British Officer sentenced to 15 years for rape


The British police officer extradited to Antigua on a rape charge was sentenced to 15 years in the High Court today.

PC Lee Martin-Cramp, 26, was charged with raping a foreign student while attending a family wedding three years ago.

It is believed the officer drugged the student who invited him to her apartment to hang out one night in May 2015.

The victim said the officer admitted he tampered with her drink and said she blanked out after taking a few sips.

Martin-Cramp’s case is the first time a UK citizen has been extradited to Antigua & Barbuda to face criminal charges.


The Scotland Yard officer attempted to block the extradition claiming inhumane conditions at Her Majesty’s Prison, which is commonly called 1735 based on the year it was built.


However, in a legal first, local authorities convinced a London judge to sign off on the extraction by assuring that the accused officer will be kept in very comfortable conditions at the former US airbase.


As per the agreement, the officer will remain imprisoned at the air base with the option of returning to the UK to serve his sentence.

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  1. Really!!??? So for the next 15 years he will be living it up in comfort on the expence of the taxpayers of Antigua and Barbuda😠. While y’all at it make sure Drop Sleep aka Ormaley Henry and Buger aka Calvin James get relocated to the new prison. Might as well add the police who get 16 years to the list to!!! BS!!!!!

  2. It’s now the melee begins. Let’s see where he will be housed after his sweetheart deal of being allowed the exquisite and posh arrangements at the former US Base. I reckon that another deal would be struck (secretly) to allow the convict to return to the United Kingdom to serve his time. His lawyers and the UK authorities having previously argued and rightly so that the prison in Antigua is unfit for anyone to be housed, would likely fight tooth and nail to ensure that he will not have to serve his time in 1735.

    • If you were negotiating an extradition request from the British Government for an alleged rapist, what terms would have been acceptable to you? Would you prefer the accused avoid a trial in Antigua, and live his life normally in the UK, or agree to the terms demanded by the British Court?

      Talk is cheap when you are on the outside, but hard and unpopular decisions must be made in these delicate circumstances. For those on the inside, they will be criticized for accepting, and would also be criticized if they rejected the demands of the British Court. What exactly would you have done?

      • I cannot blame the UK officers legal team for demanding and eventually getting an upscale facility to house the suspect now convict. He most likely will spend his entire prison term at the same facility at the former US Base. I want to call out everyone involved in the management of the local prison….the Minister, the Prison Boss, The Chaplin, The Prison Visiting Committee, Prison Officers and others………Ensuring humane prison conditions that are in line with international and regional standards for the treatment of prisoners is key to the establishment of fair and effective criminal justice systems. Access to effective complaints systems, as well as independent external inspection and monitoring mechanisms, are indispensable safeguards to ensure that the rights of prisoners are upheld in practice. How can you all sleep at nights knowing the conditions that the people under your watch lives? You are all in violation of prisoners rights.

  3. I don’t think remaining on the former Air Base is a punishment. That facility room is like a hotel. He has television, air condition room, bathroom with hot water shower, he will eating in the Mess hall, using the laundromat and gymnasium facility.

  4. Understand while he was charged that he was placed in the US base facility, however now that he is convicted, he should be placed in 1735 like all other convicts and if the British government wants him back to serve his time let them compensate the victim and the Prison for housing him at the US base facility. Whenever Antiguan’s and Barbudan’s commit crimes anywhere they are given the same environs that is meted out to that country’s citizenry. If Bulgarni still in prison let him be his cell mate.

    • You are 100% correct. Every minute of his sentence should be served with the boys at 1745. That white boy is no better than anybody else. The guys at 1735 will know what to do with him. Move the guy to 1745 tomorrow morning.


        Move to 1745?

        CErmle, Where is that?

        Seems more like asking the authorities to cause his removal at ‘…17: 45hrs tomorrow’ to Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP)-1735.

        Even so , do you honestly believe that ‘…Her Majesty’ would allow or cause the re-location of one of Her loyal subjects from a ‘…facility of Luxury to institutionalized Misery?’

  5. I am on a sort of a different note here,so let me make it clear i dont care about what anyone thinks about my comment,don’t give one shit really.I just have one question,why would a young woman meet a man in a bar for the first time and invite him into her home. He could have been a dam serial killer,she is lucky he was not.Bullshit..

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