Businesses face fines for customers who don’t wear masks


Cabinet Notes: The Minister of Health gave an update on the state of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 in Antigua and Barbuda.


Only 4 active cases are now being treated. Nevertheless, the population is encouraged to be vigilant and NOT to relax the mask-wearing, the etiquette required of those who cough and sneeze, and to wash and sanitize hands frequently.


In fact, there appears to be relaxation of the mask-wearing by some persons.


The Cabinet agreed to pass new regulations that would penalize businesses for allowing persons to enter without wearing the mask.

The burden will not be shifted, it will be shared.

A fine will be imposed on businesses for failure to keep out those customers without masks.

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  1. With masks below their noses like I just saw in Gourmet Basket and I see in epicurean all the time

    Why are people not realizing that it does no good to wear the mask below the nose or under the chin

  2. I have seen a member of Gaston Browne’s Cabinet not wearing her mask.That lady in Cabinet was speaking to a group without her mask on.The group had on their masks.So in my opinion.It is like Satan trying to correct sinners.Molwyn look first inside that Cabinet of which you are a member.See how many of them are abiding by the rules made by said Cabinet.Of wearing masks and physical distancing.

    • @BLACK-MAN
      Don’t worry about that. COVID will do it’s job and take care of them. That might just be the way for the to get out of office. A blessing for Antigua.

  3. It’s about time! Business and employees should be wearing masks and fined for providing and harboring customers who don’t ..: health people from
    CDC should do pop up checks

  4. Do people think for themselves anymore?

    Who is pulling the cabinet’s strings?

    With the CDC contradicting itself repeatedly regarding these covid protocols, why should we believe anything at all they say?

    If your husband/wife/child gave you some information that they said was true, then came back and say it was a lie, then later return saying it was actually the truth, what would you do?

  5. This govt want people to enforce the laws. They should be sending police to the businesses and enforce the laws.

    To make things worse, how many police you see on duty either not wearing their masks properly or not at all? The usual laws for dem and laws for we. The police should be fined for not wearing masks also.

  6. So why don’t the tourists who come here wear mask? After all they are the ones bringing it here cause covid is not made in Antigua

  7. They come off government road and into my establishment without mask and I must get charge but not the Government….go back to pack (cabinet)

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