Cabinet agrees to give Jamal Pringle land to settle debt



The Cabinet received a request from Mr. Jamale Pringle to provide him with a portion of crown land in partial satisfaction of a debt owed to him for work he has done for National Solid Waste Management Authority.


The Cabinet has agreed but will conduct an audit of the debts which the businessman claims are owed to him.


During the budget debate, Pringle who is also a local businessman, lamented the impact the pandemic has had on his and other small businesses.

Pringle said the government owes him large sums of money but did not disclose the figure.

The opposition leader has been criticized for billing the NSWMC large sum for “collecting dead dogs.”


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  1. That picture of Brother Jamal makes him look like a deranged man. Please burn that picture. Whew!

  2. This really don’t sound ethical or even right. If the government owes money they they should pay money not land. This cartoon country

    • The goverment cannot pay what they don’t have. The government is broke hence why they have to continually borrow to meet their obligations.

  3. The Honourable Jamale Pringle is a political heavyweight. So far, he’s looked out for Antiguans 🇦🇬 living abroad who where illegally EXILED from their families, friends and businesses by the ABLP.

    As a proud Antiguan patriot, I’ll be watching how this matter develops.

    I and many other small businesses lost a lot of money due to the pandemic and were still expected to pay our taxes whilst EXILED.

    Compensation or a full tax refund must be on the cards, or I can see more litigation incoming.

    Jamale Pringle seems looks out for all the citizens of Antigua 🇦🇬 … A FUTURE LEADER IN THE MAKING. RESPECT SIR!

    • lmao. a “heavyweight” who cant read and struggles with SUBJECT-VERB-AGREEMENT? You need to tell his PAID “RESEARCH OFFICER” to do her job and STOP UNDERMINING him!! To this day Gisele is yet to acknowledge Prinlge as the duly elected Leader of the Opposition. She did not expect the likkle black boy from country to win.

    • Returning from exile? Maybe not. Look at this disgraceful nonsense the government has just published in relation to the return of unvaccinated nationals. Then compare it with what’s being asked of tourists. It’s the exclusion of returning nationals by another name, by these slave mentality, unscientific, medically incoherent, hotel association funded lackeys $$$$

      6. Unvaccinated returning nationals and residents with no COVID 19 symptoms
      are permitted entry provided they:
      a. Present a negative certified PCR/Rapid Antigen Test result taken no
      more than four (4) days prior to arrival in Antigua and Barbuda.
      b. Submit to RT PCR testing upon arrival at their own expense.
      c. Quarantine for ten (10) days if partially vaccinated –
      i. Either received 1 dose of a 2-dose vaccine OR
      ii. the 2nd dose of a 2-dose vaccine was received less than two weeks
      prior to arrival.
      d. Quarantine for fourteen (14) days if unvaccinated.
      If symptoms appear during the period of quarantine, the person must be
      placed in isolation and will be tested for COVID-19.’

      • Not ideal Mr C, but the last time I was in Antigua (at the height of Covid-19), I was held at the airport for around 3-4 hours, given a bracelet, filled in a ream of forms whilst the tourists were allowed to breeze through customs – I FELT CRIMINALISED!


        However, here’s the irony. Amost everyone one i know who have been vaccinated have got Covid-19 (including my health care worker son – who had to take it to keep his job); and those unvaccinated did not. Go figure! 🤔


  4. People of Antigua,the Government owed him money. Obviously,they do not have those funds available to pay him what is owed. So they came to an agreement to give him land for monies owed by the Administration for work done by him. That is nothing new. It is only a big deal because of the person involved,Pringle. If this involved one of those persons in the one percentile,not a damn drum would have been heard. Pay people when they worked,labor is a commodity. It is for sale to the highest bidder. If you all paid Pringle for works done. There would be no story to tell.How much lands are given away daily by BOBOL,BY THIS ADMINISTRATION? THIEFING,MF’S.

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