Browne stands by his statement abour Sir George Walter

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne: My statement was made in response to an article in the Observer, penned by D.Gisele Isaac, dated January 4, 2022, in which she challenged the naming of certain buildings to celebrate the contributions of Sir, Lester, Sir Novelle Richards and Sir John St Luce.

She conceitedly argued that they these outstanding national icons, were not deserving. In response, I reminded her and others how they lowered the bar to national hero for Sir George.

I stand by my statement and my opinion; that Sir George’s one term as premier, his brief stint as GS of the AT&LU and his unfortunate incarceration for misbehavior in public office, involving the steel frame; does not rise to the level of National Hero.

His greatest fleeting success was his utilization of the office of GS in the AT&LU, to undermine Sir Vere to achieve power.

This is a statement I made when the UPP, made him a national hero and several years later, I am still of the same opinion.

In addition, the assertion that most of our secondary schools were established during his tenure as premier, is a monumental fabrication.

Ottos Comprehensive was constructed under the PLM tenure and Pares Secondary which started under Labour was completed during the PLM years.

The period Sir George served as premier was one of the the most difficult periods of economic hardship experienced by Antiguans & Barbudans.

Those who are of different view, should post the biography of Sir George with his contributions (no fabrications please).

Educate us on his representation, the causes he championed, the speeches he made, the initiatives to empower our people.

I was told that Alister said that George “use to knock down disrespectful employers.” That sounds like a celebration of violence.

Conferring National Hero status, should be based primarily on contributions and not on political affiliation.

An objective, non-partisan review of Sir George’s limited contribution would support my opinion.

I stand by my opinion.

You can shoot the messenger, but the facts remain.

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  1. What about social security? And getting workers reasonable pay during that time?

    What did the LABOUR union say that was FALSE?

    Wait for the triple down. Our PM is not easily corrected. He thinks his views are infallible and thinks he is speaking to idiots when he addresses the public.

    Was this necessary??

    If he thinks Walter so undeserving, his CABINET if others so blindly and rudely agree, can drag um ‘way from Sir George posthumously.

    The PM mentions incarceration here yet again. But the LABOUR union said he was exonerated, so what is it? Is Mandela also disqualified?

    But I await the triple down. If you believe factually the honour of hero was given wrongly, instead of going to publicly besmirch his name, tek um way if ya BAD.

    Let’s go all out on being wrong and strong, sir.

    Like we still here suffering no wah, and he just yah ah criticise one dead man. Get outta here

  2. This is despicable. Not even the dead can get an ease up from this man’s cutting tongue??

    And this is what we must endure hearing while we here starving after having the worst Christmas of our lives?

    What is this to be arguing so adamantly about at such a time as this?

    Anyway, deserving or not, Sir George who started Potworks damn and water distribution must be ROLLING in his resting place to see how days on top of days passing and not a drop of water coming out.

    How many years after his “failed” leadership do we still not have water, now under another labour party term?

  3. GW is a forgotten “national hero”
    They ought to be grateful for the publicity the PM is giving him, because no one remembers him per se. That’s to tell you that he has no legacy. No positive impact on nation building. It is easy to name the contributions of the other heroes, but one has to think long and hard about what he did to deserve national hero status.

  4. UPP gave him this undeserved rank because their party was birthed from PLM.

    “The period sir George served as premier was one of the MOST DIFFICULT periods of ECONOMIC HARDSHIP experienced by Antiguans and Barbudans”

    The “BLUE CHICKEN” 🐔 Era
    No wonder the people kicked his arse to the curb in 1976 after they realized he tricked them and bad tark Papa Bird.

    History repeats itself because upp pulled the same stunt in 2004 and the people saw through their lies and kicked them to the curb.

    These BLUE CHICKEN 🐔 party only cares about power. They do not have the interest of the People at heart.

    When Lovell gets his arse kicked to the curb for the final time, Richard Lewis et al will need to REBOOT, REBRAND, RENAME & REORGANIZE the party.

  5. You trying hard to move we away from that US$20,000 rent you get every month. This is a hard month for everybody, but not you. Come January 31 you will be getting EC$54,000 from that month’s rent. If they pay you Feb 1, You will get EC$55,000. Yuh nuh shame?
    Stop trying to deflect. We not that stupid anymore. We onto you. I love my kids and I had to give them a present for Christmas to make them feel good. This month end is going to be rough for all of us.
    But not you, yuh greedy so and so.

    • The PM was responding to Gisele Isaac. The lipstick hog fired shots first in the Observer paper regarding renaming the hospital after Sir Lester Bird.

      P.S. – people are free to rent their property to whomever they choose. The UPP will have to work a miracle if they expect to even be taken seriously.

  6. Stand firm PM Gaston Browne. The people want you because you’re a transparent, decisive and caring leader. Not a spineless suck-up of a whimp like King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe who hoteliers can walk all over and stomp in his tummock.

    They tried to fabricate and string together some “accomplishments” but even the lies still don’t bring Mr. Steel Frame up to par (at the national hero level).

    • @smh
      Ha Ha Ha Ha – you partisan types are very loyal… if not foolish.
      People are beginning to wake up to this ONE party tyranny masquerading as TWO parties. I’m sure it won’t be so easy to fool the people going forward as you’ve been doing for so long.

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