Brit Stranded on Antigua Remotely Launches Face Mask Firm


The former chief executive of Make It Social Eddie Robb has launched a new business that will supply custom non-surgical face masks to companies.

Funky Face Masks has been backed by travel industry entrepreneur Steve Endacott, former MyTravel tour operations managing director, chief executive of On Holiday Group and Holiday Taxis founder.

Robb has been stranded in the Caribbean since the start of the COVIDF-19 lockdown having traveled to Antigua on holiday and yet has still managed to start the new business working remotely.

Robb said: “We want to support brands in the travel and events industries in engaging with their customers in a fun way whilst following government guidelines and best practice.

“The business has been established with a trusted production partner in Thailand and a distribution partner in the UK. We are able to move quickly and efficiently as a result.

“I personally may be stranded in Antigua, but the business very much has a strong UK presence and footprint.”

Endacott has recently launched The Rebound Consultancy to help firms survive the COVID-19 crisis with two former MyTravel colleagues, Will Waggot and Seamus Conlon.

Robb, who closed group travel buying venture Make It Social on 2018 after three funding rounds, is targeting the face masks at travel firms, as well as sporting clubs, and other workplaces.

Endacott said the launch of Funky Face Mask was “a good example of what you can still achieve in travel during the lockdown”.

He said he believed face masks will become “the new scarfs”.

The firm is offering face masks at low cost, customized to clients’ brands and says they are safe and secure while not directing scarce protective equipment from NHS and care workers.

It said: “Our face masks are designed specifically for personal use. As they are not surgical masks you can order from Funky Face Mask with peace of mind that you’re not taking equipment that could be used by our key workers.”

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  1. i think it is ridiculous to by $25.00 for one reusable face mask and $6.99 for a disposable one. You have to wear the think form most of the day, if you work with the public. Lets see how cost efficient this is. Firms should pay for it as part of the uniform

  2. He should go back to the UK and sell them…






    • Errŕrrr what exactly is he taking from our ppl? He got stuck here! While on vacation! He came up with a creative idea to make money remotely while he is in a foreign land that he has no ties to and you somehow feel exploited by this? Is that a joke? He has no obligation to the ppl our ppl. 😐

      • So why is he advertising his business in our local online newspaper if he is not using us as a market. We Antiguans bow to any white person. He saw many locals here with nonsurgical masks and decided to produce his own company. My question is why tell us if he is not from here and does not plan to boost our local economy. And by the way where is his online presence. A quick search on google produces a company of the same name but in Australia if I am not wrong.

      • Bev I bet you are white or a kiss ass black person house negro mentality how ever you put it he’s taking from the people of this country he needs to be stopped!

    • Just don’t buy them if the product is too expensive. Obviously, he has his fans. His success has nothing to do with slavery.
      Instead of hating, we all should be studying how REAL International businesses work across borders. That insular thinking is the classic CRABS IN A BARREL mentality which has retarded our ppl for centuries. Get with the 2020 business model and stop cuss d man.

  3. No wayyyyy!!! From slavery to slavery in modern times where the white man strikes again taking what belongs to the descendants of slaves for himself what about all the local tailors and seamstresses who ply their own mask making firm to support their families and for only ten dollars where as this man will be bragging about how he got free advertising for selling his own homemade masks like if we’re dumb and don’t know how to make and market our own come on white people come on its time now you pay us back for your ancestors evils in which majority of you live off of thats why your countries are made rich because of slavery and you still want to rob us even more. Leave the mask making and selling to us and relax your self in our country as you should be doing not trying to take our bread why don’t you jump on a sail boat back to England Esau!

  4. I think we need to take some time to read first.. Then understand, then comment.
    Some of the comments to this article is uncalled for.
    Don’t get me wrong, please, as I’m not taking the man’s side..
    But I believe what pissed some off, is the fact that the business was publicized in our local media… Though it says “REMOTELY”… I’m sure all readers know the definition of “REMOTE”.

    But who can say he wouldn’t want to come sell them bk here.. That’s possible…
    Just saying

  5. Antigua is not a reading public. They did not read the post just made the comments off a clickbait headlines.

  6. Regardless if read or not no white person is to come to a slave country and still trying to take over anything from the descendants of slaves as he’s a slave master descendant and if anyone tried to fight what I’m saying here you are either a descendant of slave master or a kiss ass house slave because you should understand where the hate is coming from and ofc Antigua is not a reading public have you forgotten that during slavery it was punishable by death if you were caught reading or learning to read so fast forward to today and you see this happening to all descendants of slaves around the world black ppl don’t like to read because of that and they don’t even know it because they are still blind or asleep even though they can see and are awoke so when you say remotely do you think any black person is going to take the time out to figure what the heck it means??? No so you too need to wake up you idiots the man Fu lef arwe subben loan ee

  7. the damn man have a right to come up with his creative idea whether he is in Timbuktu America the UK Antigua or under a rock…u don’t have to buy his mask….we sit down too much on our ideas and do nothing..then we point fingers and chastise those who turn their ideas into something bigger ..ONE BIG DUTTY CHIPS……AR U CAN CUSS ME NOW CAUSE WHILE THE CREATIVE’S ARE MAKING MONEY FROM THEIR IDEAS AR WE JUS A CUSS EACH OTHER….. CHUPZZZ AGAIN

    • Jack… I fully endorse your sentiments. I sense quite a bit of jealousy and industry ignorance here. Deflecting to slavery talk is so “faded” now. How long we going to play that useless “card”?
      Try to learn and stop hating…

  8. Jacko we all know that here in little 108 square miles of rock during these times we have our local tailors and seamstresses making these things in every village and selling them and people are supporting them, their marketing comes from word of mouth so for this man to jump up and get on our local news forum to let us know he has started a business for mask making like if no one here is smart enough to make a fricking mask and then want to sell it to us? So wah you want do knock out the locally made products? Now y’all see why there’s every other nation building up their countries off of poor black people but you’d never see any black owned businesses in most of these nations especially being supported by them!

  9. The comments clearly prove Antiguans are not a reading the public. If you all read it, the man clearly said his masks are going to manufactured in Thailand and sold in the UK. I am sure this article was pulled from some other site based on how it reads. But clearly the man ain’t selling or making masks here. Lol when Antigua people so badly want to be in things well well. But seriously people start to learn to read and comprehend since a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  10. Frank you are absolutely ridiculous how can you say slavery card is useless ? The whole reason why everything has happened and is still happening is because of slavery and you say forget about it maybe because we all know you have a white woman wife hahaha that’s why you’re defending her what a house slave you are and soursop bush you are an idiot as well not knowing what happened in history why majority of black nationals worldwide don’t like to read,the Bible says remember the days of old also it says don’t mingle with Esau aka today’s white people because they are the wicked god hates them we are his only people whom he chosen as mentioned in Deuteronomy the 28 chapter white people are the end of the world and I don’t care what you guys say after this because all of you are entirely brainwashed lmao! Gtfoh

  11. This is so bad!!! Where is master of immigration hiding in his hidy hole. When you are visiting on vacation you sign a statement to not indulge in any form of employment. This is so sick of taking an opportunity from local Antiguans, that I may add are the top of the field of couture, designing wedding, school uniforms, you name it, done beautifully. He should be banned from Antigua Barbuda forever!

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