British Cop denies rape allegation at arraignment

Court Building

The British police officer who was extradited to Antigua last year pleaded not guilty to rape in the High Court today.

It is alleged that while on vacation in 2015, he met with a foreign student studying here and raped her in Falmouth.

However, before the suspected police officer could be apprehended he went back to the UK.

No date was set for his trial but High Court Judge, Justice Iain Morley indicated that he intends to deal with the matter as soon as possible.

The accused is being detained at the former U.S Air Force Base facilities in accordance with the extradition agreement.

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  1. So many men in Antigua have had false sexual allegations made against them that I don’t know what to believe in this case anymore. It’s time to legally prosecute women who make false allegations. So many adult women ‘regret’ the sexual fun they consent to and then falsely accuse guys after.

    • Perhaps it is not a good idea to think you can can commit a crime abroad then hurry home to your native land. Time will tell if the guy with the small penis is guilty. For now he remains innocent until proven otherwise.

      • Uh, he was on vacation here – it’s normal to go back to your home country after the vacation is done. Seems to me there is a chance this woman ‘victim’ didn’t like the fact that he just left back home after they had fun together.

        • Did he think he would be untouchable because he is Scotland yard? Did he think he could visit a “third world country” to do “as he like” because he thought he could get away with it? Pull that shit in Great Britain, not in my country jack. Time will tell if the dude with the 3″ penis is guilty or not. For now he is deemed innocent.

      • How did you know that the gentleman has a small penis?? All skin race comes in different size penis. Some adult black brothers have 3″ penis too. Are you saying that the accused victim cry rape because of his penis size?

    • Yes, prosecution for those who falsely accuse rape. I think that will help help clear up the muddy waters for legitimate victims. These women who false accuse for malicious reasons make it so hard for the real victims and really create a mockery of the whole situation. And to top it off some lives have been destroyed in the process. Its time for that legislation.

  2. I hope that when this trial comes to an end and if he is found guilty, that prisoners will be treated equally in that all will be incarcerated either at 1735 or all at the US Air Force Base facility. Let’s see how this one ends.

    • I agree that we need to ensure that are prisoners are treated equally and properly. I believe in punishment where punshinent is due, but we cannot become a country that tortures prisoners or creates prison conditions akin to torture, because then we also become barbarians.

  3. We have technology at our hands to prevent us from been falsely accused. Whenever you are dating a girl for the first time, turn own your cellphone recorder.

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