Browne family will be the real beneficiaries of Barbuda Land Registry, Lovell says


The division of lands around the Dulcina Hotel on Barbuda is scandalous, and another enrichment scheme of the Gaston Browne Administration, says Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Questioning the Government’s rush to establish a land registry on the sister-island, Lovell opines that it is not for the benefit of Barbudans – but for government officials, their family and friends.

Based on information gleaned from the Land and Survey Department, the acreage has been subdivided; and Lovell says it would be common sense to conclude that it has not been parceled out for the purpose of constructing a hotel.

He speculates that these lands have been subdivided in this way to accommodate their sale for a lot of money.

The Dulcina property is in close proximity to the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) project, which, Lovell says, has been advertised as a destination with luxury villas.

The Political Leader says that family members of the Prime Minister – who are the principals of the Dulcina property – are now positioned to operate a lucrative real-estate business and benefit from the sale of lands in that area.

Alleging they acquired the virgin lands at peppercorn prices, Lovell says it is a disgrace that they are now trying to become multi-millionaires on the backs of the Barbuda people.

Last Thursday night, Lovell disclosed that another 50 acres have been added onto the existing 35-acre property, bringing the overall size to about 80 acres of land.

Barbudans have occupied their land in common for generations. However, the Browne Administration has since offered them a $1 deal to purchase their own plots in Codrington Village.

Lovell discredits this offer as “a farce,” saying it was meant to distract Barbudans from the diabolical land grab being carried out on the other side of the island – land that will be sold only to the wealthy.

The UPP Political Leader says this would explain why the Antigua Labour Party is determined to hold onto power.

Before PM Browne calls the General Elections, Lovell says, he wants to ensure the Land Registry on Barbuda is completed – thereby assuring that title to the lands is in the hands of his relatives and the transaction is fully finalized.

Lovell says the abuse of the system and the robbery of the people’s patrimony cannot go on. He says the time has come to remove the Antigua Labour Party from office and end its practice of getting rich quickly at the people’s expense. (REAL NEWS)

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  1. Caught red-handed!

    Brownes et al doing well, while the people catching hell.

    Wat a ting! (But not a surprise, just more of the same)

    Add this to the National Park $25K to millions land flip, the Dredge Bay Land Swap of 81K to 631K (soon to be worth millions) and the Long Bay land flip to make a quick 2 million, using lands earmarked for a Beach Park for Antiguans and Barbudas.

    The Creative Enrichment MUST STOP!!!


  2. Meet the BROWNE’s!! They always make out like bandits. Gaston don’t even bother hide any more. Complacent in his crookishshness. Antiguans and Barbudans will no longer be fooled. We will Vote Dem Out!

  3. A greedy man that sell out his people and talk about indepence when it comes around. Citizens of Antigua our so called leader has failed us. Let us get the tyrant out !

  4. I never understood why Barbudan’s were so upset with Gaston Browne’s behaviour over the attempted land grab … I do now?!

    Another self-enrichment scheme, but this time involving his immediate family. Sickening.



  5. LOVELL stop chatting CRAP. Prime Minister Gaston is exposing all your CRIMINAL ELEMENTS Candidates by one by one. This Saturday is Franz DeFreitas. I did not realize that Franz owe sooo many DEBTS hanging in the U.S.A. FRANZ should be DISQUALIFIED from running for politics in Antigua / Barbuda. So many CROOKS on your ticket. FRANZ declared BANKRUPT?? ?

    Next week Prime Minister shall expose Sean Bird

    The followjng week He will expose SHEFFIELD BOWEN


    Harold Lovell is in HIGH COURT on charges. What the hell is wrong with UPP ? This is the CRIMINAL UNITED PARTY.

    • @Rupert Mann, do you know that declaring bankruptcy in the USA is legal? Further, the discharge from the court relieves that person of their obligation to pay certain debts. So, tell us, exactly what debts Franz owes.
      No one in the US that files bankruptcy is considered a crook. Maybe you should not have just repeated something you heard on the radio.
      Only fools spreads rumors, and idiots accepts them as facts.

  6. Scaremongering at best will not make you victorious. #HFWL just speaks and is not asked to fact check or corroborate his statement. To the unsuspecting it comes across as truth. To the learned we know this is all BS at best.

    • If y’all knew of the ills Barbudans went through after Irma at the hands of the “government” you wouldn’t be so quick to believe it’s BS. It’s time to open your eyes and see past the politics. This political game y’all play is ruining our country. We need actual leaders with vision to further better the nation, not crooks hell bent on enriching themselves.

  7. What a bunch of self-serving thieves. And the other ALP ministers and party members see this and remain quiet as mice? They are all rotten, no good thieves.

