Bus Scandal Appeal Case Expected Back In Court


The state is preparing for an appeal before the end of this month, challenging a Magistrate’s decision to dismiss charges brought by the Royal Police Force against three former Ministers of Government.

The three faced criminal charges for allegedly appropriating to themselves three buses that were intended as gifts to the people of Antigua and Barbuda by the Government of South Korea.

The charges against Harold Lovell, Dr Jacqui Quinn and Wilmoth Daniel were dismissed by a local magistrate but the government appeal.

The criminal cases are in relation to the three Daewoo buses worth a total of more than $600,000, which were donated to the former UPP administration and it is alleged the trio converted the buses for personal use and had them registered in their names while they were in public office.

The trio has always maintained their innocence.

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  1. Wait what ever happened to the case with the minister that molested the young girl at the reception…..this further proves my point all u have to be to get away with a crime is be a minister or a police

    • So true, while some of our young men are in 1735 prison for a little marijuana herb. No equal justice No equal rights for the poor man.

  2. I totally agree with this move with no exception, may the facts benefit who it will. There should also be an inquiry into the money Mr John Ash transferred to the UPP.

    However, the case of Mr Freeland and public funds, the case of Hon Steadroy Benjamin in the passport scandal, and the Parliamentary Representative who was accused of sexual misconduct must also be pursued relentlessly.


    • What happened to the IHI case? Who is checking for the 40 million mission from Public Works when Asot was Minister? Did I hear about the airport runway project that let 11 million US dollars lost in someone’s pocket? Have the statutes of limitations run out on these? Wait that large sum withdrawn from Medical Benefits just in 2014 during World Cup, has it been repaid? Thought so! Selective prosecutions! By the way, is it trite to say, ” what is sauce for the goose must be sauce for the gander?Hmm!

    • Nonsense? Don’t you live in Antigua? Don’t you listen to the news? Are you playing ostrich, burying your head in the sand? But if course when language is pitched a certain level, those below it call it nonsense!

  3. Jackie Quinn
    Harold Lovell
    Wilmoth Daniel

    If someone gives you a gift for someone else, you do not keep it for yourself. If the allegations are true, then Santa will place you on his “naughty” list this Christmas.


    Appeals against decisions of adjudicators or presiding Magistrates, reside only with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

    What is professionally known about these matters, is that the appeal is not necessarily about the re-institution of the charges.

    The Magistrate has already made a determination that there was ‘…No Case to Answer,’ and accordingly dismissed the Complaints Montserrat Reporter: March 30, 2017.

    The appeal, therefore, seeks judicial determination and clear understanding of inter alia, (a) …What test was used to arrive at the particular decision; and (b) …the rationale that informs the particular decision.

    The appellate Court often look at (i) …the applicable test; (ii) …established judicial precedence, principles and practice directions.’

    In the instant case, the Court may very well look at the well known case ‘…R v Galbraith [1981] that sets out a ‘…General Test.’

    With a State with available resources, these proceedings could very well go for another March month- ‘2019 or 2020.’ By then, respondents could find themselves at the edge of bankruptcy.

  5. These people are going after the opposition for donated old buses which the government has in its possession. You guys should return all the government’s lands, including those in the public park acquired at pepper corn price. And also all the stolen money sitting in foreign bank accounts. Do some people think that them and only they have a right to misappropriation government’s assets.
    Keep the old buses and move on. At least the opposition didn’t sell the buses and pocket the money.
    Is it the same law firm representing the government that is hell bent on enriching itself at the public expense by appealing every case the government looses?

  6. Seriously? That’s the highest priority in this place? Doesn’t it seen like pure malice or destroy one’s political life at taxpayers expense?
    Not saying it is right if they … the buses, but this is pure BS.
    Is this a replay of the 1970’s?
    Remember, the Bible has two apt verses for us: pick the beam out … before … and ye without sin … Who can say they never falls into a sin pit?
    Furthermore, I wonder, is this same thing still going on right now by others?

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