Burglar makes off with Quantity of Alcoholic Beverages from Old Parham Road Restaurant; Tanner St. business was Luckier


Source: Real News

As businesses continue to struggle financially, many are having to deal with losses as a result of thefts, robberies and burglaries.

According to reports, the latest to be hit is Stanley Home Restaurant, located on Old Parham Road, and police investigations into the break-in are being conducted.

The McKinnnons owner is said to have reported to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that his business place had been broken into, and a quantity of alcoholic beverages, one CCTV hard drive, and $200 in coins were stolen.

Reportedly the intruders used a prying implement to force open one half of a sliding shutter, after which the implement was again used to pry open a push-up window.

The unknown persons then used a hard object to break off and force open an inner burglar bar to create a space large enough to fit through.  Exit from the business was made via that same point of entry.

Meanwhile, there was an attempted break-in at Affordable Uniforms and Dressmaking located on Tanner Street.

The Golden Grove Extension owner reported to the Police that attempts had been made to enter her business; however, the would-be intruder was unsuccessful.

Reports say the person used an implement to cut two padlocks from a northern burglar gate, then pried the lock off a metal-and-glass double door.

However, in spite of all that effort, no entry into the business place could be effected.

Inquiries into this incident continue.

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  1. These politicians hace imported these scoundrels,the worst of the worst,the worst immigrants and some low life antiguans,its just a shame,a first class tourist destination? Ha!,they have imported poverty to these islands,Antigua wasnt like this in the 80’s and 90’s…nothing but undesirables,no other country accepts them,but we do

  2. You walk around on the streets of St.John,and there are persons on the cornerssitting aimlessly looking for a come up,the way they look at your shoes,and your pockets,the politicians have imported hungry poverty stricken people,whi have nothing to offer,they have a knife at antigua peoples throats

  3. I do not see police patrolling at nights and worst yet outside St.John’s. We have people working at nights 3- 11 shift and others the 11pm to 7am shift. Something must be wrong!

  4. During my time as a young police constable, there was always patrols 24/7 around the immediate sectons of st.johns..Remember fighting Sleep on market Street.. There was always a police officer some place and even a senior police officer checking on us. What has happen to the patrols..you walk around st.johns during the day and hardly see a uniform police officer..it’s rather worse at nights.Too many regular Breakings around close proximity of st.johns police Station. We need a change of leadership Both in government and police Force..Get Rid Ah Them.

    • … and this citizens of Antigua & Barbuda is coming from a current or former policeman.

      Thanks for telling it like it is @ JamesBrowne 👏

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