BREAKING: Opposition Leader Storms Out Of Parliament After Heated Exchange With Speaker

Pringle walks out of parliament

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle moments ago stormed out of the House of Assembly after a heated exchange with House Speaker Sir Gerald Watt, QC.

The exchange started after the Speaker stopped Pringle from making a “personal statement” on why he declined an invitation to join the Economic Recovery Committee.

The speaker ruled that the personal statements section does not apply to what people say outside.

When he rose to speak later, an evidently angry Pringle accused the house speaker of bias.

Speaker on his feet as a show of authority

The speaker, now on his feet, informed Pringle that he was on thin ice. Pringle then told the speaker that he could “break the ice” and again expressed disappointment with the speaker’s handling of the proceedings of the house.

The Member of Parliament for All Saints East and St. Luke was asked to apologise to the house at which point he began packing up his belongings to leave.

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  1. Oh lward who is advising Single Pringle. This boy nah ready yet! Is his party setting him up for failure cause somebody else want run in his place?

      • @ Kingman…Give him one and don’t make the man fail so miserably in his sentence verb construction. Maybe all that is affecting his confidence.

        Let me start by giving him a basic one since maybe it’s all a ploy by you UPPites to keep the man down. Mr Pringle if you use did then the verb that comes after stays in the present tense. For instance I heard you said recently that “…I did heard…” The correct construction is “….I did hear…”

        • Child…. to be honest most of Antiguans lack proper grammar and use broken English. I think it’s best that you offer your sentiment to the Education Minister.

          • @By Stander. Speak for yourself. It is “most Antiguans” NOT “most of Antuguans”. You clearly just as bad as Jamarl.

          • @By Stander… Child lol…yes you are correct. Remember the saying a child shall guide them?

        • Just Saying…

          Thanks for the teaching moment. Now can you go learn proper punctuation?
          Remember, commas are our friends.
          Stop acting as if you are intelligent because even through cyberspace it is obvious that you are not.

        • I think he has a very good brain. How else could he make millions picking up dead dogs.

  2. Jamale needs to stop listening to the party bosses. He is the one elected, not them. Jamale is a freely elected member of Parliament. Be your own self and speak your own mind. The political party bosses are bot the ones to listen to. You don’t represent them. Your represent the people who elected you. Jamale Pringle, YOU IS THE MAN!

  3. He probably got his period and had go change. What a dude in his feelings we can’t have u as our PM ever….

    • No saaaa….he needs some English 101 first. For all the doctor this and doctor that the UPP has I am amazed by his English gaffes. I think it is all a ploy by them to keep him like that though.

      • Antiguans overwhelmingly voted for Hon. Minister Gaston Browne. In 2023 ABLP will win ALL the seats. So” AH na u business” shut your BIG mouth. You do not have your facts together. You are a perfect Representative for the UPP. FACTLESS.

  4. Politics! Politics! Politics!
    Shameful ! Shameful! Shameful ! How the people allow the POLITRICKIANS to divide and control their minds.
    Party politricks !
    Pray and ask the Creator to show you the Light. Follow Truth. Politrickians will ALWAYS FAIL. They are flawed human beings…corrupt and dishonest. DO NOT PUT YOUR TRUST IN MAN. In these days…man are lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, trucebreakers, false accusers, high-minded. We are this time in human’s history where right is looked upon as wrong and wrong as right.
    Nothing…and I mean goes unnoticed. Every thing a man does, says, thinks…is recorded by the angels and every one of us will stand before the judgement of seat of the Creator one day soon to give account.
    So you can live your life now…support corruption and be corrupt. The day will soon come when we will all be judged.
    DO NOT FOLLOW POLITRICKIANS. They mislead ! Wise up and wake up, people.
    This world is heading into a CRISIS NEVER SEEN OR FELT BEFORE. The warning is being trumpeted aloud.
    Righteousness will save a nation but WRONGTEOUSNESS will be our downfall.
    DO NOT FOLLOW MAN ! Look to the Creator. There is reason why we are in the MESS that we are in now.
    We choose to be in it. God is not going to force man to follow Him. He made us free moral agents. We decide. He wants us to worship Him out of Love….not out of fear. The time is short. Soon He will stand up and say “it’s finished”. In between BIRTH AND DEATH….there are CHOICES that we make every second. These are all recorded.
    Do not follow tradition. Because your parents, grandparents did it..does not mean it is correct. Search for the truth yourself.

