British coupled who were robbed at Deep Bay recount the scary ordeal


The couple told ANR:

“Thank-you for your comments. I can confirm that it was my wife and I who were victims of the crime on the road leading from Fort Barrington Car Park at Deep Bay towards the Royalton resort entrance.

We were both very shaken, especially my wife.

I can report we safely arrived back in London this morning.

The number plate of the stolen rental car (silver Toyota Agya) is A873 and the main gunman was nearer 5 ft 9 to 5 ft 10 with perhaps wavy medium length hair.

We had parked at the Fort Barrington Car Park around 11:00AM and departed the Car Park just before 1:50PM.

We walked back to the Car Park and spoke with some local people who did see the Dark Van fleeing and described it as a step wagon and then walked to the Royalton resort where their security team assisted us.

It seems we may have been watched at the beach or the car park and then targeted.

We think there was a third man driving the dark van.

These men were very organized and seemed professional and it would seem likely that they will continue to target tourists, especially in rental cars.”

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  1. I’m so sorry for your ordeal 🙏🏾… on behalf of every patriotic Antiguan, I sincerely apologize for your trauma … please feel secure in knowing that Antiguans and Barbudans do not tolerate our guests being mistreated and will seek an endeavor to alleviate instances like these , which benefit no one in our diaspora 🙏🏾… I am so happy that you were not physically hurt ,but I know the gravity of the situation weighs heavily on your mind 😪

    • Hi I’m really sorry about your encounter with the thieves. Also Antigua has a large population of foreigners. Possibly they weren’t Antiguans. I’m truly sorry…..

  2. Too many people in Antigua are striving to be thieves. They want to be like the government ministers.
    Thank God that they didn’t kill you like they did to the British couple several years ago

    • Politics in every thing, u are fool for even mentioning the mess from decades ago. Stupid example of a human being.

  3. It’s hideously discomforting when someone takes a vacation to what is advertised as a safe island to be confronted by gunmen and robbed.

    Residents of Antigua are/were victims of robbery each and everyday — but the leaders of the country turns a blind eye, and nothing substantive is done to address these ills; mainly because, the upper echelons of society are practically impervious to it.

    However, now that this societal disease is spreading broadly, infecting the tourism industry,
    perhaps a real attempt will be made to curb this plague.

  4. @British couple,

    I am an authentic Antiguan, I feel utterly ashamed that you and your partner decided to holiday in Antigua, a land and sea that make beauty and to have to experience the ordeal that you both encountered.

    Many Antiguans would be outraged by this. I can aver as mentioned previously we welcome our visitors and we would always go out of our way to ensure you have a good time with the hope you would visit us again.

    It is anticipated that the Police will expedite the arrest of the culprits and bring them before the courts and hopefully your items that were stolen will be returned intact.

    Once again, sincere apology.

  5. This is a very negative story for Antigua and our Tourism Product. Where it would seem there are persons targeting Tourists. I am from Antigua and do not visit Deep Bay.It is isolated and bushy. I preferred to go to opened Beaches like a Ffryes Beach or Long Bay. You could be in the water and see your car clearly.My hope is no one gets killed from one of such robberies.

  6. The ALP has turned this country into a refugee camp, so it’s only a matter of time before the tourism industry is irreparably damaged.

  7. Hi there sorry for what you been through. Also not everyone in Antigua is Antiguans. Possibly it was foreigners. I’m really sorry…..

    • That one incident, does not single out Antigua as a bad country. Continue to stroll down and read where the culprits was arrested and charged.. thank you..You have crook’s everywhere. Sad but true. We all just got be more vigilant.

  8. While this incident is an ordeal which no one should have to deal with, these #street_thugs have being honing their craft on the local population for some time now with little to no help from the authorities.
    I can understand the outcry and outpouring, of support towards the “tourists,” since, such incidents can be detrimental to tourism industry.

    However, until the same outcries can be heard for #ALL CRIMES committed in the Nation, sadly #ALL will continue to be affected and become victims of crime.

    As an example, over the past two months, several women have being raped, many “locals” have being robbed, yet the silence is deafening. As a matter of fact, it was reported on a local blog site, that later on the very same day, a local couple was made to strip naked and robbed in a similar manner.

    Now, for an Island the size of Antigua with very few main roads, I cannot fathom why CCTV systems are not strategically placed, to monitor the movements of traffic and help to solve other crimes as well. These criminals are not living under a rock, in the bushes nor on Redonda. They are walking, talking, eating amongst the general population.
    There is a well established criminal enterprise operating in Antigua, and its tentacles touches #ALL from the parliament to the baby, that got thrown out with the bath water.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard
    Vere C. Edwards

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