25-year-old man is Antigua’s first homicide victim for 2023



Antigua and Barbuda has recorded its first homicide for 2023.

25-year-old Roudi Shmaly was shot dead during an armed robbery about 1pm Monday.

It happened at Pick n Mix Mart on DeSouza Road.

A lone gunman reportedly went into the Mart and held up the cashier at gunpoint.

The victim of the shooting was in the adjacent Chicken Hub and reportedly rushed into the Mart where he was shot at point-blank range.

He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police are now searching for the suspect.

Roudi Shmaly’s family is struggling to accept his tragic and untimely demise.

“He was a well-liked individual, known for his simplicity. He dedicated himself to work diligently and steer clear of any trouble. His sole focus was earning and sending money back to his fiancé. The anticipation of their impending marriage consumed him, and he worked tirelessly towards that goal,” shared a close family friend with the media.


ANR has been reliably informed of an alleged homicide in the vicinity of Robinson’s Gas Station. Details are sketchy at this time and a crew has been despatched to the scene.

He was shot in the head during a robbery at the Pick n Mix Mart in All Saints Road.


Moments ago, ANR received reports of a shooting on Desouza Road.

According to preliminary information received, the shooting occurred at a Syrian Shop.

We have also received unconfirmed reports that a person of Syrian Decent was shot.

The EMT responded to the incident. This is a Breaking News Story and will be updated once additional information becomes available.

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  1. We are now on the brink of utter CRIMINAL chaos in Antigua. The police commissioner and the ABLP government have to treat this as some kind of internal war footing.

    The criminals are now out of control, and we are reaping what we have sowed with all this lackadaisical – past and present – immigration policies.


    • Absolutely rubbish,we’re still very lucky in Antigua when it comes to violent crimes,first homocide of the years,store owners needs to spend more money on security,including buzz in doors and surveillance cameras,you think men does call police and tell them where next they going,I’ll ignore the politics side of it completely rubbish

      • Come on Keith, you can’t be happy with what’s going on in the country in recent times?

        Daytime armed robberies are up; nighttime home invasions are also on the increase; and the rapes and attacks on women in Antigua is on the rise as well – why ignore this?

        How the hell is this about politics Keith? Huh!!!


      • What rubbish Keith ? How lucky can Antigua be it’s ONLY the first homicide of the year ? The Antigua I grew up in, I was about 32 when the first person died by shooting. It was actually the police who killed an escaped prisoner said to be armed and dangerous. You must be political for some reason or the other for not wanting to call a spade a spade . This is not the Antigua many of us grew up in.

    • Brixtonian. You must be really wishing for CHAOS in our country. The first homicide on the island with almost half the year gone but all you can comment is that we are utterly on the brink of CRIMINAL chaos. You must stop it. About 95% of your comments on here have been negative. You have to be living a miserable life to be so negative.

      • @ bertaboi, I refer you to the reply I posted to Keith.

        Take your damn head out of your a#*e …

      • BTW, do you know the difference between “negative comments” and wanting the best for Antigua & Barbuda?

        I thought not! Clown 🤡

        No wonder the outside world continues to see us as accepting bad practices and terrible conditions, due to the likes of you @ bertaboi …

        • @Brixtonian when a person is unable to hold a meaningful conversation they resort to name calling. BTW do you know that there are many forms of criticism? You mr commentator indulges in 3. Negative criticism, destructive criticism and foolish criticism. It’s about time you step up your game. What’s in it for you if Antigua fails?

          • Bert.. well said. Find myself wondering about his health due to the high level of bitterness he displays. Added him to my prayer list awhile ago

  2. A summary of Antigua:

    Remaining Antiguans focused on reparations they’ll never get from the West whilst the country is run and framed for the future by the East (China).

    Crime heavily influenced by Jamaica. Economy and local business dominated by Syrians.

    What are ya Antigua?

  3. Things are getting too reckless in this country.. Robbers be warned you will meet the wrong somebody one day..

  4. Government of 268,law enforcement of 268 stop and search and hunting down of criminals is a 24 hour operation not night only. Its time to really protect and serve now . there should already a video footage of this incident in circulation note the to identified the perpetrator of crime

  5. If hard working law abiding business persons are paying their share of taxes into the system, then why does the Government make it so difficult for them to protect their businesses, property, and family with a licensed Firearm ? Merchants need to close shops for 1 day and take to the streets. Enough is enough!!

  6. This story is tragic.What is my Gem of the Caribbean of an Island coming too.The people need to rise and demand more to be done by the Law Enforcement and the Leaders of the Country.The people need to also report those of criminal behaviors.We as a PEOPLE cannot cover up and hide those criminals anymore.We need to hear from the Police on a weekly basis as to the crimes stats in Antigua.

  7. So sad. First murder of the year.consopences to his family. Was so hoping we could make it to the end of the year with no murders.commish enhance (don’t throw the bay out) with you are doing

      • @Tenman. You should have thrown out your criminal baby, ABLP, when you had the chance. This is only the first because of luck; not quietness. We are now reaping, and will continue to reap, the whilrwind.

