Businessman charged after Parham shooting

Bertsfield Smitten

Police have arrested and charged Bertsfield Smitten of Cartys Hill with Shooting with intent to murder.

The charge is as a result of a shooting which occurred on the 14th September 2018 at the Ounces Ice-cream Pallor and Grill in Parham where Aiden “Muscle” Russell was shot in the stomach.

Smitten is expected to answer this charge on Wednesday 19th September 2108 at the All Saints Magistrate Court.

Aiden “Muscle” Russell is presently a ward at the ICU at the MSJMC.

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    • So am home and some one attack and i defended myself how can it be premeditated ,did i go look for him the next day or fid i defend myself then….

    • Really? How? U know how long muscle a interfere with the man? So what would u be saying if muscle did indeed kill the man? R u act like say muscle was Jesus Christ n never did nothing wrong.

  1. How can u say it was premeditated wen the guy went to the man’s place of business? U dnt sound intelligent to me. U come to my place n threaten to kill me, try to knock me down with a chair n I shot U, how can it be premeditated? I hv never disrespected any1 on social media but u sound trupit. I dnt kno either party but u dnt go to ppl place sane or insane n cause mischief. Wa u get u tek.
    Dnt tlk if u dnt kno what premeditated mean. Please sound a little more responsible bcuz u na sound prapa…

    • Please check the updates I dont sound proper ? Lol however the law has slapped him with the same charges i mentioned. I guess the judge that sentenced him isnt to smart either? he was just trigger happy he could have dealt with the situation differently. The man was mentally unstable. Justice is served have a good day…

  2. What madness. How the heck did this guy get charged? Utter nonsense. Hope he has a decent lawyer, this was clearly self-defense.

  3. The man talk the man never touch smitten,smitten is the one start to push and hit the man then the fighting start and he shot the man and try lie bout man come a he place with cutlass and all now them can’t find it🤷🏾‍♂️ And only that one night he camera them stop work a wa he mean fe do so are u need fe hush 🤫

  4. He was knocked down with a chair by a clearly deranged man. This doesn’t make sense. What was the other guy charged with?

    • He was hit with the chair out the self-defense after he pulled a gun at a man that only came to his place a business to purchase something to eat like he always does.. do y’all know that that business owner y’all defendant has a criminal record in New York for pretty much the same thing..

      • Either you need to stop lying or tell the eyewitnesses who were there to stop lying. Because EYEWITNESSES saw muscle go to the back of the business place where customers ARE NOT ALLOWED.

  5. My uncle had no weapon he is the victim Smith threatened him first my uncle defended himself for the chair Smith shot him pistol whip him stop and kicked him now he’s in ICU fighting for his life, so all y’all motherfuckers shut the fuck up.

  6. Nonsense u min dey???? A he smitten hit the guy 1st cause he talk man come a u place and say he go kill u call the station u just knack ppl fe talk and smitten famous for that..week before last Friday a man on the otherside a the road a making noise and he smitten go and have the man we’ll choke off and the man nuh inna he place as soon as u talk to smitten hard he tek Out he gun he’s coward

  7. My question. If u dunno don’t answer plz.
    Who owns Ounces Ice-cream Pallor and Grill ?
    I need a name and not a long story. Reason behind this.

  8. No muscle is not dead he’s still alive fighting for his life and in an induced coma he is in need of O positive blood, do any one want to go donate some blood..,

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