Burglary, Arson, Rape, Robbery, Kidnapping—U​rgent Crime Fighting Tool—Part 2 And Part 3 


Monitoring of isolated and high-risk areas in Antigua and Barbuda and the police force wrongful conduct causing the loss of donations or delay in receiving crime fighting Equipements on May 16, 2024 (read the entire article here)

It has been said by all police forces around the world, including Antigua’s “we do not have enough staff and equipment”, which may be true but the focus, when you are not able to do anything about it, should be on what you can do, strategically, to be as effective at reducing inherently dangerous crimes.

WITH the problem in mind, the most efficient and effective techniques, and strategies, for the resources you have, should be your priority, in such a situation, to reduce crime.

Strategies that should be employed in such situation includes but is not limited to pulling a list of retired officers who would be eager and willing to do neighborhood-looks for a minimum of 10 minutes a day/night, at requested times (crime prediction model can be used to determine these times), and from within their property and coordinated. 

These retirees and other trusted public officials that participate on what I may call auxiliary policing or neighborhood-watch, or lookouts must promptly report everything they are seeing to law enforcement (live or sometimes through written notes or simple text that should be communicated during or immediately after minimum community lookout). Whether something eventful pertaining to criminality or deviant behavior occurred or not. 

This can be done simply from their property and would not require much effort from these retirees. Using a group chat app like WhatsApp with an on-duty police officer assigned to this app nightly and daily would give the police immediate access to information being shared and the ability to respond timely. 

During these lookouts or watch tasks and any suspicious or qualifying crimes occur, inherently dangerous crimes, the location, and details would be timely had by the police which must be gathered and analyzed. 

These 10 minutes task at certain times, picked by them, would be tremendously useful in securing and safeguarding the country. Then, proactive measures can be taken based on pragmatic research/data. 

For the beach, I want regular patrolling, not in regular uniform alone but tactical uniform. Also, there should be a minimum of 365 tactical and trail cameras that should be installed on isolated areas of the beach (please see below on this tool).

These trails and wild-out-doors camera will be used to monitor the isolated beaches in Antigua and Barbuda for inherently dangerous crimes that includes but not limited to Burglary, Battery, Arson, Assault, Rape, Robbery, Kidnapping, unlawful-homicide etcetera. 

This means consenting adults making love on the beach with a reasonable expectation of privacy can continue this romance on the romantic beaches of Antigua and Barbuda without fear of prosecution (videos recorded of this should be promptly removed and will not be published, if it has no evidentiary value to a crime) but those who are on the beach committing vicious crimes should be in fear of what these wildlife cameras wild aid in. 

I shipped many hundreds of these cameras to Antigua and Barbuda to consider for donations to the police force and farmers. I then went to Antigua police headquarters days ago. That day I intended only to go to the bank to open a business account and not-for-profit account. One was for my office that will have a physical location in Antigua, and the other for funds for the not-for-profit as trust property at this time I am considering to gift to the village of Bolans Village, in the amount of $1,000,000.00ec.

However, to do so became complicated and delayed, the bank needed more documents, like a signed letter stating my trust account and business accounts will not be used for illegal activities (which would need to be typed) and then another letter detailing the kind of business/activities I will participate in, and other, to me, unnecessary things. 

Part 3—Developing ratiocinative minds at the helm of the police force

So, I was able to leave the bank early in Antigua while the nice lady at the local bank worked on what I did submit that day to the bank.

I then decided to go to police headquarters, since I now have the time. I did not plan on going on that day to inform the helm of the Antigua and Barbuda police force that I have arrived in Antigua and have donations for the police force.

But because I had only days left, about 2 days left, I thought, it would be prudent of me to immediately go to the helm at the Antigua police force at police headquarters to make the donation and arrange the handing over since my time at the bank was cut very short.

So, I headed to police headquarters, and I thought an exception would be made for me to enter police headquarters in the clothing I had on, respectable black cargo shorts, because of the nationally important purpose for my visit and because I have to leave the country in a matter of hours. 

So, I had shorts on, dressed respectfully on the island but was told I cannot enter into headquarters with shorts on in the Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda where it is hot, its tourism product is about sun, sea and beauty.

They had me outside waiting (I am not complaining about this part, as I did not give notice). I am complaining about the part I must wait in the heat outside (because I have shorts on) and standing (they did offer me a seat in the hot outside) when I went to the police headquarters to make donations of radar gun (speed detection), more body-worn cameras (the advance and updated versions), diving gears with attached water-proof cameras (for fishing out dead-bodies and evidence recording), car bugging and tracking devices, metal detectors, police traffic-reflector-vest, neighborhood watch T-shirts, more laptops, night vision googles, heat detection goggles (to detect humans or animal movements at night while covered in bushes/trees/forest, etcetera), wildlife and isolated area cameras, vehicle, these and more items. 

I wasn’t sure yet about this section, but I was considering donating money for awards to police officers doing good work.

I simply went to the police headquarters on that unplanned day intended to notify them and set up the handing over but because I was wearing shorts, I was left in the heat and with rough front desk service. I ended up leaving without seeing anyone. Realizing this is my free time and that I was only there for a few days and did not even enter the water (sea) and my trip is almost over. 

