Cabinet Agrees To Make Urgent Improvements To Police Stations


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the government has agreed to expedite improvements to the working conditions of police officers.

In a letter to the Police Welfare Association, Browne informed the Chairman Rosevelt Browne, that Cabinet agreed expedite completion of the Police Headquarters on American Road, rent a private building to relocate the Bolans Police Station and commence immediate repairs to the Parham Police Station.

The prime minister’s letter came in response to a request by the PWA for a meeting to address a number of their concerns. Even before any meeting, Browne said that Cabinet agreed to increase the number of homes allocated to police officers in various housing projects and to provide police officers with paint and other materials to expedite the repairs on other police stations.

In his letter, the prime minister said the request by the association came at an inopportune time, when the country is dealing with the financial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the Cabinet however agreed to put mechanisms in place to discuss risk pay and medical insurance for police officers. As it pertains to a request by the police officers to meet, Browne said because of the covid-19, he has been staying away from large gatherings.

He however invited representatives of the PWA to meet next week at cabinet. The prime minister’s response also included a reminder to police officers that they are prohibited under the Police Act from engaging in industrial action.



  1. Action speaks louder than words.Time usually exposes promises not kept.I thought since early last year the Police were asking to fix the Stations.Was that one in St.Johns,on New Gate Street repaired at this time.The Minister responsible for the Police did say he would fix that Station.

  2. Did the building cause the building to be in such state?

    The thing is people are not appreciating and respecting their work places.

    The private sector amazingly has no such issue and this has nothing to do with maintenance.

    • @MEL:If you owned a house.You would have it maintained or else it could fall into disrepair.Those Police Stations I have seen around Antigua are lacking for maintenance.Is that the fault of the Police personnel working in them.Why is there a taxpayers Government Department known as Public Department of Works.Are they too busy competing with the private sector.While ignoring their mandates to repair and maintained all buildings owned by the Government.If they do not change their course.More Government buildings would become uninhabitable.Then the Administration would be heavily more involved in leasing rental buildings.Which would then put a real financial stress on the PEOPLES’ PURSES.

  3. I support Antigua’s Police, I think they are actually a good police department compared to others in the Caribbean. If we did not have so many illegal Jamaican and D.R. folks infesting Antigua, their job would be so much easier and relaxed.

    But also, I support PM Browne. He is right in what is says about the practical aspects of budgetary problems in government right now due to COVID and global tourism slowing down. He speaks truth.

    Hopefully both sides can come together and have a good solution. If Antigua’s CIP program was made to be more competitive, we would have more money to do these improvements. Right now St. Lucia and Dominica are kicking our butts on CBI, because their programs are much cheaper and modernized than ours.

  4. Why is it necessary to rent a building if things are so bad financially with the government. The police from bolans police station can stay where they are while the bolans is being build over or repair. The all Saints police station need fixing as well and eliminate the rented building where they are house now. All the stations need fixing. Government need to build their own buildings and come out of rent this will save some money in the treasury.

  5. The urgent improvements need to be made to a corrupt police force and all the policemen abusing power

  6. So no improvement to the fire stations especially St.Johns Fire which is infested with roaches, termites and rats. Smh

  7. Well PM Browne give them paint fi dem paint da station­čśé. Clearly PM Browne know they don’t have any work fi do so he find son. 90% of dem police lazy no hell. Espicially that cuntankrus woman Harris.

  8. The money spending to rent buildings to host for police stations can go towards renovating these stations. Stop pay rent and maintain your station infrastructure. They can find thousands even million of dollars to pay rent but can’t find to fix the stations and then.

  9. People in this country don’t seem to understand what Police officers are going through and the condition they are working under know of a fire station in Glanvilles that the government started to build since in the early 1980’s and up to now it cannot finish. Sheep and Goats have it as their house. all the station in Antigua and Barbuda is like a cook’s dump yet these officers performed their duties every day. Too many time the government take police officers as a riding horse and it is time they stop it. The government need to respect the officers and give them what they need in other to performde their duties more effectively. Over the years I made to understand that risk allowance is pass in the budget and these officer is getting nothing, “WHERE THE MONEY GONE?”

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