BREAKING: State of Emergency will be lifted, government confirms


Minister of Information Melford Nicholas Announced on Thursday that the Government will lift the State Of Emergency (SOE) on Christmas Eve, ridding the country of the curfew.


After consultation with Health and Safety officials the cabinet was satisfied in the fact that we can remove the SOE, but that one should not let down their guard as it relates to Covid-19 coping mechanisms.


Minister Nicholas, stated that the cabinet will continue to closely monitor the environment for the Omicron variant, while reserving the right to review the position related to the SOE on a rolling 7-day arrangement.


If there were a matter of great public attention in the coming weeks, the cabinet also reserves the right to reconvene and create new prescriptions to combat the effects.


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  1. Great. The state of emergency will be lifted. How does that affect us? It is the Regulations and curfew contained in it that is important. The state of emergency has no effect.

    • UPP will lift them all. Covid will be a thing in the past in the entire world, climate change will cease to exist, the whole world will be a utopia when UPP gets into power ..yes we await the coming of our god the UPP.

    • Don´t you want the state of emergency to be lifted so that the government can no longer prevent you from holding public meetings and campaigning??? That is what Jamal Pringle said. Are you questioning the rationale of the Leader of Her Majestys Loyal Opposition?

  2. Just Saying ,it seems you are always trying to misinformed people with your Kool aid ,cultish, political writings . It is ashamed you people play a blind eye to so much blatant nepotism and corruption . No wonder our country is in the mess it is in . You guys only care about what you get personally and not the future of our children and country .

    • BLATANT corruption is correct!!!! It doesn´t get more blatant that Wilmoth Daniel having himself filmed on video to go collect his STRIPPER POLE BUS. It ws the ultimate middle finger to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. If you believe that the South Korean President is in the business of donating public goods to private induviduals in another state, you are corrupt yourself.

      • If the only corruption in Antigua involved a $200,000 donated old bus, Antigua would be a rich country, most of our lands, especially the water front ones would be still owned by the people of Antigua.
        Keep being obsessed with stripper bus, while the current politicians are getting richer by the day. And where do you think they are getting their wealth? Certainly not from an old bus.

        • You have proof of this? Essentially you are accusing them of illegally enriching themself. Let me remind you of a post from you a few days ago:

          DC December 14, 2021 At 2:20 pm
          … If a case wasn’t prosecuted in a court of law, the mention of it is only an attempt to besmirch a person’s character.

        • @DC so you basically proved the point correct: Go quiet or try to DEFLECT.
          Why are you so afraid to talk about the STRIPPER POLE BUS??

          • You guys are so stupid!
            Does the past corruption makes the present corruption ok????
            I’m not no upp supporter but I must admit that our country have never been this bad under any past government and you people that are playing party politics won’t admit but you would rather talk about the past happenings rather than to address the corruption that’s going on at the present moment.
            To be on your level of thinking, let’s talk about all the corruption under upp and while we’re doing that and saying how glad we are we got the rid of them lets not turn a blind eye to the current government filling their pockets and their family too, robbing us and have so much corruption going on and brave with it too. HOW CAN WE BE SO STUPID

  3. Tabor can’t so dunce,lifting the state of emergency can allow for the relaxing of some restrictive measures including the curfew,politics mek dem man some real baboon 😀😀😀😀

  4. Anybody sure if Tabor and Lovell really passed the bar exams,yes Lovell politics is in everything in Antigua as it was when upp was in office,but the DPP is doing what the law allows,so shut you mouth 👄,you’re not politically clever @ all..

    • Did you pass your exam(s), Keith Crow? I know that I passed all my exams in primary, secondary, college, and university.

        • Smh you Tenman, Just Saying, From The Sideline and all of your other ALP comrades need to stop hiding behind aliases and use your correct names like me. You will then have more credibility. As Joanne Massiah would say “you are jokers”.

  5. KEITH CROWE how many times do I have to explain that the curfew is implemented as part of the covid Regulations under the Public Health Act. This has nothing to do with the state of emergency. The government in its ignorance is still advancing the view that the state of emergency is required for the existence of the curfew. I can bet you any money you can afford to lose that the state of emergency can be lifted and the restrictions (curfew) continue. Again, the curfew and state of emergency are mutually exclusive. And Harold Lovell and I passed our legal studies with flying colours 😂🤣.

    • Who was it that called in to Observer Radio when they had Tabor on and the person in reference to Tabor said “next time get a REAL LAWYER please” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Smh the person who called was your comrade the bush “wannabe” constitutional lawyer Ivor Ford who never entered the door of a Law School. He is also one who ridiculously argued that you need the state of emergency in order to restrict our constitutional rights. Well the state of emergency will be lifted on 23 December, 2021 and the number that will be allowed in bars will be restricted to 150. Now, you ask Ivor Ford the bush lawyer how that restriction of the constitutional right of assembly could be possible with no state of emergency in place. All of you will now understand that the breach of certain of our fundamental rights was permissible under the Constitution because of the covid pandemic. This was done through the Regulations passed under the Public Health Act. No state of emergency was required for that to be done. Please advise your constitutional bush lawyer of that if you understand what I have said.

  6. A few months ago the same Charles Tabor was posting on ANR that the state of emergency was needed in order to enforce things like the curfew. He went as far as arguing persons were ill informed to think differently. Seems his mind has chaged after a sit down with Harry who he claims is well versed on the constitution. He argues when pressed that he has the right to change his mind. Would sugget that in time his mind will change again on this issue, especially when HL does his usual spin on a dime

    • TENMAN HUGHES it is perhaps a fool like you that do not change your mind when their is evidence and learning to prove you wrong. Let me repeat for your hard head that seems not to be open to logic and new ideas, a curfew under the Public Health Act in the circumstance of a pandemic does not require a state of emergency to be enforced. By the way, I have challenged the Regulations in court because they were unlawfully implemented. When the court rules in my favour I wonder if your hard head will allow you to accept that fact. I will not tell you why the Regulations are unlawful but you and your comrade bush lawyer Ivor Ford will find out.

  7. “Why do many people staunchly defend their opinions and beliefs even in the face of overwhelming evidence that their ideas and views are totally incorrect? One explanation is the common phenomenon of cognitive dissonance”. SAD BUT TRUE it would appear that people like you and TENMAN HUGHES suffer from cognitive dissonance. The reason that you suffer from this phenomenon is simply because you are both idiots and are blinded to REASON even if it steers you in the face as big as an elephant.

  8. Sad day when we argue to be right and not to be understood. Try as I may I don’t get Mr. Tabor’s point . If Governemnt has conflated the issue of SoE and curfew, and it has now removed both in its confusion who does this hurt? The answer is simply no one. Does this absolve us of our responsibility to guard against this virus and disease? Answer no it doesn’t. Conclusion, the ensuing argument as to governments confusion and others cognitive dissonance matters not for in its confusion the Government has “give us free”. Isn’t that all that truly matters? Answer a resounding yes.

  9. SIMPLE TRUTH of course you are absolutely correct that it is the responsibility of each of us to protect ourselves. The issue with the curfew and SOE is that the government has argued that you need the SOE for the curfew. I have argued that the government is wrong in that position and instead of acknowledging that they are wrong they simply double down and continue to push their false narrative. Whether the government “give us free” (to use your phrase from the AMISTAD) or not is not the issue. The issue is whether they are right. I say they are wrong and they do should admit it. How does it look for an Attorney General and his whole legal department to be pushing a position that is clearly wrong? It looks very bad. What I need to hear from you is whether you accept that the government is right.

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