BREAKING: Outbreak of COVID-19 at ABS


There is a COVID-19 outbreak at state media ABS, ANR has learned.

ANR understands that a number of newsroom staff are among those infected.

Employees are being sent to a private medical facility for testing.

More to come…

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  1. …thought the vaccine was supposed to prevent that. Can we be honest about this thing and not just follow media hype? How ironic that it hit at the epicentre of the hype. I do hope though, that there are no deaths or anything serious.

      • So the only reason for the mandate is to prevent the hospitalisation? 🤔 But wait there only 5% of the people who catches it are hospitalised🤔 but wait there only persons with commodities are in that 5%🤔 so why everyone have to be vaccinated again ? 97% of persons who catches CV 19 recovers( vaccinated or Unvaccinated) check the stats.

        • It has actually reduce the chance of persons with comorbidities from getting seriously I’ll or even dying. Those are the persons that need to be vaccinated nat de whole dam population and a stress nearga bout can’t go work unless vaccinated cuz vaccinated acatch and a spread de virus to but they are not tested because the very crafty people ok. Charge made it free for the unvaccinated to be tested and $150 plus for the vaccinated to be tested at a private facility. So tell me if I’m vaccinated and I have flu like symptoms, am I going to go spend $150 to get tested plus $200 for the doctor fee? Nope imma wear my mask and business as usual. Tings hard.

      • Could have fooled me the way they’ve been pushing this thing!! So if it doesn’t prevent infection, how then was/is it supposed to ‘stop the spread’? After they force everyone to get the vax they come out and say vaccines alone cannot stop the spread but still the spread is caused by those who don’t get the vax. Which is it? Does it stop the spread or doesn’t it.

      • The vaccines does not –

        1. Prevent transmission

        2. Prevent illness

        3. Prevent serious illness

        4. Prevent death

        But be sure to get your 3rd, 4th, 5th… shot

    • I guess you have been hearing only what you to hear. Over and over again it was reported that you can still catch COVID while vaccinated.

    • @Sugarapple, you keep on stating that ivermectin is good for COVID-19. But where or how is it good?? this is where you and others are falling short on such product.

      Does the ivermectin beat COVID when you already catch COVID and you use ivermectin to get better?


      do you have to take ivermectin way before you catch covid???

      please be clear! be clear about when you are suggesting something for someone, as to when they should consume, rub, inject, bath or whatever with it.

      • Do yourself a favour and stop trying to make sense of anything Crabapple pushes… there is no credible evidence that ivermectine works for covid… NONE! Consult your physician for medical advise.

      • You can take ivermectin before covid as a prophylaxis, or as soon as you have symptoms from covid and even after you have recovered… if you’re having long haul
        covid symptoms.

      • … and yet, you are accepting everything that you are being told about all these trial ‘gene therapy’ vaccines that are not FDA approved (however, Ivermectin has FDA approval); also, if you bothered to check, and seek out the facts, about the Ivermectin tablets, there are doctors – though, I’ll admit are fewer and far between – who’ll prescribe the differing stages of how to take Ivermectin safely for you and your family if needed.

        Many American States have taken hospitals & doctors to court for refusing to give Ivermectin to save people with late symptoms of the Covid-19 virus … and guess What? Lives have been saved when the courts overturned the hospitals, and ruled that Ivermectin can be used to save loved ones … AND IT HAS!

      • What is commonly reported is that it can be taken as both preventative (for symptoms) and curative. Even if it doesn’t prevent the spread, neither do the vaccines (obviously). If it does make the disease less dangerous for those who do catch it, I think it’s worth a try, and no rubbish about side effects. It’s on WHO’s list of essential medicines, and it earned it’s creators a nobel prize in 2015. The scientists will only find what they’re paid to find. They have families too. Just last week someone shared a link with me from a government website somewhere in South America on the efficacy of IVM. It’s definitely hard to fathom that the pharmaceutical companies could control the media, politicians and major scientific institutions but if they did, wouldn’t it be in their favour to downplay anything but the products they sell?

        • This was NOT a story in the MSM, but 200 Congress persons got prescription for IVERMECTIN to treat themselves, family members and their personal staff.
          All of these regulatory agencies many the politicians are captured by Pharma $$$.
          Any study that the FDA does on pharmaceutical are funded by pharma. People thinks these agencies are only funded by the government. Therevare more pharma lobbyists in Washington then Congress persons. The corruption is real and unfathomable to some.

