By-election message by ABLP candidate for SMS Dwayne George


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  1. Dwayne! Young, educated people from all of Antigua and Barbuda are rooting for you! You are the far superior candidate and I am imploring the people of St. Mary’s South to do the right thing and elect a representative who can actually represent them. When you win, take Mr. Antonio from the DNA under your wing and let’s continue the cycle of producing amazing leaders and role models!

    The UPP fumbled you and so many others but it was all God’s work. You got this Dwayne! Solidarity Forever!

    • As a Labourite, aren’t you feeling slighted by your party? After sweating for some many years, you and ALL the others have been ostracized for a traitor. That says much about YOU.

  2. Boy judas , traitor, back stabber , and clown just like gaston clown , you’re a real dog and the people don’t want you , the people want shuggy on election day .

  3. Translation:

    “Dear friends and neighbours,

    “There are no words to express the deep gratitude and joy I have for my former comrades, colleagues and confrères at the UPP; especially my friendship with my contender Kelvin Shuggy Simon.

    “I know I haven’t done enough in my 82 days to merit this remarkable rise and promotion, especially since Samantha Marshall was kicked unceremoniously to the kerb by the Prime Minister. Yikes!!!

    “Samantha, I hope we can still be friends when I lose the St Mary’s South seat though – but please remember, I was cajoled into this situation.

    “Now a special mention to the constituents of St Mary’s South as we approach this momentous by-election. I know that the ABLP lost by a colossus 23% percent margin at the General Election, however I’m hoping to keep this losing margin down to around 21%-22% percent.

    “Furthermore, I hope that Prime Minister Browne is a man of his word and keeps me in the bosom of the government when I eventually lose to Shuggy.

    “Because I gave up a blossoming political career with the UPP, and I would be bitterly disappointed in him if he didn’t support me (unlike poor Samantha Marshall).

    “Finally, may we pave the way for victory for my former UPP colleague, the Honourable Kelvin Shuggy Simon.

    HIP HIP …”

  4. You, Dwayne George, should have lived in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya and other Islamic States with that attitude. Being a traitor is tantamount to being a murderer and NERO, himself, trusts you as much as he trusts the other UPP flip-flops.

  5. Traitor. Your days in politics are numbered. Judas. You can’t even hold a sensible interview. You bundled that one like the nonscalp that you are. ONDCP, what the heck is that?

  6. Dwayne George must be made to divulge where $25,000 came from that he attempted to bribe “donate” to SMS. Where did Dwayne George come into that money? When we attempt to deposit money in that large amount, we have to provide where the sources of funds came from. Why are Dwayne George and Gaston Browne exempt from the same policies we are obligated to adhere to? Politicians are to be held to the same if not, higher standard than the rest of us.

    Bribery is illegal in all forms and even more so when it pertains to election persuasion. Here in Antigua it’s on the next level and that is blatant bribery.
    Antigua people when we vote, vote for persons with integrity, vote the others out one by one until we have politicians who will work for the people and the constituencies not practice self-enrichment. Vote for the representative who will provide consistent water and electricity for the communities. Vote for the people who will pay government workers on time. Vote for the people who will pay social security on time. Vote for the people who will pay pensions on time. Vote for the people who will not stand in the way of justice; Nigel Christians murderers are still running around as free as they like. Vote for the people who take care of the roads, the sidewalks, our towns and our people. Vote for complete transparency.


    A vote for Dwayne George is a vote for another self-enrichment politician. Follow the money trail.

    Gaston Browne desperate to stay in power by any and all means necessary.

  7. What were Dwayne George’s contributions to the community before becoming an ABLP candidate? Although he said that he was a UPP member for 20 years, what tangible contributions did he make? It’s easy to make all these donations when you have access to government resources and the government is desperate to win the seat. Poor Samantha, she did not get any support from the same government and finance minister, Gaston Browne. Dwayne George is trying to do in 9 weeks what Samantha didn’t do in 9 years. Nobody is impressed. Force make water go up hill.

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