Browne Says He Ran Former Dominica PM From His Office Over Diplomatic Appointment


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has indicated that the former Dominica Prime Minister Oliver Seraphine, featured in an Al Jazeera documentary, tried to get his government to make a diplomatic appointment.

Al Jazeera secretly recorded Seraphine trying to broker Dominica diplomatic appointments in exchange for money. Seraphine denies the allegations.

The Antigua leader reveled that the Prime Minister of Dominica from 1979 to 1980 visited him in August at his office.

“Mr (Oliver Seraphine) did come to see me on the 26 of August, the former prime minister of Dominica. I made it abundantly clear to him that first of all, I cannot appoint any diplomat, and secondly we are not interested, Browne said.

“I literally chased him out of my office and that is why Al Jazeera could not have featured me about having any discussion about selling any passport,” he added.

Mr Seraphine was purporting to sell diplomatic appointment to a bogus investor that Al Jazeera created as part of their investigation.

Browne said he was given a letter of introduction to the bogus individual but was not interested.

“I have a policy, that from the time you come to me and say you want this, and you’ll give me this, the conversation ends.”

He said that is why Al Jazeera never featured him in the documentary.

Antigua & Barbuda was featured for about 60 seconds with the government being criticised for taking too long to fire Alex Saad, a former Antigua diplomat who has since been indicted for money laundering.

The prime minister told Pointe FM that he has nothing to do with diplomatic appointments and that is handled by the people responsible for it in government.





    One cannot avoid admiring ‘…Prime Minister Gaston Browne.’

    Make no attempt to accuse him of ‘…improper ministerial action.’

    He has already made it sufficiently clear that he is not prepared to ‘…Go Under Bus,’ for anyone or anything he was not engaged in.

    No Sah.

    None, therefore, may accuse him of ‘…knowing; …doing or sanctioning’ anything that may have foreseeable personal or governmental consequences.

    Anything he has delegated responsibility to ‘…people in his government’ to deal with, they shall not only do so legitimately, but also in their respective;

    (a) ‘…ministerial capacity;
    (b) …the national interest; and moreover,
    (c) …In keeping with the subscribed ‘…Oath of office.’

    Those with ears to hear, shall hear.

  2. But Browne has no ptobkem supporting a PM who has patently broken everu kaw and ethical code in the same respect BTW how was he abke to buy a $600k yauct withon 6mlnths of taking office… How it is his eife ran as a candidate as current head of the OECS. Says nothing if thrse gross allegations of his comrades

  3. Pompey u should shut up and go away you are apart of the problem in this country ….and i could say that to your face.


      One should be commenting on the news published by ‘ANR,’ not attacking repliers.

      Know that ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ has heard all kinds of animal sounds- ‘…some braying and some barking.’

      Even to an ‘…Angry Baboon,’ don’t see how Rawlston Pompey’s comment could get under its skin, let alone a ‘…reasonable creature in being.’

      Apprise the readers of one iota of evidence ‘…in what; …how and where Rawlston Pompey’ was ever engaged or implicated in ‘…bribery; …corruption or skullduggery.’

      While social media and more particularly ‘ANR’ exists, no offensive person or ‘…Bitter Baboon’ will silence him.

  4. You have to excuse him Mr Pompey. Anyway in regards to the braying and barking that you recall my good man..An empty vessel makes the most noise.

    On another note.. I for one always look forward to your comments.

  5. The Prime Minister is an honest, upright man. He is to be commended for such a principled stand. He should have kicked the former Dominica PM right to the curb, threw him out of the country, and put him on a new fly list, banned forever from entering Antigua soil. Thank you Mr. PM. You make Antigua proud.

  6. Wow wow wow but no mention of the Current Prime Minister of Dominica who made Madueke Former Oil Minister of Nigeria a Dominican Ambassador. He made Alireza mon Fared,N G Lap Seng and many others who are in jail or about to enter
    Mr Browne steered clear from Criticizing Mr Skeritt
    The Foreign Affairs Minister Francine Baron refused to furnish a list of Ambassadors even when requested in Parliament by the Opposition Leader
    Are we dealing with a Boy’s Club in the OECS?
    One that watches and protects each other’s back?

    • Did Mr. Brown mentioned anyone’s name? Stop telling people what they should say. Stay in your corner with your obsession of Skerrit and others.

  7. Mr. POMPEY

    They are some People in Antigua and Barbuda want to hear and listen to anyone who will speak against our ESTEEM Prime Minister. Mr Pompey You have nothing to worry about. In my opinion you always speak truth to power. I look forward to your continued POSTINGS.

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