  5. Nothing political here. Just pure dunceness. I mean up to now Pringle doesn’t know Parliamentary procedures. No wonder the Speaker had to advise him to go buy a copy of the Eskine May Parlimentary Practice Book and familiarize himself with the rules of parliament. But I guess the UPP did not make any effort to educate or teach him. They rather see him go in there each time and make a fool of himself. Shame is not only on him =, but on the entire party. I mean in our system of government the Y’s have it and the vote is never even close. He is like a lone ranger, like Baldwin in the old days. But at least Baldwin learned and did quite a good job I must say. Until he one day became PM. But Pringle sorry you are no Baldwin and you’ll never be one. Might as well do like Daniel and call it quit. This is above your pay grade.

    • I bet Lovell and the hag with lipstick just sat back and laughed at him during his little 30 seconds of fame. Wouldn’t expect anything better from the hag since she said you dance with who carry you a dance.

      Not even “speaky-spokey” Shawn Nicholas with her rich communication skills and PR experience can COACH the One Single Pringle? Baldwin spoke very dry and he can’t call figures, but at least he had the proper grammar and reasoning skills. One Single Pringle has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Lovell as party leader has failed.

      • Well too bad you cannot take it when confronted with the truth. Keep drinking your Blue Coolaid. May help cure Corona

    • Seems, you guys are ok with following old britsins rules,grow some balls and be your own antigua, change all the laws and be a better people

  6. I feel sorry for him. He is being made a laughingstock by the UPP. Again, word on the street is that Lovell wants to run in Pringle constituency, so the plan is to make Pringle look like a battum. They clearly want the youngman to fail. So many “educated elitists” in the UPP and not one of them can help him with grammar, comprehension, subject-verb-agreement etc etc??? This is real messed up. Check ishorna for help boy.

    • @ Have Mercy. I don’t think he needs people to feel sorry for him. He is quite an accomplished businessman. Look at the millions he collected picking up dead dogs. And his other business called Wadadli Events renting out stages, tents, chairs, tables etc. Especially to government
      I’m sure he has a couple of millions of dollars in his bank account.
      Just politics is nothing for him.

      • You are correct. I meant with regards to his political ambitions. He leaves much much much to be desired. So it’s best he keeps his “day job” of picking up dead canines and leave politics alone.

        • I guess you think that it’s only ALP cult members, who should enrich themselves creatively

          • Wealth creation seems to be a dirty word for the UPP. I guess we all should remain poor like crabs in a barrel no one should get out. I wish we “Black People” would start teaching our children how to create wealth and not just looking for jobs or handouts. That is what is part of a slave mentality. Always being dependent on another for your existence. When will those shackles come out off our brain. Jamal in my opinion as I said is doing quite well. He may have deficiencies in speech and certainly in politics but not in business and creating wealth.

  7. Jamal why did you make such a decision to storm out of Parliament ? This is a very BAD decision . I do not know who is advising you . I am appealing to the Leaders of the UPP to step up to the plate and try your very best to STOP the downward trend of Jamal’s Political career. I believe that the pressure is overbearing and it is
    driving Jamal against the wall. This is very BAD . Jamal looks like a CRY CRY BABY . Not good for politics. I hope TABOR, KNIGHT ,HAROLD ,GISEL ISAAC et AL will come to Jamal rescue before it is too late.

