Browne says his farm will not take away from duties as Prime Minister

PM and son DJorne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the people’s business will remain his priority as leader of the country.

Browne was responding to United Progressive Party leader Harold Lovell who advised him to leave office if he wants to be a farmer.

However, the prime minister says he won’t be farming as much as the opposition thinks since his son Djorne Browne,25, would be running the enterprise.

Browne says his son is qualified at the university level and will manage the farm’s day to day operations.

He also denies a conflict of interest.

The prime minister says he doesn’t intend to compete with local farmers as his plans don’t involve selling vegetables which are in abundance here.

He says while he is an investor in the farm, he is not a director, and what is important is that he has disclosed the extent of his involvement.

Browne says all the equipment being used on the farm were procured privately and government’s resources are not being used.

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  1. wait! Nothing else day fu tark bout in Antigua and Barbuda???? How much longer will this story be dragged out? Can we talk about something important to the advancement of our counry and peoples???

  2. You and your son go ahead and laugh at Antigua people. Keep on saying the same thing over and over as if you’re guilty of some malfeasance.
    Position yourself for the anticipated and lucrative ganja trade.
    Greedy mf

    • In the meantime what IDEAS are you investing in and working to bring to fruition? How much longer will you wallow in badmind, self-pity, jealousy and small-minded typical negro behavior?

      Careful you don’t drown in your own spit!

      • Smh. I invested in LIAT. Still waiting on my money. Do you think your God, Gaston Browne, can help my situation. Keep in mind that my comments are not based on this single news article.

        Be careful what you wish for!

  3. Hope he repays the money he borrowed from the bank. In the past we had a bank that almost went under and had to be bailed out by government because a bunch of influential individuals borrowed the money and didn’t repay.

  4. Smh. I invested in LIAT. Still waiting on my money. Do you think your God, Gaston Browne, can help my situation. Keep in mind that my comments are not based on this single news article.

    Be careful what you wish for!

      • Smh.
        You need to stop licky licky and withdraw your head from the depth of that Browne hole so you can realize what’s happening around you. Are you a member of the family or beneficiary of any of the many land transactions?

  5. Traitor dictator Gaston continues to lie and use us and his financial slaves.

    This garbage time will soon come.


    The leaders of countries who are locking down their citizen are pitiful psychopaths who feel no remorse for the people whom they are hurting because they have no conscience to nag them like normal people do. They probably even have convinced themselves they are actually doing the right thing! Psychopaths have zero empathy for other people and oftentimes have a grandiose self image that doesn’t allow them to admit they could possibly be doing anything wrong. Even though these psychopaths do wrong things they don’t qualify as EVIL people because they do not KNOWINGLY hurt other people.

    The other group of people involved in this catastrophe are the enablers. The enablers do have a conscience, and they do the bidding of the psychopaths for various reasons like money, power, prestige, political position, lack of courage and other reasons. The enablers do bad things to other people KNOWING that they are wrong… By definition such actions are EVIL.


    They are doing it to us again. Dividing and conquering.
    It really doesn’t matter what you call these old/new rulers, they have one thing in common. They are all TOTALITARIANS.

  8. THIS IS RIDICULOUS…Stop the JEALOUSY. Is this news ?ANR STOP THIS NON.SENSE. Hon. Gaston Browne continue to STRIVE.

  9. ALL These Guys are UPP Operatives. They are so JEALOUS of our Prime Minister. That is the reason why DNA will replace UPP as OFFICIAL OPPOSITION. UPP full of JEALOUSY. UPP DEAD / FINISHED / DONE.

    • Never mind UPP. Look around St. John’s and see how dirty and run down the place is. Visit around Kennedy’s and tell me how a visionary government could have the country in this condition. Don’t tell me anything about UPP, as labour has been in power since me born. UPP operatives are not jealous of the PM or no thieving politician for that matter. We just want a leader who will clean up the filth that is Antigua and that includes St. John’s. As Antiguans say, wotless set of people.

  10. @TRUTH

    Why the hell you don’t go and clean St. John’s…All you have just BIG FAT CHAT.SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH. DUNCE.

    • @CJ
      Send the fool a little further. The conditions in Antigua are a reflection of the Labour Party and people who support them. Lots of garbage in the head.

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