      • Ivermectin works. I know a couple of persons who caught Covid and used Ivermectin to recover after the Docs did nothing and their conditions worsened. The rate of recovery after taking it was dramatic – from panic and threat of ICU to recovery in two days in one case. I have got some and take it for my own protection too. I’m not in ANU at the moment so fortunately I could get hold of it, but even that was a struggle.

        • @Mr C, exactly. Those of us that have seen what it does and the speed it does it doesn’t need any article to verify what we’ve seen.Our eyes aren’t lying to us the article that are not writing the truth ARE.

      • You can keep your article links, I work with people that repurposed old safe drugs to treat covid when there were no vaccines available. None of them died, they all got well any didn’t get hospitalized. The journals and paper that are downplaying ivermectin don’t want to lose their pharma $$$.I won’t allow an article to prevent from promoting what I’ve seen withy own eyes. Japan uses ivermectin when and brought down their Covid surge, so did Uttar Pradesh, India. Peru, Argentina, and others.You keep reading the pay for articles and I will keep promoting ivermectin. If the FDA and CDC weren’t captured agencies America could have saved 3/4 of the people they allowed to die.You see, if there are effective medicines that can treat and outbreak a new vaccine cannot get emergency approval, therefore they had to make it look like ivermectin and HCQ were useless. Even the NIH has 2005 article on an invitro study that showed Cloroquines effectiveness on SARS, that was after the 2003 SARS outbreak. Drs.that are worth their salt don’t just throw up their hand and allow patients to die without trying something. Thats the kind of people I work with…. IVERMECTIN for Covid 19.

        • Keep up the good work Sugarapple, many of us can see that you have done your research like the many other educated, and critical thinkers on these threads. SOME ON HERE DON’T LIKE FACTS, OR EVEN A BALANCED VIEWPOINT.

          What the vaccinated don’t want to admit to everyone, is that they rushed into taking their vaccine jab(s) without waiting, or doing any due diligence at all, and just following Gaston Browne’s ridiculous SOUND-BITES; and lo-and-behold, overtime, they have realised they may have compromised their natural immune system – BUT AS YOU AND I KNOW, THEY’LL NEVER ADMIT TO THIS!


          • Gimme a break. Your due diligence is comprised of reading headlines from conspiracy theory social media posts.

            So what are the scientific organizations and/or journals that you trust with such certainty? Please, enlighten us and provide us with a list. Please post the substantial and credible sources that can back-up anything that you say. What are your qualifications to advise anyone treating anything?

            Antiguans and Barbudans consult your doctor for the best advise to protect yourself from covid, not unqualified armchair critics.

          • Wrong again Brixtonian, I don’t fall into any of the categories you try to put me in. Everything I do is off the cuff. I reply as soon as can after reading your misinformed posts. I don’t have time to react to all of them, just the ones that are particularly offensive to me. Thank you for the compliment, I am quick and efficient. Why? How? Because it is dead simple to fact check your ridiculous claims. And I wouldn’t take a dime from anyone to shot down your stupidity. My satisfaction is providing Antiguans and Barbudans with the best information I can find to counter your trash. If only one reader thinks twice about accepting your version of reality due to my efforts, that’s enough payment for me. WHAT’S YOUR MOTIVATION? The only thing you can do is recycle headlines from conspiracy theory social media. Why are you so keen to believe conspiracy theories? I’ll give you one point Brixie, history will judge who’s right! Good luck with that!

        • Apples, the only people you are “working” with are conspiracy theorists sharing social media posts amongst yourselves. JAPAN dose not use invermectin. You are either grossly misinformed or in need of mental health care. We’ll let the readers decide…

          No, Ivermectin Did Not Help Japan Bring Down Covid-19 Coronavirus Delta Surge

          Japan is not using ivermectin instead of vaccines to treat Covid-19

          Japan has not substituted ivermectin for COVID-19 vaccines

          Fact check: Japan did not stop its COVID-19 vaccine rollout and switch to ivermectin to treat virus

          Japan Continues to Use Vaccines, Not Ivermectin, to Fight COVID-19

          Japan has not approved ivermectin as Covid-19 treatment

          • ‘Say What’, I wondered how long it would taken you to collate more misinformation about this PLANDEMIC?

