Businessman being questioned in connection with Nigel Christian’s death


A well-known businessman is being questioned in connection with the kidnapping and execution of Customs Inspector Nigel Christian.

Sources say the man, who owns a string of local businesses, was picked up by investigators earlier today and taken into custody for questioning.

One of the man’s businesses was also searched by police on Tuesday.

Officers cordoned off a section of lower All Saints Road as they conducted their operation.

Police say a number of people are being questioned as part of the probe but no one has been charged.

Christian was abducted by four men from his home in broad daylight on July 10. His body was found later that evening along a dirt road near New Winthorpes with multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body.

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  1. I am still at a loss.As to who found his body.Was that person and or persons interrogated.If that road is an isolated one.What were those persons doing on that road on that day.There are more questions than answers.Good luck in your endeavors Police.Do not let the fishes in the fish pot get away.

  2. If I was a regular person their name would be published. Why isn’t the info out properly? It’s the guys over Diamond Ice and New Thriving. CHUPZZ

    • @Unknown No, it wouldn’t be idiot. Some of you too love to spread misinformation and mistrust. The person has not been charged, fool so you cannot just go and irresponsibly put the person’s name out there. Some of you are too fast to type and don’t think things through. It’s people like you all who will mash up an investigation with your haste.

  3. I will never understand why the police must tell the public about the DETAILS of an on going investigation. People, if they give you the details they are giving it to the criminals too.

    • Because that is what the people and dem picket for so if they don’t say anything, people like Jacqui Quinn will be on radio running off her ugly mouth. It’s seen dem rass want be seen. They are shooting themselves in the foot by putting this information out there in my opinion. I hope suspects don’t become a flight risk but as I said, that is what the people and dem picket for.

  4. @ Ibaba, the person has not been charged as yet. If the person gets charged, then I hope they name the person.

  5. Da police should just shut dem mouth and do dem mf work. Not give in to public pressure. Dats a dem lose so much case inna court cause dem give into public pressure and do sloppy work then some smart lawyer go expose dem inna court and case gone man walk free and real killer still out. Stfu and du aru work. Aru get pay every month.

  6. The name is “A WELL KNOWN BUSINESSMAN”. All of you know that person.It would all come out in the wash one way or the other.

  7. Is this the same person who a couple years ago had handcuffed or tied up a man to the side of his business place for a couple of hours?

  8. How quickly we forget.

    MP Asot Michael was questioned in the UK by the police.
    1 The PM not only named him but terminated him instantly.

    2 MP Michael’s name was on all media outlets, up to now he has not been charged with anything.

    3 When Serpent was invited to the police station. His name was all over the media. He was not charged at the time.

    4 When ONDCP made a drug bust in Cedar Valley, the young lady’s name and photograph was on ANR and all other media and she was not charged at the time.

    5 When the three former UPP MP’s was questioned there names was on the media before any charges were made.

    It is not about innocents or guilt or even police strategic plan. Nothing legally barring the media from publishing the names it is not a sex crime people.

    The police charged a teen for the Botanical Garden’s murder he spent years on remand then walked free for lack of evidence. Was that fair to the teen?

    Antiguans like to protect everybody else except themselves.

    • Mel: ur second to last paragraph proves my point. The police love to give in to public pressure and then they do sloppy work. While the real criminals get way. Dem need fu STFU and do da work get get pay fu do.

  9. Reading threw the comments saw alot of good thoughts.They (the police)prob know alot more than they let out in the media, but they cannot charge anyone until they have concrete evidence to present to the judge and jury, the dont want a repeat of persons getting charged remanded then released years later no evidence, foreign cops no work so. They wont announce tht there here (FBI) giving instructions and technical support until persons have been charged either, but you better believe over seas boots been on the ground here for awhile now. But hey thts just a fools belief. Justice will be served on a plate, alot of people will be ashamed and in shock and awwwww mode when the charges are laid.

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