British Firm To Invest $65 Million in Growing Weed Alternative In Antigua


A UK-based firm is promising to invest EC$65 million in growing hemp in Antigua for medicinal purposes.

Cabinet, earlier this week, met with three officials from the UK-based firm, FARMeceutica, on its plans to set-up an operation in Antigua and, according to chief of staff Lionel Hurst, the firm, which grows hemp for medicinal purposes, would invest US$20 million in the first year, “to build a huge warehouse and a specialized laboratory (and) would also hire about 200 workers, who would be trained on equipment that would also be imported”.
Hurst also said that the “investment would grow to $65 million in five years and employment would double in that period”.
“Hemp differs from cannabis in that it lacks the THC or the psychotropic substance that gives the feeling of a high. However, hemp is very useful in the manufacturing of medicines. The firm is to submit a proposal that details its planned program in Antigua,” said Hurst.



According to Hurst, the three officials left the meeting “with assurances that their proposal is exceedingly likely to receive the approval of Cabinet, after the mandatory vetting by the Authority”.

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    Interesting phraseologies in this news report, (particularly last paragraph).

    Sure the reporter got it right, and not from perception or a ‘…Horse’s mouth.’

    Except humans, horses only ‘…whinny’ and ‘…not ah darn word is uttered.’

    (i) …Promises- They say are for those that look like fools and may be so treated;

    (ii) …Assurances- This they say is a ‘…positive declaration that something will happen;’

    Sometimes, it does not.

    Once former Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer said, ‘…Justice is slow, but justice is sure.’

    Not ‘…ah darn thing happen.’

    (iii) …Likely- Well, God’s Will, it might happen.

    There is a probability that these things might be realized;

    (a) ‘…Capital Investments;

    (b)…Jobs availability;

    (c) …Cultivating, growing and harvesting;

    (d) …Exporting raw material for refining;

    (e) …Revenue generating;

    (f) …Profit-making.’

    Even with these, still not sure ‘…what the hell might happen’ when the proposals are submitted’ and the Cabinet sees no meaningful benefits are ‘…Likely’ to be derived.

    Now, none shall be hoodwinked that it is necessarily ‘…Jobs availability.’ No Sah.

    Greater significance.

    It is workers’ expectation and Government’s obligation to see that ‘…they are reasonably paid for their labour or services.’

    Derivative ‘…Salaries and Wages’ are certainly not favors.

    These are’… universal principles and an attendant practices.’

    • Slavery all over, again.
      Pompey you, in your well learned capacity knew decades, and decades, and decades ago when individuals such as yourself were making “the grade” in LAW ENFORCEMENT, on the backs, necks, heads, and entire body of Rastafarians, and anyone who were in anyway shape or form, associated with this Natural Plant, that what was being done was wrong! Yet, the Legal fraternity and the Judiciary, sat quietly, and even encouraged the HARSH and CRUEL punishment, to include DEATH, by way of those Draconian Laws.
      There is a Righteous God, and ROME is not his home.

      • SLAVERY! NA-A-AH!

        Read about it, but never experienced it.

        If your mind is so enslaved, then you have to do what ‘…Bob Marley has suggested.

        Free it up.

        Not sure if ‘…4 plants and 15 Grammes would be sufficient to do so.

        Can still try though.

        When it is finished not sure what to suggest to you.

        Now, if you feel the ‘…potential investor’ would monopolize the situation, then do not seek work from him, nor for law enforcers.

        Thus, you cannot intrude upon his cultivation and say ‘…Jah send me yah.’


        Got to figure out the best thing to do, Ras.

        • The “best thing to do,” is to get rid of the crooked PoliTRICKtans aka Politicians aka Pied Pipers, who are always looking for handouts, either under the their sponsors dinner tables, on the beach after the sponsors are drunk from Cavalier Rum, or in the back alleys of Popeshead Street, after the sponsors being treated to some phat skinning out, twerking asses where the ho-ho-ho HO-stel(hostel) nor HO-tel will tell, nor share their scenes from Caligula and Dionysus hell.
          Once, we get rid of these devil, satanic worshipping Orders, and clans from the house of Hyram Abiff; then, a more WHOLESOME, HOLISTIC ORDER, can be put in place, to govern Our affairs, annul Contracts which do not benefit the People, in the Long Term scheme of things, and as to the “Law” which allows for the growing of FOUR(4) trees, and whatever amount for personal consumption, will be put on a revamped, Nightsoil Wagon(remember that one), and carted to the Cooks dumpsite, before retiring the Nightsoil wagon, and put it on display, as a part of Our History, at the National Museum.