    • Your boss talked down St. Kitts and St. Lucia about homicides just a few days and now, look at this!

      • @Rovi you said Saint Kitts? You do know they are known to have about 36 murders a year though they are less populated than A&B? I hope this year with the added efforts the police are making there, this becomes a thing of the past for a place I consider one of my homes. Do you need me to provide the crime stats for Saint Lucia where my wife was born? Guy Rodney, his org., the community, will work together to continue to make instances like this rare.

  8. Throw he of high places overboard so Antigua can be safe again. Water too rough and unsafe.

  9. Ironic….RIP MrBrownEyes…..Gone2Soon
    Fleeing one’s war-riddled home to suffer such a fate…right next door to the home of the country’s arsenal of armored guards

  10. Sad law abiding citizen need to protect them self’s it’s too difficult to get a gun and every two out of three young thug have, one

  11. This Dancehall Culture is rapidly eroding societie’s quality-of-life. The music genre of violent, sexually explicit, scamming, gun lyrics is the toxic venum that dictates their lifestyles. Caricom isn’t working…they carry come the undesirables to our island paradise and this is the outcome : Crime, violence, and lawlessness on a daily basis. Father God take the wheel…because mankind is running the thing amuck. 😥

    • This most likely starts at home with proper foundation. Alot of is grew up listening some serious toxic and violent songs…from the states …Jamaica ..wherever and alot of us are not down the road trying shoot and rape someone …..it really starts on the home ..so many factors to consider cause if our economy continues now as is….rising food prices…hardly any good paying work…etc parents or guardians are gonna feel frustrated and the pressure and kids will continnue to grow not having solid foundations ..I don’t know it all see but I pray this is all snipped on the bus. rip to that pleasant going man. Smh

  12. This is seriously sad and in such busy area, in broad day. These *lazy* young waste of space (regardlessof nationality)are getting too brazen. They feel entitled to what they refuse to work for. Raping at 4pm now robbing and killing at 1pm, totally unacceptable.
    The police needs to step up their presence and vigilance instead of just sitting in the.offices and visiting bars. The perpetrator more than likely has been watching the operations of that business for some time now. I’m sure he must have been seen around prior.
    Very sad though. Sincere condolences to his family and the Syrian and business communities. May his soul rest peacefully

  13. People,there is a gun man on the run.He is an alleged murderer.In my opinion,he would not be afraid to pull that trigger again to kill or injured anyone.

  14. When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬 When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

    Something is definitely wrong with this scenario. If the police happen to appear during the commission of a crime, it’s the police who is shot and the suspect escape, as is always the case.
    Get a police commissioner and an attorney General and a prime minister, please.
    Ah beg!

  15. May Allah have mercy on these criminals in Antigua.

    You will be dealt with severely by higher forces in ways you cannot begin to imagine.

    All that obeah and science song you listen you will see how real it can get.
    أيامك معدودة

  16. First, let me extend condolences to the family of the deceased. It is ALWAYS sad when someone lose their life under such circumstances, particularly when the victim is hard at work, trying to earn cash to support himself and family.

    I note some of the comments mention that this is the first homicide for the year, and so they are suggesting that this should not be a big issue. However, when you examine the statistics for wounding; armed robberies; gunplay at Woods Mall; rapes; home invasions day and night; wounding in schools and communities with machetes’ and cutlasses; it is by pure luck that homicides are less than 10 for the year to date.

    It is easy to make scapegoats of and blame immigrants for the increase in crime, and while they may contribute, the hard fact is that born and bred Antiguans are equally culpable. The “new culture” of I work hard to earn a dollar, and the criminal elements decided that their job is to deprive me of my hard earned dollars, has taken root. And if I dare resist, they are willing to shoot me or chop me up.

    This should not surprise anyone, as the criminals are merely following the example set by our leaders, to “creatively enrich” themselves. It’s no longer taboo to be corrupt, or to grudge others for what they worked hard to accumulate. That is now OK! Just be creative and don’t get caught in the act. Put another way, the criminals have adopted the ethos of the ALP (B left off deliberately as we Barbudans are not like that). If you think that what I say is a stretch, I invite you to look at events last Labour Day.

    There was no violence, no disruptive behaviour, no alarming incidents at the ABWU/UPP rally on Newgate Street and eventually the get together at Ffryes Beach. Contrast that with at least 10 reported cases of violence at the AT&LU/ALP rally and get together at Fort James (and not all incidents were reported to the Police). What this says is that the criminal elements in society feel at home, and so openly associate with kindred spirits in the AT&LU/ALP cabal.

    If we honestly look forward to a brighter tomorrow, where crime of every classification is under control, leadership must be provided by those elected to serve. Sad to say, that honest and transparent leadership cannot and will not be provided by the ALP. It’s just not in their DNA. As the saying goes, elections have consequences. The people of this nation are paying the price for the choice made in January 2023.

  17. Ah Gaston Browne fault!!! Ah he gee the gun and tell he shoot and rob to kill. Gaston ah fu u fault!!!!!

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