Gyms off limits to unvaccinated people


Information Minister Melford Nicholas moments ago announced new vaccination mandates for gym.


He said an update to the health regulations will be published shortly to reflect that only fully vaccinated people can attend gyms.



Nicholas was speaking at the post cabinet news conference.



Listen to his announcement here:

The list of places that non-vaccinated people cannot enter would now read, bars, night clubs (strip clubs) and gyms.



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    • Wait!! Y u all just dont say all business close down..cause are u na even no is bread u takin out of ppl mouth..cause the business place them not gonna get no customer if them na want take the jabs..all u tap force ppl ..if u melford an the gang take it study bout all u self and tap harass frigging ppl.cause all u na force the tourist them to wear mask..emancipate urself from slavery jack…

  1. What is a STRIP CLUB? Is it the same as a House of Prostitution. LOL. Do you really think that would push people to get Vaccinations. I think not. I for one am fully Vaccinated. No one forced me,paid me,dangled carrots in my face to do so.I went and got 2 doses of Moderna.

  2. I am fully vaccinated,but the government must be careful of the way it is going about this . It is far more dangerous to ride on a public bus unvaccinated than to go to the gym . While you can sanitized all the equipments you are using in the gym ,the ssme cannot be done on a public transportation. The close proximity with passengers travelling is also far more dangerous . What is needed ,far more community testing and also more consultation with the public about the pros and cons about the vaccines .

    • Guy the experts will tell you the gym is more dangerous because there is more aerosol particles in the air (persons breathing more heavily due to exercise). You also have exposure for a longer time, since most persons won’t be on a bus for 60 minutes. Let me suggest you google: “Coronavirus: Why public transport could be safer than we thought” By Alix Culbertson, news reporter and Carmen Aguilar-Garcia, data journalist

  3. Are the Gyms going to refund those members their annual fees? If you are locked out by any means,beyond your control. You ought to be refunded. Because your GYM membership does not includes taking of any Vaccines. This Vaccine matter is going down a black iced road. What business and or businesses would be next?

    • The unvaccinated should consider this move a blessing, because the vaccinated are the real asymptomatic spreaders. And since their vaccine has now been shown to be a failure against the Delta variant, the unvaccinated should avoid them like the plague…

      • I agree with this comment 100%.

        Vaccinated persons were found with the virus at the Resort down west.

        How many persons have these ‘vaccinated’ persons infected?

    • Beach Bum – it certainly is within their control, they just have to do the right thing and get the vaccine.

      Sugarapple- it’s the unvaccinated that caused the Delta variant and all of the other variants to materialize. If they continue to refuse the vaccine, then yes please avoid the vaccinated like the plague!!! And the vaccine is not a failure as it is protecting the vaccinated from serious illness and death! Do your research before you spew such nonsense.

    • Beach Bum – it certainly is within their control, they just have to do the right thing and get the vaccine.

      Sugarapple – it’s the unvaccinated that caused the Delta variant and all of the other variants to form. If they continue to refuse the vaccine, then yes, by all means please avoid the vaccinated like the plague!!! And the vaccine is not a failure as it is protecting the vaccinated from serious illness and death! Do your research before you spew such nonsense.

      • @Facksbare facts: Show the evidence that the unvaccinated caused the variants. These “vaccines” are failures, that’s why you need a booster in less than one year. And soon, there will be a vaccine resistant variant that will cause ADE and the jabbed will be dropping like flies. Vaccines that doesn’t block infections are the drivers of variants. You need to do someore research and stop repeating what you hear from CNN and Dr. FRAUDCI…yes, that what his name should be.

  4. I must comment our government for all the efforts done to secure vaccine for everyone in Antigua and Barbuda. However, the government seems not to be doing a great job in convincing persons to get vaccinated. As a matter of fact, the force that the government is using if pushing people away from taking the vaccine and almost supporting the conspiracy theories.

