High Court rules Commissioner Atlee Rodney is serving unlawfully

Former Police Commissioner Robinson

The High has ruled that the appointment of the current Commissioner of Police (CoP), Atlee Rodney is unlawful, null and void.

It also ruled that the termination of the former commissioner, Wendel Robinson was also unlawful, null and void.

“Except for constitutional reliefs, the court agreed and declared everything else in the reliefs sought,” Robinson told Observer in a brief statement.

In his June 2020 declaration, Robinson told the court that his termination as Commissioner was unlawful, null and void and infringed his constitutional rights; that the decision to strip him of his pension rights and gratuity was unlawful and unconstitutional; that the decision to remove him was unreasonable and motivated by bad faith or improper purposes and breached the rules of natural justice.


He also declared that it was unconstitutional for him to be deprived of having his appeal heard before the Public Service Board; and that it was unconstitutional, unlawful, ultra vires, null and void to appoint Rodney as the new commissioner in light of how he was terminated.

Rodney was made Police Commissioner in February 2020, three months after Robinson was terminated, stripped of his rank, his pension, gratuity and other allowances that he would have accumulated during 32 years and 10 months of service in the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. Yes I…… it’s about time. And the story unfolds. So now what will happen seen as the court ruled in his favor.
    Wendel Robinson is not the best he’s not perfect and certain things he does I don’t agree with nor would I condone. However he was a good commissioner of police and I wish him all the best for whatever his future holds. Strip the man of 32 years of pension and gratuity. Total wickedness.

  2. The saga goes on. Yes, On and on it goes. Round and round. The more things change the more they remain the same..or rather the worse they become.
    Only in Antigua.
    Is there any aspect of this nation that works for the benefit of the people ? Rhetorical question. The answer is far too pellucid.

    It is time that we revamp the system and start afresh.
    It is obvious that no part of the present system functions correctly and there is no fix. So it is best to start all over again from the beginning.
    Oh only if we could do that.
    Go back to 1981 (Prior) November 1st…. and start with a fresh constitution.
    It is obvious that this is a failed state. It operates on fantasy and corruption.

    Every sector of this nation has failed or is failing. No one has the mindset to even make a slight attempt to repair a broken system. In fact, it is beyond repair.
    So the best redeemable action is to just SCARP the darn thing and start over…from top to bottom.
    All are corrupt….executive, legislative and judiciary. Then the corruption trickles down to the business people and onto common man on the street.

    It is sad but that is the way it turns.

    We are really at the end of times.


  3. It was a bad idea to rob him of his pension and gratuity. Your pension reward is etched into stone. It cannot be taken away from you. Your pension is a lifetime reward through a contract. I am getting pensions from two different companies. Because I worked and met the criteria for those Pensions.

  4. And WHY was he removed? Let’s get to the bottom of this story. Get it out there in the open so the people can make up their own minds. Thank you.

    • Kristi Did you understand the article ? Or it’s another Typical Àntigua ignorance . IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HE WAS FIRED FOR YOU CAN’T TAKE AWAY SOMEONE’S PENSION DO YOU COMPRENDE !

    • @ Kristi:Did they ever teach you Comprehension in any Schools in Antigua? It was a subject in itself at Greenbay Primary School.I went there at 5 and left at 6.The questions you are asking.Has nothing to do with the article at all.The Court is saying his removal was unlawful.So if that is so according to the Court.Therefore,the person serving in that capacity is doing so unlawfully.

  5. I wish this was done sooner. The Police Welfare Commission really made a big mess of this. And they were warned about this. Yes Rodney now will sue for damages and is showing now to be a very good lawyer as well.
    So sad.
    The top of the police force is very corrupt if you ask me.
    Just because of the man’s sexual preference they didn’t like him.
    I wish Gaston would take a stand like Baldwin and fire all of them.

    • The way some here present this, he must be a moral righteous “family” man. If so, why was he dismissed?

      • @ Conrad: The Courts ruled.His dismissal was unlawful. It had nothing to with his sins and or righteousness.I for one do not know the man.I am aware of his position in the Force and his dismissal from said Force.One is about morality. The other is about the LAWS of the land and the Constitution of the Nation.

  6. I still think he did what he is accused of doing, but they never should have stripped him of his pension after 32 years. That’s not right, it’s actually troubling to think that they could do that.

  7. Some of them hide and act like they don’t do what they fired him for but they do . That’s a contractual agreement you can’t just kick it to the curb like it doesn’t exist the man accumulated and earned it .

    • Who are “some of them hide and act like they don’t do what they fired him for, but they do.” WHO are “them” and what they “do”?????

  8. So they kicked out the Vincentian and replaced him with a Dominican. Now the Dominican has to be kicked out too?

  9. Since the early stages of this impasse the PM has tried to mediate between the parties and asked that they come to some settlement. But the PSC and their lawyer were ademant that they had a solid case. Well the Treasury will pay the bill and we will find ourselves in an even worst situation. Especially if Rodney demandshis post back. Reminds me of the situation that unfolded at ABEC when Sir Gerald won his case against the government. The Treasury had to pay him out dearly as well.
    People have to held accountable for costing the Treasury un-neccesary expenses.

  10. How else is a man supposed to provide for his wife and kids if they take away his bread and butter? Gad nar sleep!

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