BRITISH TO THE BONE – we cursed her, but could not but love her!


BRITISH TO THE BONE – we cursed her, but could not but love her!

Makeda Mikael

People of the British colonies throughout the Empire and Realms must be as confused as I feel today as I cope with a sense of loss of the Queen. For most of our lives, there has been only one person called the Queen. She represented in my historical consciousness the recipient and heir of all that my ancestors had worked for and I awake every day to that consciousness.

Everything the Queen stood for, I stood against, especially where Commonwealth and energies spent keeping her loyal subjects together; I want to get away from commonwealth which only enriches the few. I do not wish to continue working to enrich the richest person in the world, even if she is nice.

The Queen was in Kenya, Africa when her father died, at 25 she was already in touch with black people, and as human as she was, the darkness of Africa must have invaded her soul as grief descended. Occasions like that continued to bond, and she was most at home with her black and African subjects and their leaders. She found time for them. She was a real Queen, but I no longer feel I need a Queen.

As a leader the Queen on the global level was clearly a bonding element, as she used her understated woman power to invite intimacy among other leaders and was a good listener. As a mother all parents, mothers especially have shared her pain of children, and her joys of grand children, she offered much and also made so few mistakes, that her one fallout with her people and the world was like a black blot on white paper. She rode the wave to shore and reclaimed her place in the hearts of many. The last time the world joined together in the pain and loss and grief for the British was on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

God Save the Queen as a dignified, clear thinking, hard-working mother and woman, God save in our consciousness these qualities of the Queen!

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  1. God bless the Queen and rest her soul.

    God save the King.

    Whatever flaws they may have they are a hundred times better than the China Communist Party!

  2. It’s a difficult task to feel anything for someone who enjoyed the wealth derived from the suffering of my grandparents. It’s equally difficult to see the good in this person who could not bring herself to apologise for the horrors of slavery

  3. Speak for yourself writer of this article. Nothing that the queen and her elk did, benefitted me. She and her royals lived in the lap of luxury, after having stripping me of my culture, language religion, name and education. How good could she have been, if she never apologized for slavery. What did the monarchy do with the trillions stolen from it’s ‘subjects’? Did she ever address the Windrush situation? Khaddifi tried to unite Africa, not subject it to slavery. He was villified and killed. Was a drum heard? We better change the way we worship and glorify the same thing that degrades us.


    She and her family got rich OFF THE BACKS OF OUR FOREFATHERS!!!

    P.S. she was already dead way before it was announced. Everyone who took the secret oath knew all those videos of her were STAGED and/or pre-recorded.

    What’s in darkness must come to light!!!!

  5. Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves – Queen Elz the best queen we’ve ever had. God save our gracious King doesn’t quite have the same ring to it!

  6. What the Queen failed to do about slavery and colonialism, the world of men should be able to get Charles to do; considering his leaning towards Environment & Youth, they will have all the cannons needed to make Charles act. He might even like being pushed!

  7. Charles may surprise us all but he is very much an unknown quantity. What is known though is the rapacious desire of China through its ‘belt and road’ schemes to recolonise the Caribbean. This is a time when friends need to stick together – sins from centuries ago shouldn’t be used as a stepping stone to sleepwalk into modern day slavery.

  8. My one hope is that before she took that last breath is that she knew Jesus as her savior. After that I wish she had said something against all the pain and suffering the British empire has caused for hundreds of years. To be in such a position of power for so long and to not right the wrongs of fathers and ancestors…so much could have been done. Don’t know if King Charles will do it. Perhaps William?

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