    We know that the vaccinated still can catch and spread the virus and can still be hospitalized or even die from the virus. But the government is only concerned about the unvaccinated spreading the virus. So we only need to test the unvaccinated. If Royal Caribbean had used that policies in a recent outbreak, most (67%) of the positive cases would have gone undetected. See article from washington post:

    The politicians need to stay in the background and let the health professionals take the front. It is a medical crisis, not a political one.

  5. Good move by the government. Now extend it to everywhere else where there is public health risk on the island. You are also in good company, as most other countries are now introducing similar rules. Make it easy on yourself and the rest of us, spend 5 minutes and get the free vaccine. Conspiracy nuts, sign a piece of paper that you will not accept medical assistance if you refuse vaccination and then get covid.

  6. Arnold u jackass add banks apua schools supermarket every work place while your at it. Bus stations, matter fact get to the punchline unvaccinated should not be permitted in the capital or away from their homes. See how far yall get with the bs

      • Unvaxxed, mek dem all hafu shut down dem businesses.
        Let’s see how 38,000 vaccinated keep the economy rolling. ROTFLMAO!

        • Of that 38000 a vast number are Pensioners. Its time we unite as a people and really consider what works for us. Bar owners, restaurant owners, business man and women have to come together and have 1 voice. With this segregation we are at the mercy of the decision makers that these decisions don’t affect. Their families will eat regardless of the decisions they make. Theres strength in numbers. WE ARE THE GOVERGOVERNMENT but until we put away this foolishness that its not about choice we will be doomed. Do you think the unvaccinated tourist that comes and check into the hotels are restricted from going to the bars or any other place of entertainment on the compound? The more we let them take from us is the more they will continue to take. We need to come together and take a stand at some point. If the vaccinated can catch and transmit this virus does it not still mutate and form new variants? Get out of that mode of fear and start thinking. Fear impacts ur immune system negatively. Wake up my people. Look at the numbers a healthy immune system can fight this virus.

    • Anti – vaxxers doesn’t believe in SCIENTISM like vaxxers do.
      Science is the pursuit of truth and should never be considered settled as long as other Doctors and Scientist have opposing views and evidence.

  7. That’s right, folks. The government of Antigua and Barbuda in its infinite wisdom has decreed that, going forward, only vaccinated people will be allowed to spread the Delta virus at gyms and bars.

  8. If exercise builds the immune system and ur preventing people from doing so. 🤔 is ur agenda about saving lives or taking lives?

    Asking for someone from Adel school.

  9. I am vaccinated. What worries me is the fact that rights are being rescinded on the basis of medical appropiation. I do not hate my brothers and sisters for not taking the vaccine. It should be well within anyone’s right to take it or not. the concern i have is that the western world will adopt a social credit system that dictates if you’re law abiding or not. some of the ripple effects can be seen in the way we interact with each other. let us lose our humanity because of a virus.

  10. Vote out every member of ABLP All Bullshit Lying Politicians.

    Enough creative enrichment schemes at our expense.

  11. Even the malefical doctor fauci (u.s.a) and MANY OTHERS HEALTH DOCTORS AND NOBELS SAY: you can’t vaccinated in Masse’s during a pandemic because THE VIRUS MUTATED for try to survive. Do you understand the difference variants? Look into the population of those country who already have the most of his population vaccinated and vuola!!!! England,Israel and some others who are at the top in this program,where their population are now in some of them? Simply (starting the confinement) why? Is their are OK?….oh Jesus…today people listen too much propaganda and not have time for thinking for almost 2 minutes straight!!! Not body is minded the words and crazy resolution ALL THE POLITICIAN is passing against we most praciated goods FREEDOM…. Something many people fight untill dead for it,for you and me and now???? We give this just for miserable virus? The project is there and not going to finish until 2025…do you research IS A PROJECT not matter what you do,how many holes you must have in your arms because the puncture,still have a light at the end of the tunnel (unity) stop follow all of those who just want to SPLIT us because

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