BREAKING: Woman, 34, dies after contracting COVID-19


Statement on behalf of Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC)


Dr. Albert Duncan,* SLBMC Medical Director said:


We can confirm that sadly, a female patient, age 34, has passed away at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre on September 5, at 4:48pm. She had tested positive for COVID-19.


“Our thoughts and condolences remain with the patient’s family and loved ones at this difficult time.”


IMPORTANT SAFETY MEASURES that have been scientifically-proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19, includes:


Wearing a mask

Practicing social distancing

Avoiding large gatherings


SLBMC encourages all eligible residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available and encourage eligible family members and friends to join them in getting the vaccine.

The media are asked to respect the wishes of the family, and the interests of staff at the hospital to avoid any disruption to operational services.

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  1. Does ‘she tested positive for Covid19’ mean that is the cause of her death?
    Shouldn’t the medical authorities be a little more open than that?

    • That’s right. Even if they said she died of a “heart attack”, probably really due to the lack of oxygen delivered to the tissues, not the heart attack at all. You’ve got them worked out!

      • That is what happens with covid usually. You die from heart attack.

        How many 34 year olds were dying from heart attacks in 2018?

  2. RIP. Very sad news. I hope and pray that her soul was right with God before her passing. Also, the person that goes by the alias “.” in these comments better not rejoice over stuff like this because that would be very sadistic and disgusting.

  3. Firstly condolences to the family. Secondly does anyone dies of anything else except f*%€$* Covid.😡😡😡 all other disease have disappeared????

    • Well 300 died in Guadeloupe last month from Covid, so it is pretty common now.

      They are actually testing and get thousands of positives a week. Here you can be admitted to hospital with Covid and they don’t even test the family living in the same house.

      Sad to hear another young person had their life cut short, do what you can to keep yourself and your family safe

  4. Being tested for covid surely doesn’t mean she died from covid. It is possible she had underlying issues. This of course would never be revealed.

  5. My condolences toothache family of the deceased.

    Dying is certainly not the worst thing that can happen to an individual just imagine you area pensioner, they forced you into paying money into a scheme now its time for you to collect three months and no money…..

    No money to buy food being starvved to death must be far worst than Dying. The suffering and anguish one feels may cause one to pray for death.

    • Nuff time, people love to say that COVID cases and deaths are higher than reported but because this one makes you truly feel your mortality, you’re questioning it.
      My condolences to the family.

    • Wow! MELCHISEDEC I actually support your comment. Death by any means is an unwelcomed reality. However, the pain of a pensioner dying from starvation would be a most tragic end.

      • You’re a poor judge of everything including character which is why you put up bail money for a certain person. You all politic for everything but Antiguans will bawl “Murder!” (No reference to a UPP convict here) if UPP is elected. Memba seh when there was no COVID, pensioners and employees min deh ah bawl for dem money when Lovell was Finance Minister! Memba seh even pickney money min even tap pay inna one August before school start under Lovell! So we woulda woserer off unda he now!

        • He has selective memory. As far as he concerned UPP never did any wrong and did not pay people late. According to him the reason why ALP won’t the last two elections is because they were buying votes though he has no evidence to back up these claims. Makes one wonder what kinda of lawyer he be.

  6. Anybody else notice people are only dying from “Covid” these days. And where is the CMO, how many professionals are speaking for the hospital?

    • I’ve discerned that it’s mostly morons who would choose to comment adversely on the Covid deaths.
      Because there’s a deadly pandemic that’s taking the lives of people worldwide their government/news media will report those deaths and not the normal daily deaths.
      The world’s consensus is that these Covid deaths can be avoided by taking the vaccines.

  7. Sorry for the family’s loss.

    I’m glad more persons are catching on to this deception. A general surgeon and medical director of a hospital is deceiving the public into believing that this young woman died as a result of covid by using misleading statements. Which medical school did you attend sir? Is this how things were done where you trained? I think not. Do an autopsy and tell the family what the cause/mechanism of death was.

    Your actions, good doctor, are not going unnoticed.

    • It sounds like you’re doing the same thing you accuse medical professionals of doing. Do you have medical training? Have you done an autopsy to speak so assuredly that there’s deception? Or you do autopsies from the comfort of your home on a keyboard?

  8. Imagine a concrete pillar is standing somewhere. It has cracks running through it, but it’s still standing and will stay standing for years to come if left alone. Then a guy comes along with a sledgehammer and starts hammering away at it. The cracks open up and the pillar collapses in a heap. What destroyed the pillar? The man with the sledgehammer or the cracks in the structure? If you use the “logic” of these clowns who rant about how it is the underlying condition that kills the patient and not the virus, then the man with the sledgehammer did not cause the pillar to collapse.

    The pillar is the human body, the cracks are the underlying disease state and the man with the that sledgehammer is the acute infection. If you can’t grasp something this basic then God help you people because some of you already have underlying medical issues that you don’t know about yet. Underlying medical issues don’t have to be chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes. Example- You can have iron deficiency anaemia due to poor diet and that alone can be enough to decide whether you live or die when you catch Covid because that limits your oxygen carrying capacity. Unless you want to claim it’s the iron deficiency anaemia that ends you and not the virus??

  9. Untill when this scam narrative will prevail against us?…everybody forget the BAD MEDICAL PRACTICES from both sides ( doctors and nurses)… what’s is is grinding me Geminis is se same crappy….copy and paste in this sick narrative….hope to see one of Mr.Duncan family get through this unfortunately narrative and he will go around to get A OTHER COPY AND PASTE CR… for his beloved/ hate family member…COME ON!!!

    • She was not vaccinated you jackass. That all u conspiracy theory nuts want do blame vaccine. Sorry she died and condolence to her family but tap blame vaccine y’all sickening now with that shit.

  10. The government should make it mandatory that all children learn human biology in school. The virus is real and alot of people had die from it worldwide. Get vaccinated!

  11. Everyone is missing the obvious thing…if she was UNVACCINATED that would be the first thing posted in this headline…..why no mention of it?…they are always quick to do so..hmmmm. just asking for a friend.

  12. Everyone is missing the obvious thing…if she was UNVACCINATED that would be the first thing posted in this headline…..why no mention of it?…they are always quick to do so..hmmmm. just asking for a friend.

  13. I started this thread so let me state here that I made my comment from a place of empathy. I had neglected to extend condolences to the family of this young lady. 34 is still so young.
    I am 65 years old, I am a sickle cell trait. I am vaccinated. I am retired and hardly leave my home out of fear. Fear that my health could become compromised.
    My point is that beside revealing that the recently deceased had tested positive for Covid-19 the cause of death should also be revealed. Whether Covid played a part may be very relevant, especially in one so young.
    I am aware that being vaccinated does not mean that I will never be susceptible to this ravaging disease, what it does mean to me is that under best case scenario, even if I do become infected I should not suffer the extreme illness that it brings….but wait…..I have sickle cell anemia, even if I am a trait, that translates to how efficiently my blood carries oxygen throughout my body. If God forbid, I become infected and at the same time my cells begin to sickle, I have a low chance of surviving. Would death be put down as from Covid-19 if I test positive and my sickle cell condition be totally overlooked?
    The more we educate our people, through telling full truth, the better prepared we are for what we are facing.

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