If somebody brought me vital lifesaving tools/gifts, money, necessities (vitally important tools to stop vicious crimes being committed against people of a nation), I would let them in the headquarters in shorts for the benefit of the people. What you are wearing is not even comparable to the saving of life. Frankly, if you are coming to make such kind of donation, how you are dressed would not even be of consideration. To save a life and stop the Burglary, robbery and aggravated assault that recently happened in Bolans, you can come in your panties and bra or bathing suit or brief, I would not even care, if that could stop that inherently dangerous and vicious crime from being committed against an innocent person. 

These are signs that the right minds are not at the helm of the police-force, and it shows how ideology is still most important instead of pragmatic analysis in policing.

Pragmatic analysis and ratiocination would have shown it is no longer important to have such kind of dress code in this era, at such an emergency place, in a Caribbean island that is horrifically hot with elders and others with certain ailments, and for purposes as mine. 

Antigua and Barbuda need to learn to focus on the pith, the most important things in life and not the shallow things. I left the country without getting to handover any of the above items. Which would have completely deterred or solve all or solve most or solve some of the vicious crimes that occurred in Antigua and Barbuda from May 15, 2024, until today. There were over 365 wildlife, outdoors, beach and corner of the road cameras that would/could have been placed on over 300 light-polls in neighborhoods and beaches.  The same corner blood was found in the recent Bolans village vicious aggravated assault/battery, burglary, robbery incident.

Also, officers would be charged with getting recordings from them regularly, which also makes them be present at various areas, which have proactive and deterrence crime fighting benefits in such areas.

My point is the 7 days in Antigua were horrible. I also spent time performing research on safety, victims and national security in Antigua. I also did not feel safe at all in Antigua and Barbuda before my research and more so after. It is a tremendously unsafe place at this time. Please take precautions to safeguard your family, yourself and your property. I assure you that nothing the government officials say about Antigua being safe and their conveying there is nothing to worry about is true. You need to be thinking about safety daily. 

********To the public, after these crime reduction series of articles are published and no actions are taken by the government and the public does not demand change or elect those who will make the changes my recommendation strongly suggest, I will no longer attempt to help you. I will leave you all be. To enjoy the fruits of your actions and omissions**********

Yours truly,


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  1. All of the above does not surprise me at all. We are all at the mercy of criminals, and those criminals include the police.

  2. @MWOH – My Way Of Helping.

    You can use some of your [rejected] funds/grants to Executive Produce a Docuseries on The #Bobols_Of_Dadli.

    There are no shortages of materials for scripting.

    If you’re familiar with the HBO Series “THE WIRE…” about life in Baltimore City, your production could gain traction and do for Antiguan, Barbuda & REDONDA what The Wire did for Baltimore.

    Since, you’re speaking to crimes and criminality, how to approach, mitigate and even solve some of the issues which contribute to crime and criminality, the “Hood” which adopted me Johnston Square is a great example of what serious crimes(your BAARK on steroids) can do to a Community and how, said Community has fought back, has risen like a Phoenix and is a shining example being promoted by all; from the White House to the Governor’s Mansion to the dozens of GREEN SPACES which have replaced trash dumping sites, open air drug markets and cadavers dump sites.

    Fortunately, Antigua is not even close to where or what Johnston Square became, and I hope and pray it never, ever, ever gets there; therefore, with continued REASONING amongst those who genuinely love Our Beloved Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA we can definitely avoid such disasters.

    Anytime you’re in the DMV – feel free to stop off INT 95 to Ravens Stadium or a Stop at BWI or Penn Station, the hood of Johnston Square is only minutes away!

    I’ll treat you to some of The Wire!


    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

    BTW – I’ve always view St. John’s City as Town similar to Batimore – from the Port to its People and the systems which governs them.

  3. @Ras smood, you know you make great points right?

    Something like that would be great and a channel all about local games. Marble (hole and angle), warrie, soccer/football, cricket, basketball.

    These are things I truly think about

  4. Another test comment not showing any previous contact details in browser of a comment individual which shows that this error is not website related.

  5. @MWOH – My Way Of Helping…
    😅🦉a #Wise_Owl once hooted to the Universe, and as it resonates with me over and over and over, again…

    …you, did not make #sense!
    …you, do not create #sense!
    …therefore, be #sensible
    …when you are willing and able!
    …do use the “common_sense,”
    …to live sensibly!

    MWOH – I don’t “make sense, right?”
    I live sense!

    I get where you’re coming from though, and I appreciate the thought.

    Seriously, I’d even approach my good friend Howard Allen and his #Ride_R_Die – Mitzy Allen of the HAMA Production Company, once the funds are in order!
    We worked on several productions during the early 1990’s while we were at CTV.

    I’m presently teamed with Elijah’s Blessing Community Service Center, a Non- Profit in Baltimore and of course, my Home Team is the REBUILD JOHNSTON SQUARE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION.

    I’m not talking, what I have not lived, experienced or have experience in.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards


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