BREAKING NEWS: Alleged ATM fraudster who fled Antigua was just captured in Barbados

Police in Barbados have arrested a Bulgarian national who was wanted by the Antigua and Barbuda Police Force.
There is no report from the police to the media indicating that the so-called ATM fraudster had unlawfully left the jurisdiction. It remains uncertain how long he has been on the run.
Martin Mititrov Dachenski, 39, was arrested on board the cruise ship MSC FANTASIA  about 8 a.m. on Tuesday.
Dachenski is wanted by the Criminal Investigations Department in Antigua.
He was on bail from the court in Antigua having been arrested and charged for Electronic Fraud and Larceny in December 2017.
He subsequently fled the jurisdiction to Guadeloupe, later journeyed to St Lucia and then to Barbados on board the said Cruise ship.
As investigations continue, it is anticipated that this fugitive will be repatriated to authorities in Antigua and Barbuda.

Martin who allegedly hacked into several ATM’s and defrauded a local bank of almost $28,000, was charged with three additional counts of Larceny by police in February.

He is accused of hacking into two separate ATM’s located on High Street and Thames Street, and stole close to $5,000 from one machine, and over $18,000 from another, respectively. He is further accused of hacking into an ATM located at a business place on All Saints Road and stole almost $5,000 from that ATM. These offences occurred between December 13th and 15th, 2017.

In December, the ATM fraudster later fled the jurisdiction to neighbouring island Montserrat, after it is believed he sensed police was on to him. However, he was apprehended in Montserrat and later returned to Antigua aboard a ferry. He was charged with Larceny and was remanded to prison on his first Court appearance it is not certain where he was able to secure bail and under what conditions.



  1. I guess Antigua police let him go because of his color. They don’t want to jail white criminals.

    • Until the philosophy which hold one race superior And another Inferior Is finally And permanently
      Discredited And abandoned Everywhere is war
      Me say war.

  2. Another feather in the commissioners cap. Well now we know why all these fugitives are escaping the law in Antigua, its because the police force is pressuring its junior staff.

  3. I’m going to assume that he didn’t pass though our port of entry to leave Antigua, for if he did, I’m guessing that this would suggest that either something is fundamentally wrong over in the Immigration department, or something underhanded is taking place there, and someone NEEDS to be brought before the court to answer charges.

  4. Huh! When n how did this guy flee the country? The bigger question is how the hell did this man get bail when he was apprehended in another country?

  5. Bailed! How is it he get bailed and he supposed to be flight risk… Who was is surety and how much did he pay on his bailed? Does he has relative/friend in Antigua… If yes, this ya look funny!

  6. Did. The rep. of parham take his bail ? Or the cutie man order his bail. Is their sink hole for white?

  7. This is totally unacceptable. The police force is clearly slack and relaxed concerning the serious matters like these, even to mention the escape of Forbes aka vampire killer. slack slack they are slack.
    I smell rats in the Police force.

    • Chupss!! Did the police grant him bail??? The police might be wutlass and full of crap but they are not the ones who are responsible for bail. He lawyer bail and then he jump bail. They do that bs all the time in these so called “developed” countries. Why don’t y’all ciss the court system which allowed this idiot to be released from prison.

  8. This is getting ridiculous now, somebody has to answer for this. Even if he was granted bail, his travel documents should have been seized and he would have had to report a police station certain days every week. I don’t remember hearing on the news that he fled the country. SMH

    • Who says his travel documents were taken away? Criminals like him usually have multiple travel documents hence the reason, I believe, he was able to get on the cruise ship. The problem here is, why was he granted bail? He is definitely a flight risk since, it is apparent, he is not a resident of Antigua, he is visiting.

  9. Sometimes people should think before they post crap. Not saying the police force good cause they have thier own problems to deal with but he was granted bail from the High Court so they are the one who is responsible for seizing his travel documents. Also he was granted bail what is the police to do have him under 24 hrs watch. The laspe started with the High Court and his lawyer who got him bail.

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