Breaking: Man shot dead in Bendals


The country has recorded it’s first murder.

Troy Samuel was reportedly shot dead in Bendals this evening.

Samuel was shot multiple times at the One Love Tribe.

He was reportedly released from prison last week.

More details to come.

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    Privileged, but ‘…Sparse Information’ revealed that a young known among the community by the alias ‘…Monkey’ had reportedly succumbed to gunshot injuries.

    This reportedly occurred somewhere in the vicinity of the ‘…One Love Commune.’

    Do not believe he was shot because of the name though.

    Also do not believe it was because someone mistook him for a ‘…Monkey’ either; or because he may have been caught eating ripe banana.’

    Anyway, ‘…some darn thing happened,’ leading to this tragedy.

    While there may be ‘…extended sympathies’ to surviving relatives and friends, the only fear anyone may harbor, is treading at nigh at places where Angels fear.

    Ras Smood says;

    ‘…Trust no shadow after dark;

    …I n I’ must listen, with good reason’ [ANR: January 12, 2020].

    Do believe that ‘…Ras Smood’ knows that as little a bit it is- (15 Grammes and 4 plants), that could keep him irie for a darn long times.


      Though some people have harbored that belief, did share ‘…professional knowledge and experience,’ with readers that a ‘…Low Murder Rate,’ whether in ‘…ten or twenty years,’ ‘…has neither been evidence of effective crime control,’ nor effective policing.’

      The simple reason is this, ‘…Law enforcement personnel’ have never been;

      (a) …Telegraphed;

      (b) …Given advance warning;

      (c) …Date, Time and Place; and

      (d) …Identity of the victim/s, targeted or otherwise.’

      If it were so, then there would be no murders.

      Law enforcement would be so deployed or be so positioned at such place and at such time where a murder is to be committed to prevent it.

      Invariably, ‘…Low or apparent revised statistical data,’ had often led citizens into a ‘…False Sense of Security.’

      The simple truth is , no Law enforcement Agency can boast of crime reduction on the basis of a ‘…Low Murder Rate,’for ‘…murder is not the only crime affecting society.’

      Had that been so, at least, this deceased young man, ‘…Troy Samuel,’ known as ‘…Monkey,’ may have been ‘…eating ripe bananas or peanuts tonight.’

      Whatever, if anything, he may have been going to ‘…fetch’ from the ‘…Tribes men or women,’ whether to ‘…bubble-up a pot or puff-up a smoke storm,’ this ‘Monkey’ appeared to have ‘…visited the wrong place; …the wrong time; and perhaps …for the wrong reason.’

      Thorough investigation, shall reveal these.

      And what about his liver?

      Not sure it could be ‘…bubble-up in an Ital pot’ and called ‘…Monkey Liver Soup.’


      This ‘…Monkey’s Liver’ aint good for cooking. Just burying.

      • LOVE YA

        Not sure whether it is ‘…Cassandra or just …Sandra.’

        Love Ya ‘..ssndra.’

        But if ‘Peter’ is posing or behaving like ‘…Skeeter; …or …Miss Nedd or …Miss Fitzy,’ Na-a-ah.’

        They, (She/him) have to go to Italy for a ‘…Stallion.’

        Nothing scripted.

        These are just spontaneous comments, addressing the issues, yet with a bit of humor.

        Among my favorite commenters are; ‘…Duncy Bat and Ras Smood.’

        They also make me laugh like hell.

        • …so, U kno wey “hell” dey?
          It’s always a pleasure, by any standard, and or measure!

          Positive guidance, and blessings!

          …da Police man dey!
          …me, a warn R rass!
          …he cyan run, lakkah wind a whip thru guinea grass!
          …who cyan forget he, when he does a chase R we
          …all over, Wadadli
          …as, soon as he smell de smoke from the ganja grass!
          …Hail…Hail Up! Run to Rass
          …grab de cutlass
          …Pompey, an dem, a hide inna de grass!
          …dem, min be sum days
          …wen R we min haffu run,
          …but not, fram de bullets fram a gun,
          …a min because, Babylon neber want R U fu hab nun fun!
          …thank Gad, dem days de done!
          …now, a time fu tink bout, business
          …how fu mek money, and invest Um!
          …Rasta, neber want fu kill nunbady!
          …all him want, wen him smoke
          …a fu clap, whap, claddap whap
          …while, she hip a rise anna drap
          …and, he a fill up, full up de punanee!
          … fu mek, tun a Picknee
          …and, plant him grun!
          …so, he cyan hab food fu dem nyam!


