Building Maintenance Unit For Public Works Announced

Kitchen at Clarevue

The government says it is moving ahead with earlier plans to establish within the Ministry of Works, a Building Maintenance Unit.

The unit will be responsible for the repair and refurbishment of all government-occupied buildings that are in need of upkeep.

The Unit will clean the properties—although those who use the buildings and the spaces are also called upon to keep their surroundings clean.

The Unit will also have the responsibility to ensure proper aeration of the buildings; will repair leaks; and, will be charged with ensuring regular service checks, including the buildings’ overall health. 

Meantime, $200,000 has been set aside to the Public Works for urgent repairs of the Margetson’s Ward at the old Holberton Hospital, transforming the same into a temporary extension of the Fiennes Institute.

The refurbishment of the Nurses Hostel on Queen Elizabeth Highway is nearly complete; the residents of the Fiennes Institute will be temporarily housed at this government building while the 90 year-old buildings at the Fiennes compound are razed and new buildings that are purpose-built to accommodate the elderly are erected. 

The P.D.O. building on Valley Road is to be repaired beginning later this month.

The staff has been moved to other quarters temporarily while the building is being assessed.

The building is more than 50 years old, and requires a thorough cleaning and to be re-painted.

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  1. Is this in the estimates?

    There is a new budget, do you just make it up as you go along?
    Is there any real planning behind this or is it the usual fire department approach?

  2. Is this the estate BOM to repairs of the Margetson’s Ward at the old Holberton Hospital?? I would love to see the black and white documentation of this estimate BOM to see the labor and material cost for this repairs.

  3. This will only create more bureaucracy. And more money will be spend on government payroll, When the Barbudan needed to be housed we got private contractors to do the work and repair many of the buildings for use by the Barbudans. Same we need to do today. Utilize private contractors to take care of the work that needs to be done. Not expand Public Works with yet another department. We need to make Public Works smaller and more efficient. De-Centralized these functions. There are enough small maintenance contractors that can be hired to do the job and pay their taxes and make money for being self employed. After all we want to empower people and create entrepreneurial spirit. Please Mr. Weston do not let Pilgrim take you down this rabbit hole. These Public Servants are all about making little kingdoms.

    • With private contractors there is always the possibility of inflated contracts, nepotism, and kick back schemes. Who will ensure that theses private contractors do their job? I am in agreement that the government should use Public Works Department to maintain their buildings. This way the government will be accountable to the people if the work is not done.

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