  8. I am being proven over and over by all these comments….”just how corrupt the human mind is”. Sad state of affairs. Do not judge! Rather highlight the negative policies that politicians..rather politrickians make to deceive the populace. All of you are being deceived. Corruption runs through your blood. You go after the person and not the actions of the person. Who are we to judge…when we are all VANITY. None of us can stand the test of righteousness. So please guys/gals…… deal with policies….not personalities. It is why our nation is in SO MUCH MESS in the first place. We look to men…flawed, imperfect, corrupt, inept, selfish, greedy men.
    Righteousness exalts a nation but WRONGTEOUSNESS will be our demise. Politricks is a corrupt affair. The people who follow after the politrickians are also corrupted. The nation is corrupted. The rulers of darkness control our politrickians and the politrickians control the people. So what can we expect. You reap what you sow.
    There is hope though. A simple truth of life is that there are two roads: Good and Evil. No middle ground. Choose which one you will follow. One leads to death and the other to life eternal. Follow man….and that is certain death, but follow righteousness and life is a secured gift.

  9. As a Member of the UPP it burns my to see such a calamity . Mr. Lovell Let Us have a serious chat with Mr. Pringe. This does not look good.

  10. My view of this issue is that Hon. Pringle is OVER His Head. This can be terrifying to face 15 SEASONED Politicians in Parliament. I hope He will return and apologise before He will be suspended.

    • as the saying goes: “PRESSURE BUSS PIPE”
      or… someone said, he came UNPREPARED and that was a COP-OUT so that his IGNORANCE would not be further exposed for all to see.

  11. Hmmmmm the UPP cheerleading squad is very quiet on this. Is either they ate ashamed of Single Pringle or they all sat at home laughing their ***** off while he made a pappyshow of himself.

  12. Cannot understand why the Members of the UPP will endorse Jamal Pringle BAD behaviour in Parliament today.
    His behaviour goes against Parliamentary Procedures . Will Someone really speak with this Guy and explain the Parliamentary Procedures. I watched Parliament today and watched the tape Over and Over.I came to the conclusion that Jamal Pringle could not contribute to the PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE. He was not prepared. This is a COPP out. Jamal should read the book suggested by the Speaker of the HOUSE.

      • So in other words by not go the un-civilize way and start going to fight with guns and knives and stones and bottles. Than it would not be a circus. And would not be what the white man gave us. Have not heard something more stupid in reasoning like this.

  13. How well do you folks know Gerald Watt? I knew this man before he became a Lawyer.Before he returned from Law School.Before he entered politics on the PLM ticket in 1971.Before he became known as Sir Gerald Watt.He was always very abrasive,arrogant and at times obnoxious.That has been his trade mark for over 60 years and beyond.What really shocked me to this day.When he was selected and he accepted to become the Speaker of the House in the Gaston Browne Administration.Because of his volatile relationships with the Labor Party over the past decades.Where did it go wrong.Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.Sir Gerald,are you that hungry for power.I have never known you to be corrupted.

    • And on what basis do you consider my good friend to be corrupt. Just because he accepted to be speaker of the house under a Labour Party government. Had Gaston chosen an ALP stalwart you would say well he is bias anyway and they are all the same. Everyone know Sir Gerald has no solidarity with the ALP, but everyone also know how badly he was treated by the then PM Baldwin at the Electoral Commission. And that is a typical UPP trademark. You either for them or against them. Or they victimize even their own. Just look at where all the previous members have gone. They all quiet in the sunset of their life. Not speaking out on nothing. See how they treated their own sister Joan Massiah and her gang.

  14. It seems the UPP might be Pringle’s worst enemy. It looks like they want him to fail so he can be replaced as a candidate in the next election, probably by one of their people who was kicked to he curb in the last election. Yes, this is a big responsibility for Pringle, but he is slowly but surely learning. If he crosses the aisle the ABLP should be able to give him all the help he needs. They’ll be able to turn him into a good legislator. He has a future with the ABLP if he wants it. The UPP will likely dump him anyway. At least that’s my well thought out opinion.