            Pompey an dem ah hide in ah guinea grass?

            No ‘..Ras Smood. Dangerous thing to do.

            What if ah Ras set the guinea grass alight?

            Must run.

            Sheer fire in his ‘mass’ Ras.

            Never been to hell.

            But heard terrible things about it.

            Down dey ‘…dread, Ras.’

            They say down dey, is;

            (i)…No Paradise;

            (ii) …Can’t get Milk;

            (iii) …Can’t get Honey;

            (iv) …Can’t get ganja to smoke to make ‘I n I; irie; and

            (v) …No Rest for the weary.

            They say ‘…down dey’ goin be ‘…hot and fiery.’

            Only ‘…Fire and Brimstone’ Ras.

            Don’t think ‘I n I’ want to go dey.’

            So up here Ras, watch what ‘…I n I’ do and say.

            Because’ if ‘I n I’ ‘…go down dey,’ ‘I n I,’ would have nothing to smoke and fire might just ‘…bun off all ah’ ‘I n I’ locks.’

            Punanee, Ras?

            So all you want is ‘…Punanee’ and all you want to do is ‘…mek picknee.’

            Then ‘…Smoke and fu clap; …Whap; …Claddap; and …Whap.’

            What the hell is that Ras?’

            Whatever it is, do not try that with, or allow any ‘…Pollster’ to light any kind of fire on ‘I n I.’

            If it is him, aint go be no ‘…Punanee or picknee.’ No Sah.

            Ras, ‘…any kind ah human fire,’ do as people normally do, run like hell.’

            Except what ‘I n I’ puff, any sighting of ‘…smoke,’ tell ‘I n I’ that is fire, run like hell from that too.

            Two social commentators, ‘…Calypso Rose and Mighty Swallow’ call that ‘…Fire.’

            Rose sings ‘…Fire In Me Wire’ and Swallow sings ‘…Fire In The Back Seat’ [You Tube].

            Still trying to figure out what had caused the fire.

            Seems everywhere is fire Ras.

            Seems that it is better for ‘I n I’ to stay up here, where ‘I n I’ can get ‘…Punanee and mek picknee.’

            Can’t run when ‘I n I’ get down in hell though.

    • Ras Smood says…

      …de Rastaman hear your cry!
      …as, many are bawling! bawling!
      …asking, the reason’s why? Oh why?
      …all of a sudden, these things are happening!
      …like, it’s de ‘ole Time something
      …in those, long gone forgotten days
      …when, grandma was roasting Cha-Cha Dumpling!
      …and, the only reasons why! Yes, why!
      …why, they would cry! Cry! Cry!
      …was, because they lost their darling!
      …after, living a long hard life
      …of, suffering, misery and strife!
      …not today, in this dispensation
      …lard gad kno, in Our Nation
      …death comes, by ammunition!
      …and, this is causing such a panic!
      …it’s making, many physically and mentally sick!
      …some, even channelling Walking Tall and his big stick!
      …since, the Law cannot control these gangsters
      …they say, the Vigilante should take over!
      …and, to this de Rastaman say!
      …at, the end of the day!
      …even if, it make some sense
      …’tis not the way! No way!
      …to make such, become past tense!
      …So, to those of you! Yes, you!
      …and you! And you! And you!
      …sitting behind, on top of the fence!
      …the Nation, needs you more than ever
      …to curtail, and combat this nonsense!
      …otherwise, these stories will become more frequent!
      …’cause, like the White collar criminal
      …whose deeds are more cynical
      …and, to which many of you too
      …are in denial! In denial!
      …shall be the REASON, for more such funerals and burials!


        Another gem of a poem. Should also be archived by ‘ANR.’

        Not a bad thing to ‘…Cry for Ras Smood-‘ ‘…Cha-Cha Dumpling,’

        Not sure if it is good for your ‘…stamina to walk,’ or anything else that requires it, but what about ‘…lime beverage Ras?’

