Police Probe Double Homicide In Golden Grove




The police are probing the circumstances surrounding the death of a Golden Grove couple.

Around 9:15 am on Wednesday, the lifeless bodies of a 65yr old man and a 60yr old woman were discovered inside their Golden home.

The police are still on the scene conducting further investigations.

The police are appealing to the residents of Golden Grove who may have seen any suspicious moments within the area to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or call Crimestoppers at 800-Tips (8477).

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  1. That would have been the contradiction of the century ie the lifeless body appeared dead. Anyway, there is no mention of appeared dead in the article.

  2. Once again journalist or publisher of this article, since the police have already determined a double homicide, then what was the weapon likely used in the crime committed? Was it a gun used,? Was it a sharp object used to inflict wounds on the victims? Was it strangulation? Was it an accident? Was it natural cause if death? Come on journalist!!! Try not to delete this post again. The journalist or the writer of the article did state initially ‘lifeless bodies appeared to be dead ‘ but did make the correction afterwards.

  3. My condolences to their family and friends. Crime is out of control in this country. I hope the perpetrators will be swiftly brought to justice.

    • Just yesterday Serpent talking about crime after weston said Antigua was a safe place- hope they’re not hiring mercenaries like what was done in 2003 to increase the crimerate in Lester’s face

      • @Dragon: You say,hope they are not hiring mercenaries like what was done in 2003.Who are the “they” to whom you refer? If you do not know what to say. In many instances the less said is best. Crimes in Antigua have been on the rise for some years. Ask the CID top brasses. I never realized there were that many illegal guns inna Antigua. So why would those in authority give law abiding citizens a hard time to get a legal license to carry a gun. When those of criminality could go to a street corner and buy an illegal gun.

  4. The crime rate has increased significantly over these years. Kidnapping, murder, rape, robbery. Lord help us!

  5. The right reporting is the two appeared to be dead. That is why a Corona must come on the scene and pronounce them dead even if you see them dead you just cannot say they are dead. You cannot say you see blood all over the floor. You have to say you saw what appeared to be blood on the floor. Only the doctor can. Now for the court case only a qualify Laboratory can say whether it is human blood or animal blood

  6. The Bible said in the last days man heart will grow cold.people will not feel no love for each other .it will be me myself and i we need to pray for our country. Most of all pray for our government God ask us to do that so we can have peace in our land i am so sorry for the family of this people.

  7. Well r u wait for the official no! Journalists and some residents want to be the first to send out the story..

  8. Too much senseless crimes. Now TWO elderly. Ok look into this.this wasnt so.couple of months ago. Which.criminal on the lose.

    START some serious investigations.n where ALL these lose guns coming from. THE blood of Jesús . We want to LEGALIZE. SAME Sex n aborsion. Be PREPARE for the DISASTERS that comes with it.

  9. What the police needs to do is send out theremen to different villages and do patrols anything from 10pm to 4 am and just make patrols in the different areas. Recently we have been having a number of robberies. Make patrols in the area come out with y’all big guns.

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