            If you were reacting immediately, or shortly afterwards (like the rest of the other contributors on this thread), you would do so, but you don’t. intriguing!


            1),You are either a paid-up ‘shill’ (please look up this definition in the dictionary), or you are affiliated to a, 2), government body, 3), a pharmaceutical company, or 4) OR, ALL FOUR OF THE ABOVE!!!

          • … and which ever way you are spinning your lies, tales and misinformation – something is just not adding up about you -; you remind me of ‘Damocles and his sword’. This doom & gloom merchant couldn’t find anything good to say about anything, and every situation is always ‘hanging by a horse hair’ or a thread; with nothing positive to say, even when the true facts and figures say otherwise.

            A psychologist would probably class you as always a pessimist.

  2. How is it ABS Staff get to go to a Private Facility ?
    Cant they go to the usual Villa Clinic or elsewhere and wait in a line to be tested ?

    Is it some kinda class system you running where lower income people have to stand up in the sun and wait in long lines then the chosen ones go to a more suitable location ?

    Poor People 4ever Suffer in this Place

    • This is what you got from this article? If you are lower income, well you may not have the money to test privately and more people will fall into this bracket so there will be longer lines at such a facilities. Also, if people or a company has the money to go to private facilities, why wouldn’t they? You can’t tell a private facility how to run their rates so if a person can afford the convenience, why not? I swear some of you love playing victim.

      • @Chups…while I can agree with your sentiments regarding “private businesses,” and the fact, that private businesses have a right as to how their finances should be spent, I’m sure, that you are fully aware ABS-TV is not a private business. It’s a government entity, even though the political parties use it, as their private media house whenever, they are the ruling arm of the government.
        One question, and U cyan suck U teet fram Cookoo Hole to Jungle, and say “Chips;” are other employees of the government have the right, to go to ‘John’ Doe Private Hospital and be tested like the ABS-TV staff members?

        On another note, as @Hope it’s not serious says above, there is some irony to this development at ABS-TV.
        By now, we all know there’s something out here in the Universe named COVID-19 and its Ragtime Band of Ninja Wuhan Mutants and they’re not to be taken lightly.
        However, the MEDIA, henchfolks of the MEDIUM’S, PLUTOCRATS, and OLIGARCHS #who’re using this pandemic to advance many causes which are effecting and will continue to affect HUEmanity for decades to come, just like the ROARING 20’s Renaissance period(1900 – 1950) did with its wars and financial/monetary markets adjustments.
        The #Vaccines and their boosters which are being used to slow and control these viruses have become the political football of the century so far. According to the science which some believe in, it’s working. OK kewl. However, don’t dig your head in the sand, put on blinders when something like this begins to happen, as is the case with ABS-TV. Open your eyes and ask yourself why did this same media push the narrative, that these newly developed vaccines would work versus such things as preventative treatments and other drugs which have being proven to keep these viruses at bay.
        Why don’t main stream media at least, be objective?

        Oh BTW – will those from ABS-TV which have being sent to a private ‘John’ Doe Medical facility to be tested, and found to be COVID-19 positive given the STEM CELL TREATMENT?

        It’s all about money, mo money and only money. Who dead, even me get buried!

        • @Ras Smood. You’re not even living in Antigua and Barbuda. You done sell out u flag and bruk u back to build up meriKKKa where black men are murdered left, right, and centre. All your sweat, energy and strength has been spent in Babylon. #BunFiyah

        • I did not suggest ABS is a private entity. I said if a company is covering paying for employee testing then so be it. If ABS is choosing to cover the costs of workers’ testing who may have been exposed on the job, I don’t see the issue with that. The organization is already short-staffed; it’s probably in their best interest to have workers tested as soon as possible even though they should still be quarantined. If workers are choosing to pay privately for testing, that too is their prerogative.

          • @Chups…this issue is regarding ABS-TV, a public entity funded by and with public funds.
            The rest of your response is #fluff, as in making excuses to justify what is transpiring. It’s a common reaction to PPP – piss poor planning and PPM – piss poor management of public funds.