        Now, one sees that you are also talking about ‘…Denial and Funeral.’

        Sure it is intended to ‘…awake a safety consciousness’ in the ‘…Baldheaded or Pigheaded Brethren.’

        Funerals and Burials will only happen if only ‘I n I’…behaved like a monkey,’ venturing into areas at night, where ‘…peppers’ are not grown or where ‘I n I’ had not sown any seeds of ‘…corn; …marijuana; or …pepper.’

        These are good seeds, especially ‘corn,’ but ‘…very dangerous to reap.’

        In fact, day or night, ‘…ebry one ah dem’ dangerous to reap’ Ras.

        Jail or no jail, might just be ‘…peppered.’

        If the darn ‘…Pepper Spray’ is bad, which farmer would not get bad?

        But take warning ‘…Ras Smood,’ if you expects any farmer to plant any seed on any land, ‘…Baldhead man or Rastaman,’ not sure about funerals or burials, but there will be ‘…real crying.’

        And it wont be for ‘…any Funeral, Burial or Cha-Cha Dumpling, Ras.’ No Sah.

        Mighty Swallow sings, ‘ …Fire In the Back Seat’ going some darn way down ‘…San Fernando.

        Still don’t understand how the whole darn car did not ‘…ketch ah fire.’

        That’s it until next week, ‘…Ras Smood.’

      • Look the two of you killing me with laugh this good Sunday marning!…You forget the term..Fire a go bun dem!


      Na-a-ah, ‘HOE.’!

      People suffering from such condition, can’t remember ‘…ah darn thing,’ let alone write like this.

      Some could not even find the pair of spectacles they were wearing.

      If anyone with such condition, made a mistake and ‘…wandered away from home,’ then tell yourself that you have to get a ‘…Search Party’ to trace or find there whereabouts.’

      Sure you are ‘…not in denial of this fact.’

      What it appears you don’t seem to understand, is the ‘…harsh realities of life.’

      The deceased man may have been christened ‘…Troy Samuel,’ but was more widely and popularly known as ‘…Monkey,’ as informed by community members.

      Yes, a man was tragically killed.

      The motive or circumstances are not yet known.

      So no speculation.

      Now, the other way of looking at it is, if for any reason the deceased was in ‘…trouble’ with anything or anyone,’ given his alias, he may have’…Eaten Pepper.’

      Not sure what the hell, this Monkey was looking for, but he certainly did not get ‘…Pepper’ from a farm.

      But do know that when incidents like these happen to a ‘…Monkey,’ he may have ‘…Climbed up the ‘…wrong pepper tree.’

      He was ‘…peppered with bullets.’

      By whom?

      Don’t know ‘…ah darn thing’

      Warning though.

      If you are going to ‘…climb up into a tree,’ make it be a ‘…Rose Tree.’

      Pick some scented Roses.’

      Howz dat?

      Well, as far as is widely known, that is not how ‘…Senility’ goes, but so the saying goes.’

      The reality

    • @ House of exile….No he is just an ass h01e!! Notice he never respond to topics such as Police Commissioner Plans To Deal With Reports Of Sexual Assault Post Haste…….mi guess he cant spin that sh1t with them.


        While on law enforcement training on the islands of ‘…Barbados and St. Kitts.

        Visited and toured a ‘…Monkey Habitat’ with different species.

        The Guide was trying to explain to the visitors how to treat or deal with the …Monkeys.’

        Not sure what the hell the ‘…Tour Guide’ may have said that either they did not like, understood or misunderstood.

        They became angry. When one of the visitors told the ‘…Tour Guide’ that were wild and stupid, one of the ‘…Monkeys’ shouted, ‘…Both of you talking Cattle Smit.’

        Even stunned at the ‘…Monkey’s response,’ we all had a laugh.

        But we had to give them ‘…Ripe Bananas and peanuts’ though.

      • I think he going senile you need take your meds before coming here blabbling and ranting bs in people ears tell us about rajohn and them passport he selling and how the government nah fuss over it or maybe because they all knew about it sellung antigua passport to get rich this place so currupted

        • A BLABBLER (Babbler) v GOBBLER


          House! Na-a-ah!

          If one cannot comprehend, he/she might say ‘…Babbling.’

