‘Burga’ WANTED for double killing, shooting


Police have issued a wanted bulletin for the immediate arrest of Calvin ‘Burger’ James of Perrybay. He is wanted in connection with two homicides which took place at Donavans on Friday 5th October, 2018.

Police believed that he is heavily armed, and is therefore considered to be extremely dangerous. Members of the public are warned not to make any attempts to approach him if or when seen, but instead contact the Rapid Response Unit at 764-2348 or 464-3938 or to call 911.

An appeal has also been for him to surrender himself at any police station with his attorney or any family member immediately.

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  1. Antiguans can and have committed crime to include murder. When will you people stop this ignorance about foreingers committing crime. ANTIGUANS COMMIT CRIMES HERE AND ABROAD.

  2. Burga u salt! Looks like the final straw for you. Luck or comrademanship has always been on your side in the past…….looks like it now run out.

  3. All I know is that for cases like this we must bring back the Hangman. No Privy Council or No CCJ or some human rights group can come and tell me it is inhumane to hang this bastard. He deserves nothing less.

    • CCJ is not for the hangman. Thats why I maintain the CCJ and the Privy Council is the same oppressive system with learnered ignorance. What We need is our own original judicial system no chains no cuffs no guns

  4. Sad sad on every level …..the person that said he look like a foreigner is foreigner behind the key board trying to create drama ….but as a citizen u born here so u have a right thou not saying you should commit crime ……be bless

  5. I see all these comments but what I don’t see is the cause of this happening. Until I know what really went down it will be difficult for my comment to be of any significance.

    • A man Murdered his niece and an Innocent victim -shot his nephew in his jaw bone with the intent to murder him also and you are asking what really went down? You must be living in some secluded paradise so you cant recognize a Criminal beast when you spot one..

  6. It does not matter what is the cause. No one has the right to take another life. Antigua was a much better place crime wise when we had the death penalty am all I favor of bringing the gallos it will make our country a safer place as it was in the pass.

  7. Correct no one knows the real reason behind all this.not saying what he did was right but in his own feeling he think it was right. Burger from small was a market Rasta. A hard worker and a street hurdler
    He played the three card game every carnival and cricket season which he got me all the time . His grandmother died and left his share of land. Sister and sister children try to take his land. He hurt one of the squatters. He was locked up. Them till go back on his land. He felt this is the way to go. The moral of the story and the incident is TAP THIEF AND SQUAT ON LAND OR PROPERTY THAT NOT YOURS. I might have done the same thing. When burger was small he use to walk like he had a shorter foot and was gambler.

    • Get your point some people just deal with stuff differently all this could have been work out by just negotiating before it got to this …..dont think just pop off just like that not saying he has the right to kill but if me as a family member see that there would be no end to this and i wanted to live in peace i would have just see what could be negotiated before it got to this……for me i would have leave it for him

  8. There is no winner in this situation it don’t matter what they take from you it is not right to kill he is on the run sister mourning her loss no property is worth this praying for the family

  9. Burger a criminal lone time. Many fail to see him as he blends in well with the police. Talk up a great talk and act like a baffoon on occasions. Who gives a piss bout wha tick him off? How many of us get ticked, jerked and jeered daily but don’t fly off the hinge like him. What he lost his dick, millions of dollars or whatever reasons people want to reasoned? We best do some deep dig back into our decades of unsolved MURDERS. Do we have that reach at all?

  10. Agree with you Ironpeas-The guy is a natural born criminal..A thief also.. I really cant comprehend what these comments are trying to push.. Shame on you people..

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