  15. IN THE KNOW the Speaker himself sometimes need to consult the book by Erskine May on Parliamentary Procedure because as the Speaker of the House for almost 6 years and an eminent lawyer for nearly 40 years he sometimes get things very wrong. For example, with respect to the fiasco in Parliament between the Speaker and the Leader of the Opposition, the Speaker was very wrong when he said that the Leader of the Opposition could not give a personal explanation because the comment made by the Prime Minister was not made in Parliament. A member of Parliament can give a personal comment on any matter whether made inside or outside of Parliament. Before making a personal explanation, a member must indicate what the personal explanation is about and seek the leave of the Speaker to make it. The Leader of the Opposition did those things. While the Speaker has the discretion to grant or refuse the request by a member to give a personal explanation, it is not normally refused since it is expected that the Speaker be as indulgent as possible. Clearly, in the fiasco in Parliament the Speaker was wrong not to have allowed the explanation. More troubling though, it was the same Speaker who in the past told members on the government side that if anyone said anything about them on the radio he would allow them to respond in Parliament. The Speaker needs to consult ERSKINE MAY. This is an example of hypocrisy at its highest.

      • @Tabor: This is the same Speaker of the House.Who told Members of Parliament.When persons did say things about them on the radio outside of Parliament.He is going to let them give rebuttals in Parliament.I wondered why? Because they have immunity? That in itself is a double standard.

    • Tabor if I have the take the word of someone who is a QC versus what you are saying sorry I will take my chance on the QC. As you say with over forty years of experience. Pringle simply doesn’t understand the Parliamentary procedures. Yes when I listen to Parliament I sometimes wonder what the hell some of the discussions have to do with the bill the are debating. But that is the leeway they have under the procedure. So if the Speaker says you cannot use the procedure of a personal statement to come and rebut things that were said on the radio by the PM. Than so be it you use a different procedure. But that is the problem with the dunceness that was displayed yesterday. Pringle should have discussed this with his party as to when or where in the procedure can he introduce this. The Speaker gave him examples when and how a Personal Explanation is used. But I guess that took him by surprise and because he is already so inferior and of low self esteem he got very offensive and the only thing he could do was to lose his cool broke all the rules in the book and stormed out of parliament. Reminds me of a little boy who got a tantrum and stormed out of class while the teacher was scolding him. Very unprofessional and unbecoming of a parliamentarian who aspire to one day be at the governing side.

    • SIDELINES: He is not your good friend.You need to take the time and read and comprehend that which you have read.In reference to Sir Gerald Watt I did say.”I have never known you to be corrupted”.Read it and re-read it again until it sinks into your thick skull.


    Tabor …Are you tellng me that you Jamale Pringle did everything correctly in Parliament yesterday ? Please Tabor stop showing your INSENSITIVITY when it comes. to issues involving Labour Party .Tabor and the Other Members of the UPP have finally destroyed Jamale Pringle Political career . UPP has achieved what They set out to do..destroy Jamale Pringle.Very disappointed in you Mr.Tabor that you cannot see anything wrong with Jamale Pringle Performance in Parliament yesterday. Please be honest with Jamale. Very disturbing.

  17. It is obvious to see that SOMEBDODY WANTS JAMAL PRINGLE TO FAIL!! He needs to reevaluate who he has around him and consider as “trustworthy” to give him “advice”. Somebody is eyeing that All Saints East and St. Lukes UPP “sure seat” and they want Jamal to mess up so bad that they can run in that seat. Two years on and they still REFUSE to train him as a young politician.

  18. Rupert Mann my position is that the Speaker was dead wrong when he said that the Leader of the Opposition could not give a personal explanation because the matter he wanted to comment on was said outside of Parliament. The Speaker also said that personal explanation should only be used to indicate change of party affiliation and other procedural matters. Again, the Speaker was dead wrong. The only fault I would find with the Opposition Leader is that when he stood up on the second occasion to debate the resolution for the extension of the public state of emergency, he should have been a little more diplomatic in his choice of words in addressing the Speaker. Other than that slight error of judgment he was on solid ground and not thin ice, and the decision of the Speaker was wrong. Seems to me as if the Speaker himself needs to consult Erskine May — the Bible of Parliamentary Procedure.

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