          Not sure how the hell a ‘…blabber’ can speak about ‘…rajohn’ (Ray John) for a Turkey to understand?

          Do know that a ‘…Blabbler’ seems to be succeeding in causing ‘…animal evolution.’

          Now, if it ‘…Gobbles,’ then it has to be a ‘…Turkey.’

          That is the sound this feathered stock makes.

          Until now, and except at the Supermarkets, haven’t seen a live one in a darn long time, let alone hearing any ‘…Gobbling.’

          Don’t like Turkey meat though.

          Flesh, too ‘darn’ coarse.

          Believe that ‘…ssndra’ and the rest might think this is funny.

          Do know what sometimes ‘…angers a Turkey,’ sometimes makes people laugh.

          Believe that ‘….Damani Tabor’ would be laughing like hell about this ‘…’Blabbing/ Gobbling Turkey’ discussion.

          What about you Ras Smood?’

          Think ‘I n I’ should farm or train turkeys to understand so that they can make useful contributions?

          Guess farming ‘…Turkeys’ is not an easy business.

          Have to buy plenty ‘…Turkey Food.’

          Keep on ‘…reading; …growing; …picking, and gobbling ‘Turks.’

          Sure you can escape being a ‘…2020 Christmas Dinner.’

          Mind where you put your beak though.


          You want ‘…Rawlston Pompey to ‘…take medication for senility?

          So the ‘…House of Exile’ is where medicine is being practiced?

          Then you might be a ‘…Quack Doctor.

          You will neither get him to take ‘…medication nor injection.’ No Sah.

          Can recommend where you can get though.

          For medication, try these;

          (i) ‘…For medication, Ceco Pharmacy on High Street; and

          (ii) …For ‘…Injection,’ that can be arranged with a Vincentian calypsonian name ‘…Becket.’

          He has ‘…Small Pins’ to get the injections in the veins.

          He might be a terrible Medical Officer though.

          Might experience painful horrors though.

          Not sure what the hell he did to some ladies, but he said ‘…Elizabeth bawled.’

          Then he said to ask ‘…Vera; …Nora; …Vilna; …Cava; and…Sheila’ what ah do she with me Little Pin.’

          Believe everything went well for these ladies, because he said, ‘…If you see how they jump and sing.’

          Not sure if he would make you ‘sing’ like them, but believe ‘Becket’ could make you jump for darn something.

          Maybe ‘…Joy.’

          Strange enough, he never said to ask ‘…Peter.’

          Guess because he may have travelled to ‘…Germany and France.’

          Anyhow, before such arrangement is made with Becket, please listen to one of his most popular songs ‘…Small Pin’ [You Tube].

  2. Mr. Rolston Pompey, you seem to be a man who deserves great respect not only for your great intellect but you have served this country with distinction…. However, I am of the view that you utilize your free time, now that you are retired, to write articles and responses to other persons’ articles in the news paper and news portal… Clearly, your vocab and knowledge base is quite extensive but I don’t see the necessity of you being so verbose…… Your articles/responses will be more interesting to read if the “KISS” concept is applied…. KEEP IT SHORT & SWEET!!


        Edifying! Na-a-ah.

        This particular comment is certainly not about ‘…Edification.’

        So you are darn right, CErmle. Ignore it.

        Just teasing and poking fun for everyone

        You would have seen from its contents that it is not on the news story.

        Did so earlier.

        It is obvious that a negligible few, though they may have reached the ‘…Age of Majority,’ but have yet to reach the ‘…Age of Maturity.’

        Unlike you and many others, they contribute nothing of value to these discussions.

        We are educated to ‘…love and respect one another and to ‘…forget hatred; …bitterness; …malice and petty jealousy.’

        So there is a time and place for ‘…edifying’ and time for something else.

        Can bend a’ twig,’ but not a grown mahogany tree.

        Got to cut that to hell down, or saw it down, no matter how long it takes.

        This is time for ‘…poking fun and causing immature minds and people ‘…without names’ to rile up, as well as people who left their ‘…Houses’ to go into ‘…Exile’ to write ‘…Smit.’

        Don’t you see that only the ‘…ultra-bitter ones’ are responding.

        Don’t ‘…dig ah darn thing.’ Dig the Humor.’

        Know that they are bound to ‘…read and come back.’

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