BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: BVI On High Alert For Earthquakes


The Government of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is now on high alert following the recent increase in earthquakes in the region.

According to the information and education manager with the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), Chrystall Kanyuck-Abel , the organisation is keeping a close eye on all earthquake-related activity.

“We are definitely on high alert right now; basically meaning we are monitoring the situation in Puerto Rico very closely, and our staff here is in daily contact with the staff at the Puerto Rico Seismic Network,” Kanyuck-Abel said in an interview with the online publication BVI News.

She added that the frequency of tremors within the last month has left seismic authorities baffled and have even resulted in the creation of new terminologies to describe the recent chain of events.

“ We are experiencing a seismic swarm, which has been a series (of earthquakes) which began in late December (2019),” she said.

The most recent tremor rocked St Lucia and two other Caribbean islands on Friday.

The Trinidad-based Seismic Research Centre (SRC) said the 3.9 earthquake was latest to affect the Caribbean in several days, and was located Latitude: 14.90, Longitude: 60.27W and at a depth of 10 kilometres.

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    Inescapable danger ‘…Ras Smood.’

    The darn ‘…Swarming Bees’ are known to be causing ‘…pain, bumps or swelling and discomfort.’

    Can’t even run when these stinging bees starts ‘…Swarming.’ If at Fort James or any other beach, can run to the sea and dive. If they want to sting, then they must dive in too.

    Now the darn ‘…Seismic Scientists’ are using the same word ‘…Swarm.’

    This is rather frightening, because aint nowhere to run when the darn earth start ‘…shaking or moving.’

    Then when buildings start crumbling, not sure anyone can ‘…Drop; …Cover; or Hold on.’

    If on the beach when ‘…Earthquake Swarming,’ starts, can’t even dive into the sea.

    Got to run like hell inland to get away from ‘…Tsunami.’

    You are a scientist and inventor of ‘…Carn Cab Tee Brush’ and ‘…Ashes Teet Paste.’

    What ‘I n I’ say ‘…Ras Scientist (Ras Smood)?’

    That ‘…Scientist’ name also seems too darn long though.

    Now cut down to ‘…Ras Sci.’

    • Pompey, a wah a guarne? Me dun alert, not warn you, as to dis name change ting but U Spirit, “own way,” and hab e own, “will;” and, U will insist.

      Now speaking, of “will,” this is the domain of the Spirit, thus whenever it leaves the Body permanently, and the Mind cease to think, one’s Last Will And Testament shall come to life, and can cause, stress and strife, amongst the living left behind.

      Now, I have theorized, since as a humble Carpenter and skilled, in other trades as well(People claim I have a green-thumb; but, that could come from handling the “herbs of nature;”), life has brought me to a “balance” whereby my Spirit(thy Will), my Mind(thy Thoughs), my Body(thy Action), my Soul(thy Comforter);
      so much so, that when my Body and Mind are at rest, and my Spirit is freely roaming from realm, to realm tagging my Soul along, everything is still recorded and memorized in LIVING COLOR. Does this gives me, a glimpse into, the future of Time?
      I know, that the Universe, did not create TIME, it creates a balance of Time and this balance(just like you would tweak/balance a Sound System to bring out, the melodies, harmonies, tones, pitches etc to present, the best quality to the ears – the balancing organ of the body), this balance just like music is Food For The Soul.
      However, the Spirit(thy Will), the Mind(thy Thoughts), the Body(thy Action), the Soul(thy Comforter), must be in harmony, as they sublime in and out, of each other, for every Moment in, of, through Time.
      Don’t ask me how I come into, all this. My only conclusion, is that these were planted, into the essence of my being, as I swam around in the Tomb, of my mother’s bosom, whilst we became bosom buddies, prior to nature sending me down the tube, and out the womb, into the abyss of this Universe, to deal with all this shaking, baking, cajoling, mingling, hypnotizing, frolicking, fracking mess!

      Now, you see where the science comes from, as you envision a “scientist.”
      In my travels throughout, this Universe whether in dream mode, visionary mode, virtual mode or physical mode, I have concluded, as well, that those two known as, Heaven and Hell can be manufactured, by HUE-mans as they fight for power, and control over each other. In doing so, accidents both of the natural and unnatural kind will occur; either which way, they are the end results of a design.

      The EARTHQUAKES which are happening, those which are now swarming, are accidents of the natural and unnatural kind. They are natural because of physical connectivity of the Earth’s Body, as the elements sublime in, out, through themselves, to create a BALANCE. On the other hand, they are unnatural because, as HUE-mans greed for Power and control over each other, they design systems which speeds up these natural accidents.
      The SWARMING EARTHQUAKES are as a result, of such designs from FRACKING to DRILLING to EXPLODING to TESTING to OPERATING of these designs which gives HUE-mans power to control each other.
      It’s a living hell for some, and a heavenly living for others. It is now being reported, that the Caribbean region is poised, to become a major producer of both Natural Gas and Oil, in the not to distant future. Our past or history has proven to Us, over and over again, that this is both a living hell for some, and an enjoyable heaven for others.

      I dream in Living Color, thus my “conspiracies and conclusions,” based upon my theorizing will be very Colorfull, at times.

      This testimony is like ny dream last night/early morning, of the SWARMING Monarch butterflies, of shades raging from translucent to golden brown. My Spirit had a marvelous time with them.

      It’s time for some sorrel, soursop tea with a dash of agave!

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