Browne’s Avenue woman attacked and raped in her own home


REAL NEWS: A rapist seems to be on the prowl, once again, and has attacked and
raped a Browne’s Avenue woman.

Police are now investigating the incident in which a 25-year-old
female was sexually violated.

According to reports, the victim telephoned the Criminal
Investigations Department (CID) and reported that she had been
raped by a lone masked man.

The offence reportedly occurred at about 4:45 a.m. on Saturday, July
8, at her Browne’s Avenue home, and the victim is said to be
traumatized by the ordeal.

This is the latest in a series of reported rapes in an area that runs
from Creekside to Golden Grove and down to Browne’s Avenue.
Another victim of a sexual assault complained to REAL News, earlier
this year, that the Police are downplaying these crimes against
women instead of raising the level of awareness.

That woman said the experience terrified her and has since made
her fearful of being alone.

Meanwhile, other women – especially single females – tell our
Newsroom they will not be going out at night during the upcoming
Carnival festivities since they are afraid of returning home alone.

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  1. Is there a serial rapist on the loose in Antigua? Or do the rest of us men now have to call out misogynistic behaviour towards women that could be the root of all this evil?

    The police, the government, and ALL males on the island have to call this out now … when is enough enough on this small island?

    Come on Commissioner Rodney, do your duty and reassure our WIVES, MOTHERS and DAUGHTERS and make them feel safe again – that’s your damn job!

  2. Imagine it is safer to live in New York than in Antigua

    • Tho I agree with this your comment, the question is what kinda weapon can we pack? If I as a very small lady decide I’m going to get tazers for my own protection, the police are saying tazers are illegal in Antigua. We cant get get guns unless we are business owners, what then do we do?

  3. This is a sad story..
    What is going on here?
    Rape being committed in our own homes!!
    Something us seriously wrong here!!
    Why is the government so silent hmmm smh!

  4. This rape situation leaves women between a rock and a hard place. A woman doesn’t have a tool/object to properly defend herself,she gets rape,if she uses a tool to defend herself property like a pepper spray they say it’s illegal? So on the one hand she gets totally tramatised but on the next she faces the law?! Really? Please make it make sense.

  5. Put a razor next to your bed within reach and when he tries it, slash his face or throat. Simple as that.

  6. Get a big butcher knife. Keep it under your pillow. Slit their throat or stab their ass. Dirty mackrels. Cowards. Id kill their ass

  7. A person that blames the government,the police commissioner and men for a sick rapist is almost as stupid as the rapist,yes authorities have a job to reduce and solve crime,but to blame them for it happening,is pure bullshit 👎🏽

    • Are you missing the point @ Keith or are you as DAFT as you come across?

      Our WIVES, MOTHERS, SISTERS and DAUGHTERS are seeking reassurances, and a need to know what our police commissioner is going to do halt this rise in rapes in Antigua.


      Furthermore, the Prime Minister must also address the women of the nation that these heinous crimes will be tackled by the full force of the law, and leave no stone unturned.


      • @Brixtonian – we the people must take some measure of responsibility for our own self-defense. I’m not sure what law enforcement response time is in Antigua but here in the states it’s 7 minutes on average. As it was put to me by some LEOs that I had the honor and privilege of training with: “an armed home invasion will be over with in 3 minutes, we’ll be there in 7”.

        Take comfort in the fact that at least in Antigua the criminals will be punished.

  8. Blaming Authorities for crimes in society is just so stupid,yes mechanism must be put in place to reduce and solve crime,but no place on earth can stop 🛑 crime,leave the political thinking 🤔 out of your comments.

  9. Someone knows who this rapist is,someone see something out of order and come forward.

    No matter how late you move at night to do your crime, trust me someone sae something.

    When I was growing up in my small village, we all knew as young men who around us that had the propensity to touch or grope females without their consent, we always knew who was kinda capable of doing such depraved and vile things, so come forward with any names you have people, and get this bastard off the streets for good.

    I am so sorry for the Vitim in this case and all the other cases of rape and incest, and it’s in the best interest of all of us that this sick bastard be caught ASAP.

  10. Browns Ave area is where I was raised. I have never heard of such atrocities. I remember neighbours looking out for one another back in the day. I guess that has changed huh. I think it’s time to bring back the days when we looked out for each orher

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