Cabinet agrees to spend more money to fix water problems


Cabinet Notes

While the challenge of production and delivery of potable water continues to test the mettle of the Minister of Public Utilities, he has persuaded the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda to continue to spend resources that will end the water woes challenge faced by the state.

The replacement of aged and broken pipes that leak when additional pressure is applied to move more water around, requires a disruption in traffic, commerce and water supply.

The Gaston Browne administration continues to be very attentive to the needs of hotels, households, businesses and institutions that require a continuous flow of potable water, in order to achieve a high standard of performance.

A plant producing 3.5 million gallons of water daily is to be installed in Bethesda; it will provide water to communities on that side of the island.

It will take ten months to erect.

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  1. No Water Bill Until Water Problem Fixed — I can dream, can’t I?

    I think the money from the sale of the Alfa Nero should be allocated to fixing all the water woes. So, do the fair and right thing with those proceeds.

    I won’t hold my breath though!

  2. Where have we heard this before? 🥱


    How on earth did we end up with these WAFFLERS and back-sliders?

  3. Been hearing this all my life. It is the single biggest disappointment that successive Governments have failed to tackle and remedy over the years. Water is an essential service and it’s a darn shame that many householders are still forced to bathe in basins and to pass waste in toilets without running water in 2023. You go to many homes today, and you can smell their toilet from their front door. The island of Aruba is 100 percent on desalinating water to meet its domestic needs and they never have water issues. Why haven’t the water situation be prioritized in Antigua for all these years? This didn’t start yesterday. This has been an ongoing and continuous issue for many years and we deserve more than just lip service. You know what the problem, just fix it. I am tired shitting in bushes.

  4. Hahaha! What a set of jokers these ALB guys are! They just wont quit with the empty promises and empty rhetoric. Who is going to believe anything coming from a Gaston Browne led administration? Certainly not me.
    I wonder, did all of this come from the idiots they were made to look like in parliament? No plan, no original ideas, nada. Just talk, talk, talk. They already got $168 million from ACB for this. What more do they need? I’ll tell you. Just a fresh set of men and women in our government. Nothing short of this will do. These clowns will continue to fail and we the people who took their trifles on January 18th are just as responsible for this unending mess as Gaston Browne and his band of clueless, brainless clowns. It will get worse, I can assure you.

  5. Pumping money into a dead duck known as APUA would not make one damn difference. You need proper Management at that Utility. If those persons reported to me they would all be fired. To be replaced with persons with competencies in Water Management and Distribution.

  6. Did not the RO plant constructed down at Fort James was to alleviate the water problem for residents residing in the close by communities. There are still days that they go without water. In addition to the plants being erected how about building storage tanks that will assist the distribution of water. The sea nar run out ah water. In that area we have a out 5 to 6 major hotels how does it look on a country that depends on tourism for most of its income that the basic element of survival cannot be provided on a regular basis.

  7. Just the usual way to siphon our money. Remember that this is construction too and we were tutored by the Leader Of The Pack on how to ‘tief’ money .

  8. I don’t understand what’s going on in this country. This situation is getting worst. Unbelievably worst. Areas that are accustomed to get water are not getting for weeks. I said this before and I am going to say it again.
    I think that the 80 million Saudi loan should be used to fix our infrastructure- water both production and distribution, electricity- generation, distribution and street lighting and Roads .
    Then the next step is to clean up snd beautify Antigua. The University is grandstanding between Beckkes and Gaston Brown- the Awardees. Let the University development it’s.

  9. When UPP was in power, it was the boats in English Harbour that were having problem getting water. Now it’s the entire state of Antigua and Barbuda.
    I think that the high prices to deliver water to the farmers that were spoken about in Parliament could be a deterrent to prevent them from applying and getting water on their farms .
    We are now going into the dry season and boy CRAPO going to smoke our pipes.

  10. Nat a drap ah wata fuh wan week now. Laaaaad help ahweh. No one will be satisfied until there’s a serious outbreak of something.

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