Cabinet affirms no work permit decision for persons granted amnesty


Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet invited the Labour Commissioner, the Head of the Passport Division, the Chief Immigration Officer and a total of fourteen officials to discuss the manner in which the amnesty program works, and how the granting of citizenship and passports is executed.

It was agreed that a person who has been granted an amnesty certificate for residency will not require a work permit in order to hold employment in Antigua and Barbuda.

It is also agreed that a person who has been granted an amnesty certificate for citizenship does not require a work permit to accept employment in Antigua and Barbuda.

The residency certificate is valid for three years to allow the resident to complete seven years of lawful residence in Antigua and Barbuda, leading to citizenship.

The Immigration Officers who deal directly with those who are accessing applications for extension of time or for amnesty have indicated that they apply very high customer-service standards, at all times.

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  1. It was NEVER EVER about work permits.

    Critical thinking Antiguans always knew it was about allowing immigrants to vote at the next General Election, to try and ensure that Gaston Browne’s ABLP retain in office.


  2. I am a holder of an Amnesty certificate for Citizenship, now aw need ao.e questions answer from the minister. We are still being given the 3 months in our passport with the stamp saying we are not permitted to work and we are to return every 2 months to make another appointment to get more time so some more clarity will be much appreciated

  3. More more this country becoming a nasty dutty Banana Republic. Vote out all the criminals in govt and jail deh rasses.

  4. I am a proud holder of an Amnesty certificate for residency and delighted that after so many years one can integrate into society further. This is a beautiful country with great people. Also I like to commend the immigrations customer-service standards that are up to 5* hotel standards, courteous, polite yet to the point, you can see this team is trained well.

    • Just out of curiosity @ Blessed citizen, which political party will you be voting for?


  5. Why all this haste about amnesty only happens around election time? I was trying to find another country going into an election granting amnesty. This is nothing more than an exercise by the labour government to fill up Antigua with people to vote for them. They don’t care about Antiguans. They only care about staying in power. If them so good why do they need to full up the country with people to vote for them? They are just trying to deny Antiguans their democratic right to vote them out.
    The Spanish woman can refuse to move because she knows the non nationals control the Labour Party.

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