  8. Six and half a dozen remains the same… If UPP was in power, they too would be enriching themselves… I’m tired with politics…

    • You sound like an ass talking about if UPP was in power they will be doing that also. They always say Antigua ppl dunce but dam bro u took it all.

  9. Why do these ALP supporters continue their attempt at character assasination, when the issue has absoultely nothing to do with UPP? This report was not about Franz, it was not about UPP. This is about the blatant, land grabbing of Gaston Brown, abusing his office to benefit himself and his family. If these labourites want to sound relevant, respond to the claims by presenting facts or data to discredit these allegations. The fact is, they cannot, and thus resort to what they know best. Dunce, idiotic, ludicrous , unfounded accusations.
    @Rupert Mann, when Gaston Brown gets on his rumshop radio, how come he never deals with what falls under his portfolio? The exorbitant gas prices, escalating cost of living, struggling to pay wages and salaries, paying the Jolly Beach workers what is owed them, and on an on. Tell him to explain the 540 million that he denies he got; the 12 million US he borrowed from PLH, without presenting it to parliament. How come the public has never seen the annual audited reports of all statuary boards, including NAMCO as required by law? But wait! We will find out when the books are opened. This is why ALP CANNOT afford to loose the election.

  10. This son of the soil, birth by Mami_Wata & Papa_Elegba at the #CROSSroad ☦️☦️☦️☠️☠️☠️♾♾♾❌❌❌ of SWASTIKA & SQUARE, as Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood says…

    …the Nation needs TERM LIMITS for #ALL Elected Officials…Prime Ministers gets two(2) terms, other representatives gets three(terms). Keeping the system fluid will create better accountability which is needed, like two(2) decades ago. Add in some Cold Case Detectives with forensic knowledge and let the chips fall where they may.

    …put in place select committees which will comprise of members from both sides of the isle(I know, that there are some, but dem bite lakkah me great grannie, wen she tek out she false teet). These select committees must have the power(s) to subpoena and teeth that bite, to take the flesh from those #Fat_Cats, WHO’RE allegedly robbing the Nation and getting fat off the people’s interests.

    …the retirement package for Parliamentarians should be revisited and fall in line with those of other Civil/Public Servants.

    We have being hearing and living through the same rhetoric since, the split in the Union/Government in the 1960’s/1970’s. The reason for this reference, since, that time #Sungoo accuse #Lungoo, #Lungoo accuse #Sungoo of being crooks, rapists, Terrorists, gangsters, pimps, liars, thieves, fornicators, adulterers, pedophiles, etc, they jump from political party to party, like #Wharf_Rats seeking food from the Cargo vessels, yet, not even ONDCP as well trained as they are can bring, not one, not even one of these alleged crooks to justice. Phuck even Jamaica hauled one their own from amongst our mix back to Jamaica, to answer to charges stemming from incidents over a decade old.

    Good, god man! Damn! When are we gonna get pass this Street_Gang, Blood Crips, Black Gorilla, Ku Klux Klan, style of government and put real and true WARRIORS at the lead, to help those lagging behind(the sacrificial lambs) to catch up to those WHO’VE and WHO’RE ( (the politicians)being rewarded for screwing the people royalty with a Stingray Lance…

    Jumbe_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘Ole PegFoot Bastard – Vere C. Edwards

  11. Most of you people commenting on here must be Gaston Browne. I can’t believe my people are so foolish and docile. If you want to know the plans Gaston, his wife and her family have for the Dulcina lands in Barbuda, listen to him on Pointe Fm on Saturday 12th. He talks about the millions to be made. You can hear him also on Facebook.
    I cannot understand why it is acceptable by some Antiguans for politicians to take public property and enrich themselves and all the sheep do is cuss the UPP members. When are you labour supporters going to open your eyes to the theft of our lands.
    Gaston does not care about Antiguans. He likes being PM because of the power it gives him to accumulate more of Antigua assets.
    Vote him back in and see what happens to our country’s assets, especially in Barbuda.
    His ministers have to remain silent as they are afraid of him. Is this why people voted for them.
    A lot of Antiguans don’t need to put themselves out there to run for politics to be abused by you labour supporters.

    • @DC. The wife of Gaston Browne is no longer involved with the Dulcina project. Not shareholder, not ANYTHING. Please confirm with the PM
      No conflict of interest therefore can be observed here.

      • @Barbuda
        Who is involved? On Saturday on his radio station he said that his wife’s father/adopted father/mother’s husband or whatever the relationship, is involved and is more Barbudan than Barbudans because of his heritage. Is any of his parents barbudan? Is his mother VC Bird’s wife? Again, listen to the PM on his radio show. Did he lie? There is no such thing recognized by labour politicians as conflict of interest. They do as they like and their supporters talk crap.