        • You have some serious issues as much as the original poster. How is a government entity choosing to pay for COVID testing of staff potentially exposed ON THE JOB equivalent to poor management or mismanagement. There’s a lot of that in the government sector, but I don’t think this is truly an incident that can be viewed that way.

          • @Chups…PPM – Piss Poor Management, as in allocation of scarce funds.
            The government has its own testing facilities and unless the protocol has changed, all test done by private medical facilities, must be verified by CARPHA, as are those done at MSJMS.
            Do you think Government workers are going to willingly pay for this test when they can get it for free?

            Paying pensioners should be a priority over giving money to a private institution for a service which you already provide.

    • @Pilot Bwoy – BADMIND A GO KILL U TIFF TOARN DEAD!! Sounds like you wake up every morning and watch you nearbah fig chee and bex.

  3. Crusader Radio never even paid Social Security so they changed their name to Progressive Fm, to avoid their liabilities…

  4. Oh the ironythat the governments MSM mouthpiece, for mandating the vaccination programme has an outbreak of the Covid-19 virus themselves; and I bet you a Cent to a Dollar, that they are all vaccinated as well (because, why else would ABS propagate the – all out – push for vaccination?), SEEMS LIKE KARMA TO ME!.

    However, wishing the effected staff a speedy recovery, so that when they return to work, they’ll do more balanced reporting on this PLANDEMIC, than the one-sided views that we are witnessing on a daily basis.


  5. Could it be, that OMICRON has touched down in Antigua, as the PM suggested? It’s only a matter of time according to what he said…

    Once tested at this private ‘John’ Doe medical facility, will the ‘John’ Doe facility or another be treating those tested positive with the STEM CELL THERAPY?

    Everything is attached to COVID-19 and it Wuhan Ninja Mutants…show me #da Money! #Mo Money! #Only Money!
    Who dead bury!

      • @Waddy Joark Yah Tarl…could you please have a seat🌵🌵in the waiting room. We are swamped at the moment, and since, you have an emergency regarding being #Constipated, I suggest you take your time as you sit here on this Natural Reverse Colonic Machine🌵🌵🌵and enjoy your #Colonic…

    • …den how dem a work to rass? Erna-Mae nar fallah Gaston orders? Let’s go to the #Lie #Dector APP… de Lie Detector APP detects the voice of Teacher Mildred, as de #lizard run up she foot, and then disappeared. A wey de #LI(z)ARD, Liard Teacher Mildred.

  6. The Omicron variant = a ‘variant’ of the vaccinated, or rather the failure of the vaccines. Rather that admit the obvious, namely that the jabs have failed to ‘stop the spread’, and suffer the consequences and possible backlash that would follow from that, bought and paid for establishment liars and suckers the world over have again resorted to projection, blaming the ‘unvaxxed’ as a diversion. They’ve spent billions and wrecked economies on insufficiently selective mass vaccination programmes that haven’t worked – those at risk and with co-morbidities such have been targeted – while preventing populations from accessing cheap effective treatments like Ivermectin that do work. After all, Covid has an overall 99.8% survival rate even without treatment. Big Pharma and political corruption has a lot to answer for – there’s the blood of thousands perhaps millions of avoidable deaths on their hands.

    I suspect this is why authorities and the MSM in the West – the US and UK in particular- corruptly first referenced the supposed Omicron outbreak as a product of largely unvaccinated Africa. However, they did so knowing that the four ‘initial’ outbreak cases, which they pinned on Botswana, had occurred in vaccinated travellers who were tested on arrival at the airport out there. Now we learn that highly vaccinated Scotland had eleven supposed ‘Omicron’ cases at the same time as compared to Botswana’s four…

    It’s about time the politicised sheep out there woke up. It all nonsense.

  7. Watta loud squeal from de hag dat get chap wid de stoarn 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “Rarse Smook” sellout to meriKKKa and want to tell another country wah fu do. Give your advice to TRUMP instead!!!

  8. To travel to Antigua one must be tested, and vaccinated.

    In the workplace don’t test the vaccinated them say,

    “we don’t want people to see the true picture, test the non vaccinated only because it is ok to spread the virus by the vaccinated and wrong to spread by the non vaccinated ”

    It crazy alot of things that don’t make sense people accept, and when you use your brain them say you spreading misinformation.

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