‘Burga’ Sentenced To Two Life Sentences For Murder


Calvin Burga James was moments ago sentenced to two life sentences for murder.

He will also serve 30 years on the other charges and both sentences are to run concurrently.

Last month, James pleaded guilty to two counts of murder for the death of his niece, Tahisha Thomas and his nephew’s girlfriend, Sanchezca Charles.

The women were shot dead during an incident in Donovans on October 5, 2018.

He also pleaded guilty to shooting with intent to murder since he also shot his nephew, Lawrence James during the same incident

James went on the run after the incident and dominated national headlines for over three months before he was captured by police.

At the time of this incident, the defendant was on bail for charges from another violent incident, in which he attack other family members in 2015.

Last July, he pleaded guilty to attempted murder of his niece, Amanda James and wounding his sister, Ineta Liburd with intent.

During that incident, the man used a taser gun to stun his sister and beat her with a piece of wood.

He later attacked his niece, chopping her about her body with a cutlass.


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    When addressing ‘Burga’ through his attorney Justin L. Simon QC,
    His Lordship, Justice Lain Morley had made ‘…his intention at Sentencing very clear.’

    He looked at, and spoke of what he had observed then, ‘…Given the background of violence…’

    He had taken ‘…Judicial Notice’ of earlier ‘…Guilty Pleas’ for ‘…Two Attempted Murder Indictments.’

    These were always going to be looked at as among the ‘…Aggravating factors, outweighing the Mitigating factors.’

    What the hell, ‘Burga’ did not even wink.

    Couldn’t do that to the darn Judge, though.

    Judge might think……..?

    Well, figure it out.

    Still feel some empathy for him and sympathy for ‘…his Sister Ineta and the then wounded nephew and niece.’

    • Empathy for the guy,?
      Go read the transcript of last week’s hearing, and see if you can find anything in his behavior to empathize with


        No doubt, ‘Burga’ committed the horrible crimes for which he is adequately punished.

        There is absolutely no excuse for committing them.

        Still you really don’t know what he personally shared with me in 2010 of his troubles.

        Read the Commentary ”…Burga’s Fate – Death or Life Imprisonment.’

        This was written by me after seeing him standing before the Judge and pleaded guilty to all he Indictments.

        You are given first-hand information. Nothing fictitious or figment of imagination.
        No Sah.

        Rawlston Pompey writes only that which he is familiar with or privileged to know.

    • In my opinion this monster, a killer, got off easy. He should have been hung by the neck until dead. That would be JUSTICE. Sorry, no empathy, no sympathy for this wicked, evil killer

    • Why do you think this is harsh? He accepted that he was guilty, and received a reduced sentence due to that plea.Just curious to know what you think would be appropriate?

      • @My Island…jus sayin always take up for the man..their idea of not being harsh would just have been for the judge to let him go. Maybe this is secretly what he or she would want for their own family members( roll eyes)

  2. In my view, Judge Morley always appear to be a very fair judge when adjudicating a case and handing down a sentence…. Its just a bit confusing as to why in his sentencing, the defendant’s children did not become ” part beneficiary” of his property.

    It is obvious that Burga felt the full wrath of the judge……..

    Clearly the sentence handed down to Burga was a strong message to him and to us all..
    The message I percieved was
    1. We should not let our emotions take the best of us to solve a problem
    2. We need to use wisdom to execute the proper course of action to resolve a conflict
    3. We should not take the law into our own hands
    4. Whenever we commit a crime, we need to make up our mind to face the time and

    5. The law will deal with us, who have no remorse of a crime that we commit.

  3. I find it way beyond my finite mind to comprehend the meaning of ‘two life sentences,’ when a man has but only one life to live, unless his sentence will continue in the other life (the hereafter). If that is the intention, then I think it would have been more appropriate to send him straight to the hereafter (you know what I mean) and let him serve only one life sentence, and save taxpayers money. Just my take.

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