        • @DC For the record it’s his wife’s father. No adopted or otherwise.
          At the start of the project she was involved, however, since becoming a member of government she is no longer involved in any way shape or form.
          I thank you. 🙂
          PS No gaston wife father mother is not VC Bird wife but she is Barbudan.
          As we all know now VC had plenty of children.

    • @DC…I read you loud and clear.

      ABLP…UPP…DNA…GO GREEN to the Yakusa, to the Chinese Connection can start to investigate, folks like me.
      The BPD to the NSA, CIA, CHP, IRS already tracks me, and except for the BPD – Baltimore Police Department, kicking in my door on Aug 19th, 2019 claiming to be looking for drugs, as in me Vere C. Edwards is a main player, in da Hoode, Johnson Square, Baltimore dealing drugs.
      The ether, spirit, the essence of the universe had already removed me from my house. The only thing they found🥸🤣🤣😄was books and tools. They were totally surprised. I got an apology, as the legal system buried the incident.
      As for the Jewish Defamation League, they already know, that I know, at each and every cross road # ❌☠️♾☦️ their sits a SWASTIKA where the summation of all forces are equal to zero. Not Calypso Zero but Zero, as in Apex, Center, Balance.
      Next, they have to recognize the Falashas out of ETHIOPIA, through the Rock Hewn Temples of Lalabella, even have them migrating to their given #Homeland, so called Israel.

      I, said that, to say this, if none of these International Orders scare folks like me, do you think ABLP @$$:4/*^#}<€ERS frighten folks like me.

      I’m about to get some Bionic Knees, retire from under Uncle Sam IRS taxpaying system, and let, at least what left of their Social Security system to give me mines. And Antigua will have a serious #WARRIOR for the #Ordinary People.
      I won’t even take a salary from the treasury, for my first term in the Parliament. It would go to an endowment/educational fund, to deserving students.
      I’ll live in Point, a de barn and grow me.
      I’ll take on all #ALL CHALLENGERS in St. Phillips South Constituency as an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE.(Asot, I could use your political savvy).

      Yes, Dulcina in Barbuda allegedly is least to Purcell and or Maria’s mother. I, and others are aware of what happened, and is still happening in Point and Villa.
      Yes, the hood is changing but there is the need for better transparency and accountability.
      As I said earlier, TERM LIMITS are a must. We need to STOP supporting career politicians. If, you were a FARMER who got elected to Parliament three times, hey, I hope his farming business stays open so he retire to it.
      If you’re a lawyer, go back to giving legal advice.
      Me, I’m into Construction and Farming, and when my time is up, I’ll leave, continue to be active in the Community etc. But at least, this will kill the CAREER POLITICIANS. Even Harold Lovell. After this trip at the crease, he must let a younger player, play a few strokes, at the wicket.

      I’m sure you’re getting the picture. Not #EbreBady fraid a politician and dem goons!

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty_Foot – Vere C. Edwards.

      • Rad Smood
        Only the politicians are most afraid of Gaston. He shares the crumbs with them, while he and family take the whole bread. They can’t do what is right for the country as he will tell them and the world that they got the crumbs. When a cabal is running our country, what do you expect?
        One another note,Listen to this, Gaston said he called a meeting with the Hispanic community in his constituency to determine their needs. They told him the work permit fees were too high so he is going to parliament to have it reduced. He said over 100 Hispanics attended. He don’t care about native Antiguans, while he can lander to the non nationals for their votes.

        • @DC…the connections with the Hispanic Community come from both Political Party’s. They, the Dominicanos/Hispanics could not have set up in the Nation without having their tentacles in both party’s.
          The Red Light District which began in the late 80’s in City West and City East could not happen and flourished like it did without the #Blind_Eyes of ALP/ABLP and UPP.
          The Hispanics are the SWING VOTES in St. George’s, City East, Rural East, City West and all other CONSTITUENCIES in and around St. John’s. They are well organized and entrenched in our political process.
          They have surpassed the Lebanese and Serians in terms of numbers that swing a Constituency.


  12. same ole DESPERATE SCARE TACTICS as usual when it nears election
    Barbudans do NOT fall for the nonsense
    BPM/UPP likes to dangle the LAND “carrot” to fool you.
    Not this time!

  13. Some Barbudan’s appear to be suffering from a Psychological disorder – could be a genuine case. of “Denial” It’s always difficult to accept something you thought was truth all your life – only to be hearing it’s all a lie.

    The Land is vested in the CROWN!

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