          This Ras’ Mind, Soul, Spirit is FREE, the Body still and MUST conform to the Universal Energy’s of Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Metal before departing this dimension!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to Hon. Gaston Browne and His Government for APPROVING this MAJOR investment for Antigua. 2020 will be a FANTASTIC year for Antigua and Barbuda . Mr. Pompey ….Please stop beating around the bushes and acting like you are too INTELLIGENT and support or Not support a PROJECT . I saw one of the contributors ask you a question …I believe it was either REPORTER or Mr. Carnival and your reply was sooooooo confusing . You sit on the fence too much. You know what happen when Someone sit on the fence ??????.


      Mr. Fantastic, do like your comment.

      Politically, ‘…Rawlston Pompey is not ‘…too intelligent.’

      When growing up, did ‘…sit on fences’ and roadside walls and rapped with boyhood friends.’

      We did ‘…sing school songs and calypsos by the Mighty Sparrow’ though, but not on a ‘…choir or for supper.’



    Mr. Pompey is a STRAIGHT shooter. He calls it as He sees it . Mr. Pompey does not sit on fences . Mr. Fantastic you are too dumb to understand Mr. Pompey’s contributions. Kindly show respect to Mr. Pompey . He is one of the best contributors to Antigua New Room. I look forward to Mr. Pompey contributions.

    I also like reading contributions from the following Persons.
    FRENCH 11
    TRUE ANTIGUAN ……Just to name a few.


      The law has been relaxed to allow for ‘…4 live plants and 15 Grammes,’ to be respectively ‘…Grown and Puffed’ for recreation.

      However, be advised that it is still prohibitive by law to ‘…Grow it or Puff it’ away from home, not even at the ‘…Recreation Ground.’

      For ‘…playing and watching’ Football only.

      What else?

      Buying ‘…Soup and Seasoned Rice.’

      Guess it can be laced with something when you get home.

      Nice Dishes.

      Now ‘…Mr. All Round/er, so you see why ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ avoids certain topics.

      Someone might say he is ‘…sitting on the fence,’ when’…not ah darn thing go so.’

      The commenter seems to be a ‘…Fantastic Person.’

      Seems very smart too.

      Obviously he knows that some ‘…Ministers of Government,’ follow these comment.

      Do know Prime Minster Gaston Browne follows them as well.

      But ‘…aint gonna get me to comment’ on that which he could comment on most ‘…fantastically.’

      So with pleasure, we formally welcome him to the fold.

      • Pompey, as you already know, this is all about money, mo money, and only money.
        The four plants, and 15 grams is a kick in the face, to any local investor who has the, means and methods to be involved, in the Industry from cultivation to processing to packaging to marketing.
        The entire market MUST be open to ALL, nor just a chosen few!

    • I agree with you @ALL AROUND. (Mr. Pompey is a STRAIGHT shooter. He calls it as He sees it . Mr. Pompey does not sit on fences .) and yes He is one of the best contributors to Antigua New Room and I also look forward to Mr. Pompey contributions

      Who don’t like it..who don’t understand him can lump it


    The song we liked the best was ‘…Ten To One Is Murder.’

    That was a ‘…Fantastic ‘ song.

    To me, the best lines were; ‘…The fellow in front was a very good pelter; and

    ‘…Bottle and stones pelting , but nowhere to shelter.’

    Not sure what you might be ‘…aiming or pelting.’

    Except ‘…pestering,’ coming from you. it should be something ‘…Fantastic.’

  5. Yep, “Ten to one is murder,” especially, when it came to Law Enforcement decades, and decades, and decades ago when would hound, track, harass the Rastafari like they were animals to be slaughtered, and many were slaughtered, like PIGS, and cast aside in many a shallow grave, if any at all; yet, today many are glorifying decisions, such as these made by Our Government!
    But, like YAH know…HYPOCRITES and PARASITES, hypocrites and parasites; will come up and take a bite; take a bite! And, if night should turn to day, a lot of you, would run away…
    A who the cap fit, mek dem wear it!

    YAH no dead! And, his seat is not in the catacombs of the Vatican nor set upon the edicts of the FLAVIANS, Caesars and Rome!

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