Browne’s Avenue residents capture and beat man who attacked woman


REAL NEWS: An attack on a Browne’s Avenue woman resulted in the unnamed intruder being caught and beaten by fellow residents.

Reportedly, the Bendals man is now in custody, assisting the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) with a probe into the incident.

Reports say the woman complained to officers that she had been wounded by the man, who had broken into her home on Sunday night, February 26, at about 10 p.m.

Police sources say she was issued a police medical form and was transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre’s Emergency Room, where she received treatment for a bleeding injury to her right ear.

Apparently, the woman had been in bed when she was alerted to the presence of an unknown man – dressed in a grey-and-white hooded shirt and a pair of khaki pants – in her room.

The intruder was said to be about 5 feet 7 inches in height, of a slim build, and had a mask covering his face.

Reports say the woman was then attacked and beaten about the body by the man, and sustained the wound to her ear in the process.

Further reports say that neighbours heard the commotion and went to the woman’s rescue.  They grabbed and beat the intruder, who, a source says, was suspected of having gone to the victim’s home to sexually violate her.

The source says the villagers remain very angry about the incident since there have been reports of rapes in the neighbouring Golden Grove community.

Meanwhile, reports say the Bendals man was arrested on suspicion of wounding [the woman] that same night.

The alleged offender complained to the police that he had been beaten about the body by several unknown males and reportedly had sustained injuries to both knees.

He, too, was issued with a police medical form and transported to the hospital.  He was seen and examined by a doctor, who reported that his injuries were not life threatening.

Accordingly, the suspect was treated, discharged and later transported to the St. John’s Police Station.

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  1. Very good work law abiding citizens.Beat his arse into a pulp.My guess,he would not visit that area again to commit a crime.

  2. Check out this villain, he sounds like a repeat offender. I’m glad some neighbours came out and throw two licks in ah Him. Good.

    Targeting lone women … damn coward!

  3. All now he shoulda till ah get he kin wash wid lick!!! Kudos to the men that bang he now wha!!!! Set a precident to all others who try that crap. When u ketch dem, BANG DEM!!!

  4. These perverts and idiots! Hope he gets a few years well! Judge needs to not be lenient on these guys when they are being caught, because this break in to rob or rape in getting out of hand now.

  5. Yes we are each other’s keepers so you attack our neighbor all of us will do what we have to do and you over to the police. He should be thanking the Almighty that he didn’t go over to another world. He had no business in the lady’s house attacking her. Let us hope she is OK.

  6. Yes community spirit. No police station and a derelict clinic … but residents took matters into their own hand. Meanwhile the police is wasting time arresting Dean and Molwyn is the MP

  7. Man, I am so proud of you people!
    Big up to the beat down team !
    Buss dem arse when they come try violate !
    Not inna my scheme !
    I best cash money no man nuh try come round ya ! cash money me seh !
    Cause we have a portion a man a line up a wait and dem ready !

  8. Man, I am so proud of you people!
    Big up to the beat down team !
    Buss dem arse when they come try violate !
    Not inna my scheme !
    I bet cash money no man nuh try come round ya ! cash money me seh !
    Cause we have a portion a man a line up a wait and dem ready !

  9. #Hood_Justice while it sends a message to perps, and make others jump over the moon with glee, #hood_justice is only a temporary fix to the rise in criminal behaviour.
    #hood_justice, #vigilante_justice will lead to other crimes being committed, by those who’re a part of the #vigilante_posse.

    The perpetrator(s) can take legal action(s) against those who take the ‘law’ into their own hands and commit crimes against them.

    There MUST be a long term comprehensive crime fighting plan to deal with ALL CRIMES(white collar and blue collar) since, they feed and leech off each other.

    Question – when it has being proven, that those in the purported upper eschelom commit these crimes embezzlement, forgery, fraud etc, should they be placed on a pulpit and stoned?

    #hood_justice, #vigilante_justice, #gang_justice will cause more harm, than good in the long run.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  10. To catch those motherfu**ers in vigilante style is a real reward, don’t think he got enough cause he still can walk, good job tho👏

  11. Should have hit him with a hulk hogan leg drop too. I am a real Antiguan. Good job for the residents

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