Burglary, Arson, Rape, Robbery, Kidnapping—U​rgent Crime Fighting Tool—Part 4 – The best training for officers


Burglary, Arson, Rape, Robbery, Kidnapping—U​rgent Crime Fighting Tool—Part 4 – The best training for officers

Please let the new police recruits be trained in criminal law, criminal procedure, and evidence by a law graduates/attorney. 

They can provide such services for free, or the government pays for this. I would provide it for free. Others may not be able to afford that, but then the government should pay reasonable fees or grant tax deductions to these law graduates/attorneys for courses they teach to the new recruits at the police training facility

There should be training in police science, criminology, criminal justice, victimology, and crime victim advocacy provided to these new police recruits from someone with at least a bachelor’s degree in such area or higher degree.

Are the courses being taught in the police training site by degree holders? 

I am not saying everything requires advanced degree holders, but there are a lot that do. 

This is law enforcement, folks who are given the responsibility of protecting and taking life. 

The highest level of training should be provided in every area or, at minimum, vital areas of their duties. 

With this, there will be a substantial change in police performance (for the best) and a substantial decrease in vicious crimes, reduction in wrongful arrest, and a reduction in police unlawful killing. 

Great officers would have still been in the force, and Antigua and Barbuda would have been safer at this moment. 

I am willing to provide, free of charge, classes to the new recruit that includes but is not limited to national security course, criminal law (common law), criminal procedure, Social Deviance, Theory in criminal behavior, Law and society, Administrative theory in CJ, Survey CJ admin, Introduction to law enforcement, Police administration/staff, Introduction to sociology, Fundamental of speaking, Criminal investigation, Introduction to psychology, Criminal justice statistics, Criminal behavior and prediction, Guidance, Tort, Administrative law (this is vital for the Department dealing with various kinds of applications to the police with requires knowledge of administrative procedures, administrative due process constitutional rights etcetera). 

The police officers should be familiar with criminology and victimology. And crime victim rights. 

Since Antigua and Barbuda often have US residents visiting, as it is a tourist destination. There should be officers within the force that is familiar with US criminal law (to determine intent and exercising of discretion on whether a visitor’s act was a mistake or error or in bad faith).  

LOCAL OFFICERS should have knowledge of US crime victim rights and international crime victim rights under the United Nations. 

These are essential in policing, reduction of crimes, and building trust back into the police force. 

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  1. The new police recruits should get training by these people with those degrees that are critically relevant to the field of policing. As listed above and other areas not listen.

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