Businessman wants to swap land for beach front property



The Cabinet invited the owner of a rented office building in St. John’s that has remained unoccupied since the time of the past administration, to join the meeting; a Crown Counsel from the Ministry of Legal Affairs was also invited.

The former CIBC building, situate at the corner of High Street and Corn Alley, owned by the Antiguan businessman, had been rented by the former administration and gutted but unused.

Nothing more was done until 2014, when an agreement was entered into with the new Gaston Browne Administration to acquire the building by way of unpaid taxes and other unmet obligations.

The owner reneged.

He has now returned to the Cabinet with a further proposal to exchange land which he owns elsewhere for a crown land with an ocean front.

The decision on the old building is put off for one week.

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  2. What’s the point of Notes of Cabinets Meeting when important decisions are made with individuals and companies and their names are not mentioned.
    Cabinet transactions are clouded in secrecy for no reason. These are decisions that affects the public financially or otherwise.
    The little we are told of a transaction that involves a party who has failed to pay their taxes.
    The Government moved to take possession through an auction for unpaid taxes. That never happened, now the party who has not paid their taxes are seeking an exchange for beach front land.
    If transactions between the Government and private parties or even other Government are equitable why the secrecy?
    Some transactions my require confidentiality such as the bidders of the Alfa Nero which is caught up in sanctions.
    When I business person has failed to pay their real estate taxes on a commercial property; why isn’t it seared like the Alfa Nero?

    • You gave yourself the answer….Private party. Would you want any business between you and the government to become public matter? I think not! So why should it be made public just out of curiosity olone! The fact is, their business doesn’t affect our pockets in any way at all.

  3. He is looking to swap his lands for Beach Front Lands. Really? Who the hell is that Businessman? Is the Administration going to be duped again? This time by a no name Antigua Businessman. Why his name was not mention in the Cabinet Notes? Is it a COMRADE?

    • The owner of the building in question is my Gore’s family. The property that once occupied the former CIBC bank is for the Gore’s family not just one member of the family. Two of the family members cultivate the land east of the same building at the corner of High Street and Corn Alley. That land and property will remain in the family for the next generation to come. Gaston take your eyes off of it. So it is your family alone who just owns everything in Antigua? It is like the Top Darg is running racing with the Shouls and Michael’s families.

  4. The real question is this, why is it any one’s business if an Antiguan is trying to make a legal lucrative business deal with his government.

    Who should make deals? Only foreigners? Let’s start thinking beyond our immediate thoughts our own people to strive. My goodness man!! Enough of the envious and jealous attitudes towards one another.

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