BREAKING: Police offer reward for Forbes’ recapture

Delano Forbes

(STRATCOM Release)

The Police Force is offering a $5,000 reward to any member of the public who can provide credible information that leads to the recapture of the accused murderer, Delano Forbes.

The announcement was made today (Monday) after Forbes has been on the run for over a week. Anyone with information can immediately contact the Rapid Response Unit at 764-2310 or the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or 462-3914. The general public can be assured that all calls or reports will be given full attention and will be handled confidentially.

Forbes is considered extremely dangerous, and as such, the police are warning members of the public not to make any attempts to engage him if or when seen. Police are further appealing to him to surrender himself to any police station without delay.



  1. First you let a serial killer with leg shackles escape,
    den you tell the public that the circumstances around his escape are an internal police matter and none of our business,
    den on top a dat, you tun round and ask the same public to go find the escapee for you and give you a call at 3 numbers when they find him
    so you don’t respect us enough to share the details of your incompetence and negligence with us but we must go look for a killa that you mek escape and then call you after we find him
    a wha cyan go so..

  2. Shameful!! I think he’s worth much more than that to you and the general public. Please be more respectful. In the States, a man of his caliber is shackled by the waist with both hands in front of them in hand cuffs. WHAT WSS THE PURPOSE OF REMOVING THE HAND CUFFS IN THE FIRST PLACE???? That’s a question that the general public would like answers to. With all those gruesome names given to him, and 3 bodies to his title, WHY WAS HE NOT HAND CUFFED???

  3. install a GPS SYSTEM into leg shackles next time when polices take criminals outside prison.LOW COST, save mone👮🏃

  4. This is crazy !!! How in God name a man with shackle s on his feet got away from the police?! Don’t make much sense to me.

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