Breaking News In 2022: What’s Going On Inside The World?


If you are like most viewers, you can probably remember a time back before 24/7 news was a factual thing. Now, you can get live streams of the biggest and more important news events. This no doubt led to what is now a fast-paced and competitive market. News outlet after news outlet is constantly racing to find and deliver the biggest and most telling stories. With 2022 nearly half behind you, there have been plenty of impactful stories.

Whether you’ve heard about them or not and how they stand to impact you is another thing. Here are some of the biggest stories of 2022 and how they could impact you.

For Queen And Country


The United States might be viewed as one of the world’s last remaining superpowers, but citizens oftentimes overlook the importance of the nation’s allies. America could not and would not be where it is today if it didn’t have the support and aid of other create countries like Britain. Although Britain is not governed by democracy, it is a crucial ally to the United States, and what happens there could have lasting impacts on America.


That said, under the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Britain has gone from a largely hierarchical imperial power to a culturally and socially diverse modern nation. Britain has been under the reign of the Queen for 70 years and it has been 70 impact years. There have been many stories revealing how the lives of UK citizens have changed under her reign. Just look at what took place in Barbados last month.


Trump’s Truth


As much time as Donald Trump spends on social media, it only makes sense that he would launch his own personal platform. And given the role he’s played in other social media platforms over the years, he will likely be a widely successful venture. It is said that his new platform will be operative by the end of the first quarter of 2022, which is just right around the corner.

With his dedication to uncovering the truth wherever he goes, it only makes sense that he would title his new venture TRUTH. There are already big ambitions for the platform, and it is already predicted to rival Twitter. Stories already reveal that the platform has lined up billions in investments from unnamed intuitional investors, but if this venture unfolds the way it is predicted, it will be huge. Recent numbers and predictions show that the platform could easily generate nearly 90 million users within its first 5 years of operation.


Macau Casinos Expecting Big Changes


Macau officials have tackled one of the city’s biggest industries. Like manufacturing, health care, and finance, the casino is at the mercy of the government. When consumers play at casinos, they do not give much thought to national security. The People’s Republic of China “PRC” has a major influence on Macau officials. One of the new policies is designed to stop illegal cash flow from crossing the border between the Chinese Mainland and Macau.


As more and more consumers turn to online casino games like สล็อตเว็บตรง, governments across the world are stepping up to protect their economies.


In A Land Far, Far Away

Who’s to deny that expeditions of space travel aren’t always exciting? What’s more romantic and venturous than traveling along with the stars and night skies? Well, the launches set to go out in August and September could forever change space travel. A laboratory module titled Mengtian will be launched beyond the stratosphere to join two other lab modules named Wentian and Tianhe. These are the core module for China’s new space station Tiangong.

Several visits have already been made to Tianhe by Chinese astronauts where they completed several successful repairs. Once this new module is successfully launched, China will become the third nation in the world to put people in space for lengthy periods of time, where they will eventually conduct experiments and carry out a variety of important missions.

What’s more important though is it will be the first time in 21 years that the orbiters from geopolitical rivals have both occupied the thermosphere. Unfortunately, the Soviets had a setback in 2001 when their module crashed back to earth. This was a major event that took place shortly after the International Space Station (ISS) became operational.

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