Bruce Greenaway Died Of Strangulation – Autopsy


Bruce Greenaway, the man who was found dead at Indian Creek on April 13 died of  asphyxiation or strangulation, results of an autopsy reveal.

Police reported that the investigation into his death is in it’s advance stage and several key persons of interest were interviewed by the police.

Lawmen also reported that certain useful information was received and is being examined with the view of making further progress.

The police say they remain committed to the investigation and will continue to keep the family and the public updated.

Bruce Greenaway  was reported missing by family members but a few days later was found at the water’s edge at Indian Creek.

The Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force also launched an investigation after social media reports  that said the man was last seen in the company ABDF officers.

The results of that investigation was not made public.

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    Very important to inform the public, and more importantly ‘surviving relatives’ of what was happening.

    Since a crime was ‘reasonably suspected’ to have been committed, there was ‘…absolutely no reason to await the outcome of ‘…internal investigations by other agencies.’

    Look out for commentary, ‘…WHO STRANGLED BRUCE GREENAWAY?

    Read all about it right here at ‘ANR.’

  2. Hmmmm Somebody’s joking…. A joke dem really making! It would be nice to see what the out come of this case would be like. Such news is disturbing to hear that the life of a father, a brother, an uncle even a nephew has ended in such an unfortunate manner (strangulation).
    My condolences are extended to the families of the deceased.

  3. My questions to those concerned.Was he murdered? If so,by whom? This matter would never go away until it has been resolved openly.This matter would not be covered up and or be swept under the carpet.

  4. When are we going to start hanging these killers by the neck until dead (following proven guilt, of course). Besides, we need the space at 1735. The overcrowding issue wouldn’t exist if every killer had to face the hangman, according to laws on our books.

  5. BUGSY I am sure Bruce Greenaway did not strangle himself. We can therefore safely assume that he was murdered. The question then we have to ask is who is responsible for such a dreadful act. I anxiously await my friend Mr. Rawlston Pompey’s commentary since they are usually informative, insightful and oh so humourous.

  6. What about the rasta man that got in an altercation with the police at transport board that they still took away and beat up really badly that died a few weeks later after he decided to get lawyers involved? A dead man tell no tales right??

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