I am disappointed with the unions for not all coming together and agree that forcing nationals against their will is fundamentally wrong and you and your members will take a stand. I feel that we are allowing persons to attack us with a weapon and demand us to fulfill their demands! I have too much respect for myself to allow anyone to treat me, my children or anyone that I love this way anymore. I am not a puppet, and I no longer feel like dancing. Unvaccinated is being targetted today , but vaccinated persons your day may very well be tomorrow. Divided we fall, United we stand!!

  4. You all asses will find substitutes (temporary or not) but don’t have money to pass off people for their years of Service. Gaston as Leader, I am so disappointed in you. Do not force people to take in what when goes in can’t come out. Nobody can say nothing to you nevermind force you.
    You did not mandate Social Security to pay us pensioners our monies that we contributed over the years but you mandate jab or else…..what a clown. God does not sleep,

    Little Paradise Antigua and Barbuda mash up.

  5. The government does not need any substitute because we already have a overburdened civil service and they are functioning quite efficiently until those that are taking the vaccines return. Now speaking of creating employment for Antiguans, you continue to allow the Spanish, Covid 19 , pool partying, uncharted hotel import workers to do simple task. I understand top management but not Maintanance management, cleaners , accounting Clark’s. Then you have general manager treating Antiguan workers like dirt. We need to charge someone that help spread this Covid in this country .

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