Budget funds deposited and staff in place for SMS by-election, Supervisor Hughes reports


realnewsantigua: Everything is in place, including the budget, for the pending by-
election in St. Mary’s South, says newly appointed Supervisor of
Elections Ian Hughes.

Although a date for the by-election is yet to be announced, the 120-
day window in which the poll must be held is now reduced to fewer
than 50 days.

Hughes says the Government has already made the funds available,
and they have been deposited into the account of the Antigua and
Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC).

The budgeted amount of $100,000 reportedly was handed over to
the Commission sometime in early August, Hughes says.

Once the Writ of Elections has been issued, those funds will begin to
be used for the purchase of necessities and for paying service
providers, the Supervisor states.

Meanwhile, Hughes says the same team that oversaw St. Mary’s
South in the General Election on January 18 will be in place to
conduct this poll –
although there could be some changes to staffing.

He adds that the polling-day workers will still have to undergo a
period of training and retooling for the pending by-election.

The by-election was triggered by former MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon’s
resignation from the House of Representatives on June 7.

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  1. What’s taking so long for the games to begin?
    What is taking so long for the date to be announced?
    Why are you keeping the masses in suspense?
    Eh, why?
    What you planning now?
    Exactly what you have up your long sleeves?
    Announce the date, so that the game of thrones can begin!!

  2. Congratulations and all the best in your new post as Supervisor of Elections.

    Furthermore, I know you will bring honesty and integrity to this very important job, and will not be intimidated by any politicians – what their political colours.


  3. @Sandra Clarke: He has to wait on his Black Massa to give him the date for the Election. They all cow tow and bow down to kiss the ring of the man with that Moustache.


    Who he tink he be so dat he nah follow de LAW and RESIGN PROPERLY!!

    GREEDY & LICKY LICKY fu government salary
    More money fu FETE and wink up half-nearkid.


  5. Brixtonian – I too have the same respect for the new supervisor of elections. However, there is an area of concern that he needs to address. As was discussed on the observer radio. That is the appointing of family members of his to key elections positions. I don’t know what the law permits but as the good book says -We should shun the very appearance of evil. The electoral process is the hallmark of our democracy or any true democracy. He must not only do what is right but what is seen to be right.
    A bit of politics- I believe he can rise above the fray- however he and his family have always been strong supporters of ABLP. This is what got him this job in the first place, his ties to the ABLP party. Again I repeat from what I know of him he is genuinely a good and very respectable person, so I expect him to do the right thing. His job is a full time job . Employing his family members on a part time basis during elections, just to make some additional money is not a sensible thing to do.
    Then in him with his knowledge we can have a very good supervisor of elections.

    • you do well to be washing your mouth on Mr. Hughes. The UPP Hughes is a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE!!! Using UPP Radio waves to broadcast lies, heresy and nonsense. Where were you when JUNO SAMUEL tried to bully Miss Leacock and others??? Oh how soon you forgot about that SCANDAL!!!

      shun the very appearance of evil by distancing yourself from CONVICTED PEDOPHILE
      shun the ……………………………………………………………..MURDERER of young gyal


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